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H.B. 277 contains a long list of road projects that would be built with a one-cent, statewide sales tax.

The road roster includes a $26 million widening of a two-lane country road leading to Linger Longer, a Greene County resort owned by the Reynolds family, one of the most important names in Republican finance.

In this AJC article, Vance Smith, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, declines to say how the list in H.B. 277 came to be — only that it was drawn up by “eight to 10 other people he declined to identify, beyond saying they were industry and government officials.”

We’re guessing road elves — creatures of magical influence who abandoned metro Atlanta 20 years ago, lured by less expensive rights-of-way in rural Georgia.

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    March 23rd, 2009
    11:06 am

    Vance Smith was the runner-up for the DOT Commissioner job that was eventually won by Gena Evans. This kind of cr@p is exactly why he lost. The good ol boy system needed to be broken up. We now see what kind of leader he would have been, HORRIBLE. We now see why Gena Evans was run off, she didn’t play the games.

    Its laughable now reading entries from this very blog a few years back and how some said Vance Smith would have been a great DOT leader.

    We would have gotten another rotten, dishonest sell-out beholden to special $interest$.

    Sit back and enjoy the traffic Metro-Atlanta! Rural Georgia has an entitlement that is not going away. But do get out your wallets.


    March 23rd, 2009
    11:10 am

    I don’t see where there is a list of projects attached to HB 277. What am I missing?

    Road Scholar

    March 23rd, 2009
    12:18 pm

    Gena Evans didn’t play games! Yeah, sure. This is why politicians should leave the prioritization, design, construction and operation of the road system to the professionals. GDOT has been open to change and working more closely with the public.

    Vance the Schill

    March 23rd, 2009
    12:32 pm

    So is the Ethics Board going to rightfully go after Vance? Nope, he’s best bud’s wih the guvna. Thank you Vance, for proving once again that the conservative Republican controlled Gold Dome is the old Democrat controlled Gold Dome’s. There is now and always has been a complete lack of ethics among state legislators, and a whole lotta taking care of those who make big campaign contributions.

    And declining to identify the “eight to 10 industry and government officials” who helped you draft this waste/pork is a clear example of the type of man you are (or aren’t).

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