Your morning jolt

Found while perusing this morning:

  • Georgia law puts non-offenders on sex registry.
  • Audit says Atlanta losing money on jail.
  • Anatomy of the peanut salmonella outbreak.
  • Milton’s money being handled by private firm, treasurer’s job vacant.
  • Deportation program to get more oversight.
  • Senate reader part of ‘crew’ that helps Legislature work.
  • Some opinion:

  • Should the Legislature revamp DOT oversight? Tommie Williams says yes, Brandon Beach says no.
  • Bob Barr says its time to open relations with Cuba.
  • And from elsewhere:

  • WSJ: Shelby Steele on why the GOP can’t win with minorities.
  • WSJ: Rocket scientists shoot down mosquitoes with lasers.
  • WP: Secret Red Cross report described ‘torture’ at CIA jails.
  • WP: Cheney disgreed with Bush over decision not to pardon veep’s chief of staff.
  • NYT: AIG tells where the rescue money went.
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    Chris Broe

    March 16th, 2009
    9:24 am

    Cheney is the one who needs a pardon from the American People for torturing prisoners with laser beams, testing mosquito repellent on the same prisoners by forcing their hands inside those little screen boxes filled with millions of mosquitos, and of course, flushing the Koran down what must have been top secret cheney-classified uber-turbo-flush toilets that the government wont let us have.

    Those lists of sex offenders, and lists of ex-billionaires, and of course the list of the smartest to dumbest dogs are usually self-exclusionary, but somehow, I ended up on all three lists. Funny how the viscissitudes of life and the extra-curricular activities which were supposed to elevate me to astronomical heights have left me only a star of red light cameras where I have never been caught not saying, (free government) “cheese”.

    Pa told me some folks just don’t no excuse, they’re just rotten when they’d been born.

    My dog likes to stick his head outside my car window and smile for the red light cameras. Talk about a scene stealer. I want to know who gave my dog Joan Crawford lessons?