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Found while perusing this morning’s

  • Federal appeals court upholds gun ban in airport.
  • Localities form co-ops to buy gas cheaper.
  • House to teenagers: Hang up and drive.
  • Senate passes ethics bill with compromise on income tax reports for lawmakers.
  • Senate OK’s bill for possible taxes for police and firefighters in Atlanta.
  • House votes to axe the birthday tax, but you’d have to pay sales tax on car purchases.
  • Autism bill pulled in Senate.
  • House votes to cut teacher bonuses.
  • Tax credits for home-buying approved.
  • Some opinion:

  • Jim Wooten on Chevys, Fords and clodhoppers.
  • Elsewhere in Georgia.

  • MT: Lucid Idiocy on an increase in bingo prizes.
  • PP: Ed Tarver’s no-lying-at-the-Capitol bill passes the Senate.
  • And in the nation:

  • WP: For Six Flags, debt squeeze looms as latest hurdle.
  • WP: Fed says Americans lost wealth at staggering rate in ‘08.
  • WSJ: Noonan on the lack of a pill for this kind of depression.
  • NYT: Obama is on the spot as rulings aid gay partners.
  • And you haven’t done your civic duty today unless you’ve seen last night’s confrontation between Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and CNBC’s financial guru Jim Cramer:

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    March 14th, 2009
    8:51 am

    What is Karen Handel doing in Israel this week? What business does a GA politician have in Israel? Did the taxpayers pay for this? Jim, how about an article? Seems like everyone is cutting back on vacations, groceries, eating out, weekend travels, etc while the politicians eat our lunch.