Your morning jolt

This morning on

  • Bill targets council that oversees legislator’s private probation firm.
  • After 24 hours of exposure, the grocery tax hike dead.
  • Legislature passes mid-year budget with homeowners’ tax grants.
  • FBI says two DeKalb court officials took bribes, fixed cases.
  • Obama backs teacher merit pay, charter schools.
  • Georgia unemployment claims down last month, but double that of February ’08.
  • Lawyers for Saxby Chambliss fight subpoena in refinery case.
  • State starts new food-safety guidelines.
  • Elsewhere in Georgia:

  • ABC: Atlanta’s bond rating downgraded by Standard and Poors.
  • And the nation:

  • WSJ: As economy slips, new mothers cut short their maternity leave.
  • NYT: Some banks, citing federal strings, want to return stimulus aid.
  • DMN: Texas Senate sharply debates voter ID bill.
  • ABC News: White House discloses two more lobbyist waivers granted.
  • And from the tube, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert last night tackled the problems of Michael Steele, new chairman of the Republican National Committee:

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