Group urges defeat of bill to require proof of citizenship for voter registration

The League of Women Voters of Georgia has just issued a call to its members, urging them to contact their senators and kill S.B. 86, which would require proof of U.S. citizenship for those registering to vote.

The Senate is scheduled to take up the measure, endorsed by Secretary of State Karen Handel, sometime this afternoon.

Which means the League is a bit late getting into the game.

In its missive, the LWVG says:

Should this bill pass, countless U.S. citizens will be needlessly inconvenienced and, as a result of the increased hassle, simply choose not to register to vote.

In addition to the cumbersome nature of the bill, there are other problems with such legislation:

  • Requiring documentary proof of citizen violates the National Voter Registration Act.
  • Creates a poll tax by forcing people who are missing their birth certificates or naturalization papers to have to buy new ones.
  • Those registering to vote are already required to take an oath of citizenship.
  • Birth certificates are the easiest documents to forge, and possibly the least checked.
  • It is a felony to photocopy or fax naturalization papers.
  • Citizens with comparatively low incomes are less likely to possess documentation proving their citizenship.

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Buddy Eidson

March 3rd, 2009
3:41 pm

The LWVG can kiss my grits. This is just another ploy to let non citizens to register to vote.


March 4th, 2009
11:23 am

Don’t mess with the Georgia GOP.

Last week I left an phone message for my state rep. (Joe Wilkinson) in which I expressed concern over the possible corruption of the legislative process involving the Georgia Power bill that passed the legislature.

Instead of noting my criticism and moving on, Mr. Wilkinson reacted by involving the Georgia Sherriffs Association. He called them and had them call me. Their representative asked me if I had any specific information to start an investigation.

Why didn’t Wilkinson have the FBI or the GBI contact me? If Wilkinson really wanted to intimindate me he would have had the computer at the Fulton County Library leave me a voicemail message telling me I have past due fines. Now that freaks me out.