Reed lays claim to Obama campaign advisors

Last year, Councilwoman Mary Norwood said she’s the Barack Obama candidate in the race to succeed Shirley Franklin to become Atlanta’s next mayor.

But when it comes to Obama infrastructure, much of that has been snagged by state Sen. Kasim Reed, according to my AJC colleague Eric Stirgus.

Reed announced Thursday that AKPD Message & Media will serve as his camp’s media consultants. Some of the firm’s better known names include David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager; John Del Cecato, who produced many of the presidential candidate’s TV ads; and John Kupper, who helped the president-to-be as a message and advertising consultant.

Additionally, Reed said he has lined up Cornell Belcher, who was Obama’s pollster.

“I am proud that they have joined our team and will help us lay the foundation for victory in this election,” said Reed, a Democrat who represents portions of southwest Atlanta in the Georgia Senate.

Reed spokeswoman Goldie Taylor said she hadn’t seen details about the terms of the contracts, particularly how much they’ll be paid. She said Reed began negotiations with the teams in Denver during last summer’s Democratic National Convention.

Norwood, an at-large city councilwoman, currently has the lead in campaign donations and recently released a poll that showed her with a 30-point lead over Reed. Reed’s folks noted that Franklin was down early in the polls before besting Robb Pitts in the 2001 mayoral election.

Franklin, a two-term incumbent, is prohibited from running for a third consecutive term.

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