Governor vows to crush a transportation rebellion

Holy cow. Have you ever seen anything so….well, snafued.

While you sit in traffic, the state’s system for getting you there is erupting in a civil war that’s likely to end up before the Georgia Supreme Court.

Less than an hour ago, shortly after the board that governs the state Department of Transportation fired its commissioner, Gena Evans, Gov. Sonny Perdue made clear that he intends to use the incident to press the Legislature for his plan to gut the agency and create something new.

A majority of the DOT board, even without newly elected member Bobby Parham, decided that Evans showed excessive loyalty to the governor, who lobbied the board to hire her in late 2007. Read the details here.

In a press release, Perdue said:

“Sadly, today the State Transportation Board proved that a majority of its members are more concerned with personal vendettas and politics than delivering value to citizens in transportation.

While I am not privileged to the reasons behind their decision, I believe they have fired a competent Commissioner for no reason other than her commitment to put the needs of Georgia’s citizens ahead of board members’ personal agendas of spending taxpayer dollars on their individual projects.

The Lt. Governor, Speaker and I are committed to creating a transportation system that allows the citizens to hold us accountable for moving Georgia where we need to go in transportation.”

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Ding Dong the witch is dead

February 26th, 2009
9:52 pm

Thank God for the DOT board. Just hope the dempocrats do their job and stop SB 200. Geena you need to help get packed????

not surprised

February 27th, 2009
12:09 pm

To people who have worked with Gena Abrahams Evans in the past, whether in government of the private sector, they are not remotely suprised by her ending. In all my life I have never seen anyone so intent on self-destruction. While I applaud the DOT for doing the right thing finally, part of me feels sympathy for a obviously seriously emotionally disturbed woman. Lets review the facts. Over a period of years she has continously engaged in inappropriate work relationships, covered up an invetigation for one boyfriend, steered contracts to other boyfriends, had an affair with a then married later divorced co-worker, sent sexually explicit emails to that same co-worker on state computers (yes, violating state computer policy contrary to her statements), then while engaged to her former intern/student launched an affair with her boss and the chairman of the DOT board (she did later marry). She is notorious in every place she has worked for vulgar profanity using the most explicit curse words and berating people. Gov, there are hundreds of people who can attest to this behavior. Then she very publicly demands of her employees “ethical and moral behavior” (in a ltr to GDOT employees, 3/08) while knowing in her past she possessed this unethical, unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. She fired people for the same identical misdeeds she had committed. Am I the only person who sees this as the signs of someone with serious emotional issues? Not fit to manage others? Then when caught she is defiant, unapologetic and blames others (i.e. the “good ole boys”) for her lack of judegement and character. Then Gov Perdue and Lt. Gov Cagle think this is okay and condemn the DOT board for firing her? At this point, I now seriously question their motives, relationship with her and judgement. They should have been at the forefront last Nov. calling for her resignation upon discovery of the vulgar sexual emails she sent as head of another state agency on state computers in the middle the taxpayer paid for work day. This all is sad state of affairs but again, for those that knew Gena previously it is not remotely surprising. Gov Perdue and Lt Gov Cagle, I would strongly suggest the two of you be very quiet. There is alot more on Gena Evans that if pushed, people will disclose. I again suggest you be verrrrrrrrrrry quiet. You dont need more egg on your face than you currently have. Think back to Nov and those emails.