Perdue on the stimulus: He didn’t lobby House Republicans to oppose it

An interesting couple paragraphs appeared this morning on The Atlantic Monthly’s business blog.

The topic was the rift between Republican governors over the $787 million stimulus package:

Many Republican governors seemed more comfortable on the sidelines of their intraparty debate. “I’m sitting it out,” [Indiana Republican Mitch] Daniels said. He added, “I’m rooting for the bill to work. I’m trying to use its funds wisely.”

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue said that while he would have voted against the stimulus bill had he been a member of Congress, he didn’t urge Republicans in Georgia’s congressional delegation to oppose the measure because he would have “felt a little uncomfortable lobbying against it knowing we would use some portion of it.”

So far, Perdue said, he and his staff haven’t decided to reject any of the stimulus money, but their review process isn’t over yet.

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