‘Distance runners take care of their own’

“Distance runners take care of their own. I knew if I was on that track, anybody would do the same for me.”

The quote came from a story about the last-place finishers of the Ohio high school 3,200-meter state championship. The next-to-last place runner fell on the final lap. Meghan Vogel, who had earlier won the state 1,600-meter championship, was struggling in her second championship race. In last, she saw Arden McMath collapse ahead of her. Vogel stopped, picked McMath up and carried her across the line.

It was a great story that deservedly made the national news. I thought about the quote above from Vogel, and it seems true to me. When you’re out on the road, your fellow runners — going through the same highs and lows; successes and pain — are also looking out for you. Just look around as you climb Cardiac Hill then cross the finish line. The support will be there.

The AJC covered new safety features of this year’s AJC Peachtree Road Race earlier this month, but the one constant that’s been around since the first race years ago is your fellow competitors. They will look out for you.

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June 30th, 2012
3:25 pm

I am a heart patient and have ran Peachtree for last 30 years! We all look out for each other!!