Happy National Running Day

I woke up this morning to find out it’s National Running Day (who knew, but I guess there is a day for everything). So to everyone out there reading this, I wish you a happy National Running Day.

I wasn’t planning on doing much in terms of running today — I ran pretty hard Sunday and Monday — but since it’s a running holiday, I must. It’s looking like an easy three miles around the neighborhood to celebrate, but that could change between now and then. Any plans for you out there? There is a pretty big group getting together to run in Peachtree City to celebrate. Other ideas: Call up some friends to go for a run, find a group, take your dog along with you or just go alone. Hopefully, the holiday convinces you to get out.

Also, it’s exactly four weeks until the AJC Peachtree Road Race, a good time to check in on yourself and see how your training is going. Or if it’s not going at all, you still have some time to get some runs in, start getting into shape and acclimate yourself to the summer heat and humidity. If you don’t mind sharing, let your fellow AJC Peachtree runners know how things are going or offer a little motivation for those that are behind in getting ready.

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bob merrill

June 6th, 2012
2:06 pm

HA !! Someone at work asked me just today why they see me running both in the morning before work AND at lunch. I immediately answered, “The PTRR .. this will be my 30th year and for the last five years I have run both ways (l live very near the start line at Lenox so I just run down to P’mont Park, get my T-shirt, and turn around and run home.”