These colors do run

I had just moved back to Atlanta last year and needed a new pair of running shoes. My gold-accented New Balance 769s were done. After going through the whole process, I was down to three options.

I used to only wear gold on my feet.

I used to only wear gold on my feet.

One pair – the Adidas Glides – was bright neon green. The salesperson and I joked about the color, but honestly, I didn’t quite think I was ready to pull those off. I wound up liking the New Balance 890s better, and they only came with a touch of bright green around the edges.

They seemed a lot brighter when I was actually wearing them.

They seemed a lot brighter when I was actually wearing them.

A friend of mine went to get new running shoes and after picking a style, ordered a normal-colored pair instead of taking home the crazy color combo the store stocked.

I must ask. What is up with shoe colors these days?

Newton just about only makes brightly colored shoes. New Balance comes out with a multi-colored version of a lot of models. People buy them (and wear them in public). Maybe you all can help me out with a reason.

I know running fashion is a big deal and was covered some last year. But some of these shoes look like, I don’t know, someone in the design studio knocked over all the bright dyes  that were on the table or dipped  the entire shoe in the brightest color available.

I am sure this crazy-colored footwear will perform just as well come AJC Peachtree Road Race time, and plenty of the 60,000 people at Lenox on July 4th morning will be sporting neon feet. In such a large crowd, it makes them hard to miss.

They’re not for me right now, but maybe someday in the future. Or try to convince me and your fellow runners why we need to make sure everyone sees our feet.

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May 15th, 2012
8:43 am