AJC Peachtree traditions (hopefully you’ve got some good ones)

Borrowed from my uncle – the running patriarch of the family – I do 10 pushups before every race. I know from the stares I sometimes get that my pre-race tradition is a little bit different and personally know it’s not that exciting. It’s not even as good as his pre-race routine which also includes situps and some other exercises.

How about some more of my racing traditions, not that they’re any goo?

Wrongly I know, I always try to start near the front of a race, another tradition borrowed from my uncle. And I always wear the race shirt after the same day after finishing the race (hope my boss doesn’t mine me wearing it to the office tomorrow). I always try to thank the race volunteers and police, and give fives to the little kids along the side of the road. Maybe I’ll give a few “Go Dogs” for some Tech fans I see. Not too many other running traditions for me that I can think of (unless beating my brother counts). Come to think of it, finishing ahead of parts of the family does always give me a chance to walk around and check out the post-race spread.

For a few specific races, I do have some what I guess now could be called traditions. On the old Thanksgiving half-marathon course, I was one of many that used to stop in the wooded area bordering Oglethorpe. Every year. It was a nice place to stop. For the AJC Peachtree, which I’ve run about 10 times now, about the only thing I always do is run on the left side of the road for the shade.  I wish my running-life were more exciting, but it’s not.

What are your Peachtree traditions? Hopefully, they’re better than mine.

To read up on some Peachtree history and traditions (see the winner’s prize from the first race) and go behind the scenes with the Atlanta Track Club, visit the club’s new tumblr.

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Gen Neyland

June 16th, 2011
6:32 am

My wife and I first volunteered a PRR when injury kept me from running. Up to that point, she would spectate and run the pick-up vehicle. After the volunteer experience together, she kept signing up to volunteer and now I look forward to seeing her at her spot on the course as I slog by. She can still spectate while volunteering and still runs the pick-up vehicle to boot…If you didn’t get in this year, try a volunteering experience. It’s alot of fun…

Kristen Lacy

June 17th, 2011
9:44 pm

Well my family and I (or at least my dad, two brothers, and I) have been running together ever since we were able to. Before the race we don’t really have any big tradition besides always riding the Marta there and sitting on the ground streching like everyone else once we’re there! But, on the otherhand, we do the same thing after the race is over with . We always walk to the Flying Biscuit Cafe and eat a HUGE breakfast in our sweaty clothes. Then we’ll go to my grandparents’ house and have a cook out for dinner after a verrrrrrryyyy long shower and nap! Our little family reunion every year is based around the Peachtree Roadrace! Sadly though this year we didn’t get in and are desperate! So for fathers day I wanted to take matters into my own hands and try and get us in. If anyone has ANY extra numbers they’d be willing to give up you can contact me at my email address kldocvet@aol.com.
Kristen Lacy