Let me hear it – my running playlist

A local runner heads through Piedmont Park listening to her iPod. After years of running earbud-less, I have started running to music. (John Spink, AJC)

A local runner heads through Piedmont Park listening to her iPod. After years of running earbud-less, I have started running to music. (John Spink, AJC)

I’ve blogged before that I was going to attempt to run while listening to music. And I’ve done that, now for about a week. Surprisingly, things have gone well (with issues formulating a playlist and keeping earbuds in especially during the rain).

Below is my playlist in the random order it just came up. I’m not sold on it, but it has done all right considering my big issue about running to music was coming across songs that annoyed me in the middle of a run. I am sure these songs eventually will annoy. We’ll see how my mood toward running with my iPod changes when they do.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of genres, an interesting mix. I’m not into the running cliché stuff other than “Born to Run,” and anyway, it’s Bruce. I’m into things that happen to entertain me while in out in street. A common theme I’ve noticed is that I’ve enjoy running to songs with strong percussion and/or fiddle/violin sections. Not sure why, but I do. They motivate me, I guess.

Trying to Drive, Aslyn featuring Zac Brown
Dirt Road Anthem, Jason Aldean
Bouncing Around the Room, Phish
An American Girl, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
The Old Apartment, Barenaked Ladies
Just a Kiss, Lady Antebellum
Best of You, Foo Fighters
Crank That (Soulja Boy), Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em:
Am I the Only One, Dierks Bentley
I Run to You, Lady Antebellum
Conquistador, The Ruse
Viva la Vida, Coldplay
Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen
Marytr, The Ruse
Johnny B. Goode, Elvis Presley
Alive, Pearl Jam
If I Die Young, The Band Perry
As She’s Walking Away, Zac Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson
America Town, Five for Fighting
My Kinda Party, Jason Aldean

Any suggestions? I will be adding at least a song or two soon. Seeing commenter MirandaLambert2012 on another Peachtree blog entry, I realized I had forgotten to put Miranda on this playlist.

Also, I have decided this music thing is OK for going out in the neighborhood training, but I won’t be listening to music in races, especially the AJC Peachtree Road Race. The earbuds would certainly take away from the experience. Agree?

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Parker H

May 29th, 2011
6:33 am

I can’t run without music. Some of my faves are 1901 by Phoenix, straight lines by Silverchair, Running on Empty by Jackson Browne, Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World, B.O.B by Outkast, The Cave by Mumford and Sons, My Hero by Foo Fighters and At Your Funeral by Saves the Day.


May 29th, 2011
9:25 am

I am going to steal a couple of those songs! I could not do earbuds – they just kept popping out … too annoying. I got these and they are awesome… it’s not the exact model I got, but it is the same style and brand – Sony. They are similar to earbuds, but the sit on the ledge of your ear and have the over the head piece. They can take moisture and they don’t fall off. http://tinyurl.com/3jkplm8


May 29th, 2011
5:05 pm

Clocks – Coldplay
My Hometown – Bruce Springsteng
The River – Bruce Springsteng
Whiskey River – Willie Nelson


May 29th, 2011
7:41 pm

Great playlist so far….I will be adding some of your songs to my list. Here are some favs of mine: Coming Home – Dirty Money, Blow-Kesha, Not Afraid and Lose Yourself-Eminem, Empire State of Mind-JayZ, Starry Eyed Surprise-Oakenfold, Rockafeller Skank-Fatboy Slim, Live Your Life-T.I. Feat. Rhianna, and Sweet Disposition-Temper Trap. Trust. They are tried and true. Great to run to. Thanks for the playlist! Happy Running!

Gen Neyland

May 30th, 2011
7:35 am

Hmmm. So we revisit this topic. I run with naked ears but if I were to cover them and slog with sound, it would include Little Feat’s, Feat Don’t Fail Me Now.

Memorial Day. Let us remember those that laid down the ultimate sacrifice…


May 30th, 2011
3:03 pm

Juvenile is a scamming idiot.


May 30th, 2011
4:24 pm

I have a random mix for running, but always try to start races with a Jay-Z or Kanye West song. Those are the best!


May 30th, 2011
4:48 pm

I usually just grab my iPod and set it to shuffle, but these are my current favs:

Tangled Up in Blue or Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan)
Born to Run, Thunder Road or Jungleland (Springsteen)
Young American (Bowie)
Nothhin’ But A Good Time (Poison)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Anything from Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)
Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead)
I Know I’m Not Alone (Michael Franti & Spearhead)
Revolution Starts Now (Steve Earle)
Maggie Mae, Every Picture Tells a Story, Stay With Me (Rod Stewart)
Jump (House of Pain)
Under the Influence (James Morrison)
Stranger Than You (Joe Jackson)
Alison (Elvis Costello)
Whole Lotta Love/Walk on the Wild Side/Ramble On Medley (Train)


May 30th, 2011
5:16 pm

I noticed you had another song that had “run” in the title. I Run to You by Lady Antebellum, :)

Here are songs that I like to run to if I chose to use my iPod (I prefer no music):

Linus and Lucy, Baba O’Rielly- The Who, Boom- P.O.D., Boys of Summer- Don Henley, Circus- Britney Spears, Enter Sandman- Metallica, Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen, Glory, Glory- UGA, Going the Distance- Rocky Soundtrack, Half Acre- Hem, Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder, I Love You Always Forever- Donna Lewis, I want you- Savage Garden, It Takes Two- Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, Joyful Noise- Flame, Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol, Learning to Fly- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Very random but songs I just really like :)


May 30th, 2011
6:20 pm

I love the tunes from MotionTraxx. They are sync’d to the beat for walking, jogging and running. I especially like those for 135 to 145 bpm. EXCELLENT! By the way, the downloads are free! http://www.motiontraxx.com


May 31st, 2011
10:27 pm

Thanks. We took care of him. Matthew