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Another shot at designing a universally loved shirt

You may have seen that the annual contest is underway to design the prize most of the non-Kenyans will get at the end of the AJC Peachtree Road Race.
When it comes to Peachtree t-shirts, everybody’s a critic. I thought last year’s cotton trophy looked pretty good, but some grumblers didn’t like that that the fabric was gray. Other years I hear people complain the design is too busy. Or too bland.
Fortunately, there is always another year for artists to try to come up with a design that will meet with universal applause. Based on comments on Facebook after last year’s race, that shirt should be patriotic, minimalistic and printed on a bright color fabric.
I’ve collected a lot of shirts running the last 21 Peachtrees (some pictured here). I usually rotate which ones I wear during the summer. I tend to leave the older ones in the drawer because they’re getting a little worn. The only one I don’t care to wear is the Abercombie & Fitch knock off from 2004. The …

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Thinking of a hot road race on a snowy evening

Looking at the icy scene at Piedmont Park in mid-January, I wasn’t giving much thought to July 4th. But while most of us coped with snow and ice, organizers of the AJC Peachtree Road Race announced big changes for the 6.2 mile trek that’s about six months and a summer sizzle away.


The race has seen a lot of change since 1979 when I first ran it. Over the years it added many more runners, shifted finish lines – (current one pictured here) – and used new technology.
The switch to online registration in 2008 hasn’t cost me a spot in the field (yet). But I felt more confident I would make the field when I mailed an AJC registration form at the post office the Monday after the paper printed it. I’ve made it into 21 Peachtrees, mostly by being an early bird.
Last year I was more nervous than ever about making it into the field. I was one of thousands of people who jumped online at 1 p.m. on March 21, 2010 to sign up for the Peachtree. Web registration bogged down, even shut …

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