Things I Think I Think

There is a great little column in many an issue of Sports Illustrated entitled, “Things I Think I Think.” In a slight homage to SI’s Peter King, I’ve been doing some thinking of my own on this fine (manic) Monday.


I think the air was so thick over the weekend, I was swimming down the sidewalk. Passersby may have thought I was running, but nay… arm strokes were needed to make my way through the air.

I think I drank approximately 10 gallons of water between Friday morning and Sunday evening. Yet I still manage to feel at once puffy and dehydrated. Sweating all those gallons of water right out is a feat. Alert the Guinness World Record team.

I think sweating 10 gallons is pretty disgusting.

Successful cool-off Saturday morning!

Successful cool-off Saturday morning!

I think little kids need to quit hogging the Suwanee Town Park fountain. Even though you’re cute and adorable, and have way more right to be here, I just sweated my way through a 2-hr workout, and I want… NEED… to run through the water. Right. Now. Clearly being an adult does not register with me.

I think I stayed up too late watching Field of Dreams Saturday night, prior to my 6am workout Sunday morning.  When morning rolled around ”ease [my] pain” seemed a better idea than “go the distance.”

I think 6am Sunday workouts just might be ludicrous anyway.

I think it may just be 300% humidity in Atlanta again today. I don’t care if that’s not scientifically possible. Dagmar told me so.

I think my legs are really tired today. I’m (ironically) glad I have to work late tonight, giving me an excuse to take a day off.

I think I’d better be ready to fight the good fight again tomorrow though because…

I think race day is less than 3 weeks away!


“Anything is possible, but you have to believe and you have to fight.”
…Lance Armstrong

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June 14th, 2010
3:22 pm

I’m glad you wrote this….I was feeling like such a baby when the heat and humidity made me like running a little less this weekend. :) This morning at 5a was 78 degrees with 90% humidity – I was most def swimming.