Back on Track

“I am not a ‘good runner’ because I am me.  I am a good ‘me’ because I am a runner.”  
-Kristin Armstrong

Everything seems to be right with the world once again. At least in the ways of training. The Braves split their series with the Dodgers and Crystal Bowersox still isn’t the American Idol winner. But, hey… we can’t have it all.

As you all know I was struggling on the homefront last week. Life throws a lot at all of us, but I’ve learned to survive with the best cheap therapy there is – running – and a simple pearl of wisdom from childhood… “Goonies never say die.”

With this in mind, I turned my slackerdom upside down this weekend and managed to get myself back on track. Nothing too extraordinary, but after much unnecessary time off, I decided I deserved a little punishment. After a few hours each day of some grueling tasks, I’m greeting this Monday morning tired and sore… but feeling much better. Sometimes all it takes is a swift kick in the arse to get myself back on track.

photo provided by MarathonFoto

photo provided by MarathonFoto

With four weeks to go, now’s the time to dig in and make sure we’re doing good work, and keeping our eyes on the prize. It’s definitely worth it. With a good base under our belt, the work we put in over the next two weeks will increase our stamina. This will put us ahead if we’re focused on a PR, or make our day more enjoyable if we’re planning a simple 6.2 mile fun finish.

What will you focus on over the next couple weeks? Will you up the anty on the track – putting in some tougher speed workouts? Do you plan to extend your overall mileage? Increase the distance of your long run from 4 miles to six perhaps?

Fill me in and let’s keep each other motivated!

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Gen Neyland

June 7th, 2010
10:00 pm

I suffered last week also. After beating myself to a pulp trying to better my 2009 time at the Ranger Run (and failing to do so), I kicked back and cut my time out running time and distance in half. Now it’s time to ready up and forge ahead. This week has hills penciled in. I love the hill w/o’s. Really.