Have You Picked Out Your Race Costume Yet?

You’ll see a lot of wacky outfits on Peachtree Street the morning of July 4th.

My favorite was the year a guy ran down Peachtree in a chicken costume, repeatedly yelling: “How do I get out of this chicken outfit, anyway?”

OK, that may be wishful thinking. But I’m sure if a guy did that he would get plenty of laughs.

And laughs are clearly the motivation for many of the costumes you’ll actually see among the lower seeds at this year’s AJC Peachtree Road Race. One of the perks of being a “lower seed” is seeing guys decked out in black business suits with a “Taking Care of Business” sign on their back.

The most inspiring sights year after year are the soldiers and firefighters running with their gear through the heat and humidity. The crowds seem to like it when I run near these guys because the clapping gets really loud then.

The level of commitment for some of the entertaining costumes take must be huge, albeit less committed or inspired than the first responders and soldiers. How do you train to run in a wedding dress?

Of course, much of the personal décor is of a patriotic nature. You’ll see lots of foam rubber Miss Liberty crowns and tall Uncle Sam hats. Homemade running gear last year included a pretty cool rendition of a running hotdog and companion beer can. You can see these in an AJC gallery here.

In my photo, taken near the start line, you can see the back of a guy to my right in a straw hat who is attaching his running bib to his overalls. Not the strangest get up I’ve ever seen during the race by a long shot.

I’m wearing my preferred Peachtree outfit – shorts, shoes and socks, and a threadbare Allman Brothers “Eat A Peach” shirt from a 1994 concert. The shirt has made at least a dozen trips down Peachtree. To preserve it I no longer wear it during the offseason.

I’m planning to step up my pace this year and shave about 15 minutes off my 2009 time. So there is only an outside chance I’ll be tempted to do something wacky, like run in a sumo wrestler suit.

Do you dress up for the big day? What’s the most outlandish outfit you’ve seen a runner wear in the Peachtree?

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June 5th, 2010
2:46 pm

You’ll find attention whores in every endeavor. It’s why I stopped running in the Peachtree, that and the crowds.


June 11th, 2010
5:57 pm

Saw a guy dressed as a dog in red, white and blue. Wait a minute …it was a dog! Those cute pooches come close to outnumbering the human spectators on some blocks!


June 11th, 2010
8:02 pm

Have fun, but remember to take into consideration how hot it is bound to be. It would suck to not finish because of your costume.


June 11th, 2010
8:10 pm

The Peachtree is a fun run and a great way to celebrate what’s great about America. I’ve run it 13 times and I love the crowd, the comraderie,the silly costumes, the music and fans along the way and the purely celebratory atmosphere. And the pub runners are wonderfully funny. Never once in all my years have I heard a negative comment, an angry runner, an impatient bystander or any negative comments at all. How sad to see these folks called “attention whores”…sure glad you no longer run-maybe you just can’t take all that niceness in one place. We won’t miss you!


June 28th, 2010
3:21 pm

Cute post John. Just wanted to let you know that one of my best friends is getting married at 5pm after the race, and in the spirit of the roadrace, we’ll be dressed as the wedding party – of course a bit modified from what we’ll wear later that evening. Be on the look out for a bride, groom, 1 groomsman and 2 bridesmaid (seems like he might be the lucky fella). Good luck and hope to see you out there!

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Run Like A Mother

June 30th, 2010
7:13 pm

I plan on running in costume this year (my third year running the Peachtree) for the first time. I donned my outfit and took it out for a “test run” today to see how it feels. After around 3 miles it still felt quite comfortable. Be on the look out for a gal in a Fraulein getup in group B. For the sake of comfort, most accessories will be left at home.