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Three-Mile Run: You Dared, I Compared

In late April I dared readers to nominate their favorite three-mile run for me to compare against mine. Several people took me up on it, including some who responded on the Official Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race Fan Page.

Some of the nominees are pretty popular with runners, like trails along the Chattahoochee River off Columns Drive, or along Lake Spivey. Several people suggested runs around Candler Park, which is a short drive for me.
But I picked a route on the edge of downtown Decatur, nominated by Karen Rose. I lived in Decatur in the 1990s, so I’m familiar with the area. The city has pleasant scenery and lots of sidewalks.
As Karen suggested, I started at the Decatur Cemetery. The run featured some good, long hills, sidewalks the entire way and minimal street crossing conflicts. Two things that would have been better: A less steep climb at the end and a finish line that isn’t at a cemetery. I’m at a certain age when completing a run at the gates of a …

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Explore the Great (Wet) Outdoors

It has been a rough few days in the life of Lauren. With a weekend full of fun workout plans, I found myself at 12:30am Saturday in the midst of a full-on stomach virus.

Talk about a killer sneak attack. After six hours of sickness, another 24 hours of not eating solid foods or getting out of bed, I can firmly attest I haven’t felt that sick in a long time. Thanks to ginger ale, saltine crackers, Gatorade and many bad movies on TBS I am on the mend… but certainly to the detriment of any sort of physical activity that I may have wanted to do over the weekend.

Sunday evening – with solid food in my stomach, a body rested and re-hydrated, and looking back at 3 days of inactivity – I was really looking forward to my Monday afternoon meeting with my running partner.

Braving a rainy race day with my running partner at 2008 ING Ga Marathon.

Braving a rainy race day with my running partner at the 2008 ING Ga Marathon.

And then… apparently the weather forgot to ask my permission to explode on us today. So I have a choice – continue being a slug or run in the …

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Geared to run

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is less than 10 weeks away and the excitement is already building. The weather is getting warmer and the roads are getting more crowded with runners preparing for their July 4th run down Peachtree Street.

doctor-joe-bigOne of the many great things about the sport of running is that it is not “gear intensive.” All one need to enjoy a run are a pair of running shoes, some running clothes and a surface to run on. That being said, the proper selection of this gear can make a huge difference in making running more enjoyable and in minimizing the chance of injury.

As many as 20 percent of runners who develop leg and foot pain can attribute the cause to worn-out running shoes, improperly fit shoes and incorrect shoes for their foot type and running style.

When selecting shoes for running or walking, one should first select a running specific shoe. Utilize the expertise of an experienced shoe consultant at one of the many specialty running shoe stores in Atlanta. They …

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