Meet Lauren Dieterich

We’ve done it.

We’ve survived the online registration maelstrom. We’ve coughed up the race fee. We’re (considering) tackling the pollen tornados to begin our training for 6.2 miles down Peachtree Steet.

We, the masses, have committed ourselves to one of the best traditions our city has to offer – the one and only AJC Peachtree Road Race. And I have the distinct pleasure of joining you in preparation for the 2010 event.

Lauren and two of her brothers celebrating post-race 2009 at the 4.2 mile water station, where their Mom is the station’s Crew Chief.

Lauren and two of her brothers celebrating post-race 2009 at the 4.2 mile water station, where their Mom is the station’s Crew Chief.

My name is Lauren, a young professional living not quite ITP or OTP, but on TP. Though I realize I’m a rare species, I am proud to be a native Atlantan (we do exist!) who has been running for about 18 years now.

Around the age of 10, my father decided he needed some exercise in his life. After school while Mom was still working and Dad was escaping his home office, the local Redan High track seemed a convenient opportunity for him. My brothers and I could play around on the grassy infield, throwing the baseball or engaging in various shenanigans, while my dad toiled away for a few laps around the track. It didn’t take long before I grew tired of the shenanigans in favor of loping along behind him. Before too long, I was keeping up with him for his usual 2-4 laps. Then, one magical day, Dad stopped after lap 4 and I kept going. Not sure why, but all of a sudden my chubby little 4th grader legs felt like wings, and I covered 6 laps (a whole 1.5 miles!) en route to my very first runner’s high.

From that fateful day, through middle school running club, high-school cross country, to countless 10ks, half-marathons and marathons ever since, I have somehow taken on the official moniker of “runner.” It’s become who I am. I’m no all-star, just deeply passionate about my hobby. And not just for the calorie burn that allows French fries and good beer to have a happy place in my life. Running has given me so much throughout the years despite, and often because of, those horrible days when it hurts and I am painfully aware that running is hard. For all the life-changing and life-saving moments, I figure it’s time I give back a little.

The PRR is more than an extension of my hobby – it’s a lifelong tradition and a true family affair. This year will mark my 24th Independence Day on Peachtree Street alongside my family. The first half were spent volunteering at the mile 4 water station in front of the Jewish Temple, while the latter have seen me slogging miles in Atlanta’s infamous heat and humidity.  While I can’t promise to keep up with the Kenyans, I promise to provide race tips, some excitement as we prep for race day, and hopefully some entertainment along the way.

Stay tuned – Next up I’ll share my favorite training plans for novice and experienced runners.

Here’s to sharing the excitement of this year’s race together!

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Cathy Wright

April 19th, 2010
3:30 pm

I am such a groupie! This is wonderful! I love it and I’m so proud!!!


April 19th, 2010
9:31 pm

I’ll be happy to read your training plans for novice runners! Great first post. I’ll check back for more.


April 20th, 2010
9:41 am

Can’t wait to read more!

Lauren Dang

April 21st, 2010
6:59 am

I’m excited to read your blog! Maybe I’ll train from a distance with your helpful tips.


April 21st, 2010
10:12 am

L-Boogie – this is the BOMB.COM.

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