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A spacey, charitable treat for Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Fred Schneider's Kookies

Fred Schneider's Kookies. Photo: Dixie Dog Wear.

B-52’s frontman Fred Schneider dropped an additional doggy treat into each of the Jeffrey goody bags taken home last week by the hundreds of attendees at Fashion Cares where he served as celebrity DJ.

A sample box of Fred Schneider’s Kookies, courtesy of

The all-natural whole wheat, peanut butter and rolled oats treats are cleverly designed in the shapes of aliens, rocket ships and flying saucers.

The shapes pay tribute to the Athens-birthed band’s long-held fascination with sci-fi.

“I love really bad, old sci-fi,” Schneider explained.

Better yet, one hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of the Kookies will go to the financially beleaguered Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon. The B-52’s were inducted into the hall in 2000.

“They really need an angel right now,” Schneider said. “This is just a small way to help them out.”

Unlike some critics who would like to see the hall moved to the more tourist-accessible city of Atlanta, Schneider isn’t among them.

Schneider reasons: “Macon is the Georgia Music Hall of Fame’s home. Atlanta already has a lot of tourist attractions.”

To purchase the charitable doggy treats, go to

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