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B-52’s Fred Schneider takes a fresh spin through Atlanta

Fred Schneider

Fred Schneider

If you happened to hear a dance beat-accompanied, distinctive Southern twang yelling “Who threw that ham at me?!” blasting through a car window on North Highland Avenue late Sunday night, it could only mean one thing.

The B-52’s frontman Fred Schneider is back in town.

On Sunday night, after dinner with friends at Sotto Sotto, the vocalist opted to world premiere his brand-new single ”Who Threw That Ham at Me?” with his side group, The Superions. The song’s kooky lyrics pay homage to a particular urban legend involving a canned ham, a grocery store, an overcoat and an ill-fated shoplifting attempt.

Joked Schneider: “It’s destined to become a holiday hit!”

Buzz was treated to an advance spin of the track while Schneider was in-studio Monday to co-host “Radio Free Lunch” with Mara Davis at Dave FM. The pop star is in town to DJ at the VIP post-party at Monday night’s annual Jeffrey Kalinsky’s Fashion Cares soiree.

Off air, Davis asked Schneider how he comes up with his hilariously off-the-wall lyrical ideas. Behind a pair of vintage Ray-Bans, Schneider replied: “I have no idea. Just give me three glasses of wine and I’m in your bathroom with a microphone!”

The singer confessed on air that he created the lyrics for “Totally Nude Island,” his first single with fellow Superions Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall in the Orlando duo’s bathroom after their Azure lovebird Mr. Bird kept interfering with the recording process.

Over the lunch hour, Schneider also conceded that he can’t look away from the Bravo reality trainwreck “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“I don’t ever intentionally sit down to watch it,” he explained. “It just always seems to be on. I love the one who held the benefit that didn’t raise any money [DeShawn Snow] and the country singer [Kim Zolciak].”

Davis then played Schneider a sample of Zolciak’s newly leaked dance single, “Tardy for the Party.”

Cracked the singer: “Oh, God. Are you sure it’s not ‘Tarty for the Party?’ “

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