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Atlanta Celebrities on Twitter, Round 2

We filled you in yesterday on some Atlanta area celebs with a Twitter habit. Here are more. If you’ve got some to add to the list, email Buzz Central at, or send us a Tweet @Peachbuzz.

Remember: the number of followers and followees can change by the second, but this gives you an idea of the scope of their popularity on Twitter.
Keri Hilson

On Twitter: MissKeriBaby

Followers: 106,035

Following: 55

What she’s Tweeting: “2mro’s the day yall…showtime in ATLANTA (Fox Theatre). Me, Bobby V, the Dream, & Keyshia all live here = CRAZINESS!”

Why follow? She’s getting a lot of attention in music and online, but actually responds to Tweets.

Don Lemon

On Twitter: donlemoncnn

Followers: 35,569

Following: 17,097

What he’s Tweeting: “president speaking live on cnn. he is really funny!!!!”

Why follow? Responding to one of his many feedback-seeking Tweets is the least tragic/embarrassing way to get on CNN.


On Twitter: ludajuice

Followers: 117,965

Following: 79

What he’s Tweeting: “DAILY QUOTE: Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character.—Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Why follow? It’s not for everyone — he drops a parental advisory right there in his Twitter profile.


On Twitter: cracktheskye

Followers: 763

Following: 266

What he’s Tweeting: “What do you think were going to play on Letterman tonight?”

Why follow? Local and lots of music!

John Mayer

On Twitter: johncmayer

Followers: 1,107,169

Following: 47

What he’s Tweeting: “My laptop is so hot, a window appeared on screen saying ‘Please insert panini and click ‘OK.””

Why follow? This one-time Atlantan makes us giggle.

Janelle Monae

On Twitter: JanelleMonae

Followers: 34,087

Following: 3,863

What she’s Tweeting: She protects ‘em, so she has to approve followers before they can see them.

Why follow? She’s awesome.



Followers: 2,343

Following: 548

What she’s Tweeting: Keeps ‘em protected.

Why follow? Super-catchy songs can make for super-catchy Tweets.

Rick Sanchez

On Twitter: ricksanchezcnn

Followers: 90,148

Following: 32,880

What he’s Tweeting: “don’t get me wrong, i screw up plenty. but the essense of “fairness” which i try and live up to daily is: treat as you want to be treated.”

Why follow? Super candid journalism-y action. And knee surgery.

Ryan Seacrest

On Twitter: RyanSeacrest

Followers: 1,045,089

Following: 220

What he’s Tweeting: “Finished idol rehersal…adam was sining on stage so I didn’t feel the quake we had a few mins ago”

Why follow? He’s the man to talk with about this whole Adam/Kris thing.

Spirit the Hawk

On Twitter: SpiritTheHawk

Followers: 382

Following: 206

What he’s Tweeting: “Smiling on the inside today…mostly because my beak won’t let me smile on the outside.”

Why follow? After he broke free at Philips Arena in April, he got sassy and techy. Keep flying, we say!

Celebrity Birthdays

Actor James Arness is 86. Sportscaster Brent Musburger is 70. Singer-drummer Levon Helm of The Band is 69. Steel guitar player Gates Nichols of Confederate Railroad is 65. Drummer Garry Peterson of The Guess Who is 64. Singer Stevie Nicks is 61. Actor Philip Michael Thomas (”Miami Vice”) is 60. Actress Pam Grier is 60. Country singer Hank Williams Jr. is 60. Actress Margaret Colin is 52. Dave Robbins (BlackHawk) is 50. Actress Genie Francis (”General Hospital”) is 47. Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait is 47. Singer Lenny Kravitz is 45. Actress Helena Bonham Carter is 43. Drummer Phillip Rhodes of The Gin Blossoms is 41. Actor Joseph Fiennes (”Shakespeare in Love”) is 39. Singer Joey Kibble of Take 6 is 38. “South Park” co-creator Matt Stone is 38. Bassist Nathan Cochran of MercyMe is 31.

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