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Atlanta Celebrities on Twitter, Round 1

Ashton Kutcher is known as aplusk on Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher is known as aplusk on Twitter.

If it wasn’t already clear when Ashton Kutcher beamed his Twitter name onto CNN Center, even the rich and famous can fit their egos and ideas into 140 characters. (Twitter: the great equalizer?) Aplusk, as Kutcher is known on Twitter, isn’t the only celeb there. Among Atlanta-tied stars, there’s Jane Fonda, Diddy and a cadre of folks from CNN. (Not to be too precious, but Peach Buzz is not too shabby with with the updates, either.)

Here are more Atlanta area celebs with a Twitter habit. To be fair, the number of followers and followees can change by the second, but this gives you an idea of the scope of their popularity on Twitter.

Check back tomorrow for another round of Twitter-using celebs (Part 2)! If you’ve got some to add to the list, email Buzz Central at, or send us a Tweet @Peachbuzz.

Richard Blais

On Twitter: RichardBlais

Followers: 2,529

Following: 510

What he’s Tweeting:Heading to Whole foods on Ponce. Then to flip for some recipe testing.”

Why follow? You saw him on TV and eat at his restaurants. Why not hear about getting his dog’s teeth cleaned?

The Black Lips

On Twitter: TheBlackLips

Followers: 213

Following: 0

What they’re Tweeting:Wanderin around Liverpool lookin for Chinese buffets and expensive coffee. We’re gettin three bahs on our comps, and nice tans on our ahms.”

Why follow? They’re new to Twitter. Show some love.


On Twitter: CDCemergency

Followers: 181,805

Following: 74

What it’s Tweeting: Update 5/20/09: 5710 total cases of novel H1N1 flu, 8 deaths, 48 states affected: #swineflu”

Why follow? It’s a dubious kind of celebrity, but they help keep our swine flu fear curiosity alive under the surface.

Andy Schneider, the "Chicken Whisperer" of Johns Creek is known as Twitter as BackyardPoultry.

"Chicken Whisperer" Andy Schneider of Johns Creek: he Tweets.

“Chicken Whisperer” Andy Schneider

On Twitter: backyardpoultry

Followers: 763

Following: 266

What he’s Tweeting:Going outside to take care of the chickens!”

Why follow? Backyard Poultry is produced locally, but it’s a nationally syndicated radio show about — what else? — raising backyard poultry!


On Twitter: PrincessSuperC

Followers: 30,915

Following: 13

What she’s Tweeting:sleepy now!:) knocking it out! zzzzzz!”

Why follow? Updates on basketball, making music videos and the general life and times of a superstar.

Collective Soul

On Twitter: collective_soul

Followers: 11,146

Following: 11,579

What they’re Tweeting:tweeps video is uploading about as fast as my dial up AOL from 99… sorry.”

Why follow? They proudly proclaim, “WE FOLLOW BACK!”

Diana DeGarmo

On Twitter: DianaDeGarmo

Followers: 465

Following: 24

What she’s Tweeting:AMAAAZING show tonight. Saw some Idol buds and the amazing Mr. Neil Patrick Harris in the audience. So sad to see “b2bd” come to an end…”

Why follow? Post-Idol, this Gwinnett gal still has a singing career worth talking about.


On Twitter: iamdiddy

Followers: 953,485

Following: 125

What he’s Tweeting: Thank you for believing in me!!! And know that I believe in you also!!!!! We all need people to believe in us!!!! BELIEVE!!!”

Why follow? Love that user photo of young Diddy in a tux.

Idris Elba starred with Beyonce in "Obsessed." And he Tweets!

Idris Elba starred with Beyonce in "Obsessed." And he Tweets!

Idris Elba

On Twitter: driis

Followers: 5,946

Following: 13

What he’s Tweeting:Don’t mind if i’m quiet for the next couple weeks. In Scotland shooting Legacy..”

Why follow? He fills us in on his life outside Atlanta.

Jane Fonda

On Twitter: Janefonda

Followers: 15,367

Following: 1,165

What she’s Tweeting:James Goldofini came to the show and we went out after for a drink(s). And Sandy Duncan and Don, Susan and Diane from our show. Whew!!!”

Why follow? Well, it’s Jane Fonda.

Tomorrow: more celebrities on Twitter

Celebrity Birthdays

Songwriter Hal David is 88. Country singer Tom T. Hall is 73. Actor Ian McKellen (”Lord of the Rings”) is 70. Actress Dixie Carter is 70. Country singer Jessi Colter is 66. Actress-singer Leslie Uggams is 66. Director-Muppetteer Frank Oz is 65. Actress Karen Valentine is 62. Singer Klaus Meine of Scorpions is 61. Actress Patti D’Arbanville (”New York Undercover”) is 58. Actress Connie Sellecca is 54. Singer-guitarist Paul Weller of The Jam is 51. Actor-comedian Mike Myers is 46. Actress Anne Heche is 40. Actresses Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush (”Little House on the Prairie”) are 39. Actor Jamie Kennedy (”Scream”) is 39. Actor Justin Henry (”Kramer Vs. Kramer”) is 38. Singer Lauryn Hill is 34. Actor Ethan Suplee (”My Name Is Earl”) is 33.

Contributing: News services.

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