Sex truck provides partiers a mobile love nest

The Hook-Up Truck brainstrust pauses for a selfie. (Image from

The Hook-Up Truck brainstrust pauses for a selfie. (Image from

Advances in technology are making many interesting business ideas possible.

But, sometimes you just need to drive a box truck to a party and let people have sex in it.

In California, a capitalist masquerading as an artist is offering to drive the “Hook-Up Truck” to parties, weddings, festivals and anywhere else people want to have sex on wheels.

As one might expect from an artist named Spy Emerson, the truck features cameras and the ability to upload video straight to YouTube.

The air conditioned mobile sex palace also provides birth control and vinyl-covered benches that are “probably cleaner” than a San Francisco subway car, though the artist likely has no idea how germs operate.

Emerson does promise the sex chamber will be wiped down between uses, but she hangs out with people dressed as clowns so I don’t know we can trust her.

“This is a game for adults who want to play with sex,” says Emerson, who is known for steampunk poses, knife throwing and bad sewing.

Customers also “have to be nice, and cool,” and over 21.

“Drunks” are not allowed, which makes you wonder how many people will actually use this thing.

The Hook-Up Truck website features insightful snippets of reviews by local media.

“Forget about finding a place in the alley or the backseat of a car (who even has a car in S.F.!), there’s a new place to hook up,” writes San Francisco Weekly.

Yes, the days of alley sex are over, my friends.

The truck’s maiden voyage is May 2. Street musicians will be on hand to serenade those without performance anxiety.

Those needing “immediate service” can hit the truck up via a mobile app or just wait until they get to their parents’ basement.

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May 2nd, 2014
10:25 am

Anyone who uses this “service” deserves whatever diseases they get…YUCK..GROSS!!


May 2nd, 2014
10:33 am

It’s a shame to hear about alley sex, it will be missed.

C from Marietta

May 2nd, 2014
10:34 am

Disgusting. NASTY with ALL CAPS!!!


May 2nd, 2014
10:37 am

If today’s publicity-seeking loser rewarded here by George ever does have her own children—I’m sure THEY will rebel by voting Republican. And likewise making a success of their lives.

Just to piss off their low-life mother.


May 2nd, 2014
10:41 am

Lighten up Jan!


May 2nd, 2014
10:42 am

The wheels have not come off yet, but the bearings are going bad!!


May 2nd, 2014
10:52 am

Funny writing George. Well done.


May 2nd, 2014
11:04 am

Hehehehe, it said BOXtruck!

Deja Vu

May 2nd, 2014
12:02 pm

…..There’s nothing new here — this idea was already done way back in the 60s….

It’s 2014 and somehow this is big news….. LOL :)

The artist obviously wanted some publicity to sell – whatever art she has created – clever marketing tool but this will be short lived.

Business 101 – states in order for you to succeed offer a product or service that’s not easy to duplicate.

Any Joe and get a van and bill folks for it’s use – CRAZY

Ok she has her 15 minutes of FAME –


Oh I got one.

With Americans in general being so busy these days – why not create business that would offer (for a fee) to:

1. Take out the trash
2. Go on an interview for you
3. Stand in for you for – shots, dental work – etc.

Sounds crazy but – who knows somone out there can figure it out.

LOL :)


May 2nd, 2014
12:07 pm

This could be the new investment opportunity I’ve been looking for, a Hook-Up Truck franchise in ATL!


May 2nd, 2014
12:27 pm

Photos and video direct to you tube. That should help landing that job you wanted! Employers don’t even know about you tube yet, go for it!


May 2nd, 2014
12:28 pm

Is this any different than a hotel room? You’re saying YUCK, but I suspect that you’d find the same germs on those mattresses.


May 2nd, 2014
12:41 pm

The most disgusting thing on here are the two headlines under this one: Women to be charged in TN, and rapists going free. Some seriously messed up priorities in this country.

If you really cared about women or the potential babies they are carrying you would increase pre-natal care and access and help women get off of drugs. Threatening arrest will only lead to less pre-natal care (and probably more harmful things happening to the babies, including abandonment after birth)


May 2nd, 2014
1:20 pm

scrappy, how does one HELP women get off drugs?


May 2nd, 2014
1:21 pm

The bang bus is old news to the internet, and the concept is likely as old as the first bus/van off the assembly line. The favorite past-time of living organisms everywhere, right next to eating on the list of life’s priorities. :)


May 2nd, 2014
3:07 pm

@Tony, my thoughts exactly. People must not watch all those exposes on hotel room cleanliness.

Just Nasty

May 2nd, 2014
3:20 pm

That’s just nasty!

Don't Tread

May 2nd, 2014
3:33 pm

Free love, sex tapes, no questions asked…direct to you from the land of rampant liberalism. But how will the baby mamas ever come up with a name for the kid if she doesn’t know the donor’s name? :roll:

Don't Tread

May 2nd, 2014
3:35 pm

I guess they could name him “Truck”…

I'd Motorboat Her

May 2nd, 2014
4:53 pm

Hey “Don’t Tread”, go find the nearest tall building and hop off the roof.


May 2nd, 2014
5:16 pm

Drunks are not allowed? There goes 98 percent of her potential customer base.

Bill Clinton

May 2nd, 2014
5:27 pm

Could you please post contact information for this service.



May 2nd, 2014
5:31 pm

Do they do gal-on-gal hook-ups?

David H

May 2nd, 2014
5:36 pm

I think it’s wrong to age discriminate those under 21. Young teens are the ones who need these services the most, With Obamacare in place, any 13 or 14 year old can get free condoms and birth control pills, and an abortion when all else fails, without having to notify their parents. How is this any different? It’s cruel, wrong, and sex is a healthy, necessary beautiful part of life. I just hate racism, discrimination in all forms.


May 2nd, 2014
6:21 pm

Do they let you watch gal-on-gal hookups?

D Stevens

May 2nd, 2014
7:14 pm

I aint got no panties on and I’m ready to ride!

Ron Mexico

May 2nd, 2014
9:09 pm

Reminds me of the fake taxi videos on Pornhub.

Hidden Agenda

May 5th, 2014
1:38 pm

The beauty of both freedom and the free market it that such things come along because someone sees a need and everyone who doesn’t approve can simply mind their own damn business. Somehow we have forgotten the old adage that you can only fully know freedom when you are willing to give it to someone else. Somewhere along the lines we also decided that it was government’s business to violate everyone else’s freedoms and liberties simply because something upset someone in power. Wrong. If we could only end the failed war on the world’s oldest profession, this idea might actually have some real potential as a business. Sadly we seem to be fine with nearly every politician prostituting themselves openly, but can’t handle the concept that two consenting adults should be allowed to legally engage in a financial transaction because it upsets some people.