Driver kills teen cyclist, sues his parents

Share the road?

It’s more like “share the money” in Canada, where a motorist who struck and killed a 17-year-old cyclist is suing the boy’s parents, saying her life has been ruined by the experience.

Sharlene Simon, 42, wants the parents of Brandon Majewski to pay her more than $1 million for the emotional trauma she has endured after the Oct. 28, 2012, crash that killed the teen and injured two of his friends, one of them seriously.

Simon, who hit the bike riders from behind with her SUV, is also suing the other two boys she hit early that morning, and their parents, saying the accident victims should have been wearing reflective vests while riding in the dark.

The attorney for the victims said the lawsuit is a shocking turn of events, according to The Toronto Sun.

“In all of my years as a lawyer, I have never seen anyone ever sue a child that they killed,” lawyer Brian Cameron said.

The mother of the dead boy, a dental assistant, said, “She killed my child and now she wants to profit from it? She says she’s in pain? Tell her to look inside my head and she will see pain, she will see panic, she will see nightmares. … for this woman to be so selfish, to claim she is the one suffering but we are the ones living the nightmare … her children are still living.”

Simon is claiming $1.35 million in damages due to psychological suffering, including depression, anxiety, irritability and post-traumatic stress.

The lawsuit calls the boys “incompetent bicyclists.”

Simon and her attorney refused comment.

Simon told police she was speeding before hitting the boys.

Her husband, a police officer, was following her home in a separate vehicle when the accident occurred, and provided eyewitness testimony to what happened.

Simon did not have to submit to a drug or alcohol test.

No charges were filed.

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April 28th, 2014
9:00 am

Hell has a special place for people like Sharlene Simon.

Make her Pay

April 28th, 2014
9:30 am

The only way to stop the frivolous lawsuits is to make the plaintiff and her attorney pay for all damages caused to all the parties and the court for wasting their time and resources. This woman should be happy she is not being subject to criminal charges for killing the child by her speeding or otherwise possibly negligent driving. Maybe her husband stopped the criminal investigation and now he should be under scrutiny. He must be a part of this too if he is married to her. This is sick and pathetic and must be punished or these types of worthless lawsuits will keep on coming.

Bob from Accounttemps

April 28th, 2014
9:44 am

My guess is this is a preemptive move by the driver’s lawyer in preparation for being sued by the victim’s family. It’s no less disgusting, but just an explanation.


April 28th, 2014
10:09 am

I guess I was lucky 15 years ago when my young teenage son was hit by a truck while on his bicycle. My son received only minor injuries, but it did require hospital time. Instead of this man’s insurance paying our hospital bills and bike repair bills MY HOMEOWNERS ins agreed to pay the driver $1000 because “he felt so bad about hitting a child”. I was furious!. Allstate insisted it was more trouble than it was worth to fight the guy – especially when he was satisfied with such a small amount of cash. I was a young(ish) widow at the time – guess I should be grateful I had no assets for the man to go after in a lawsuit.


April 28th, 2014
10:16 am

I hope she hits a moose next time at a high rate of speed.

Gone Fishin'

April 28th, 2014
10:18 am

Go ahead and publish the attorney’s name as well…..should be special scorn for this POS also!!


April 28th, 2014
10:27 am

This incident could be the poster child for that old saying “anyone can sue anyone else for anything”.

Hopefully this idiot woman won’t get a cent, she’ll be stuck with a huge bill for legal fees, and the notoriety she’s receiving will plague her the rest of her miserable days.


April 28th, 2014
10:37 am

This is a good opportunity for the community to act against Simon.


April 28th, 2014
10:46 am

This woman is crazy! Why is she still walking around. She need to be in prison for killing that child! Canada has crazy laws! Worse laws than Florida.


April 28th, 2014
10:50 am

Ms. Simon is a heartless warthog. The community should stand along the sidewalks and point at her and oink when she walks by. It would be nice if we had stocks in the town squares again.

Only One

April 28th, 2014
10:54 am

Am I the only one who went to the trouble to find and read the rest of this story before jumping on the bandwagon of cliche hatefulness?
The teenage boys were cycling dangerously on a dark and curvy road. They had no business being there. It would have been nearly impossible for any driver to avoid the collision that unfortunately took the life of the young man.
He was being selfish and reckless and he could have caused the driver of the vehicle to get seriously injured as well.
This is a terrible tragedy, but it only makes matters worse when the cyclist’s parents insist on publicly blaming the driver when she was not even cited in the accident. By all accounts it was the cyclist’s fault but rather than accept that the parents repeatedly harass and accuse this lady.
I don’t know what is more pathetic, these parents who insist on blaming the only surviving victim or you gullible chumps who are piling on her with your ignorant remarks.


April 28th, 2014
11:04 am

So frivolous lawsuits are not unique to the U.S., I see. This lady should be locked away for the rest of her life. If I were the parents of the kid who was killed I would sue Sharlene, AND to turn the tables even further, include a lawsuit against her parents for raising an idiot of a daughter who has caused unimaginable pain and suffering for the families of the three kids she hit.


April 28th, 2014
11:15 am

People have no more moral or ethics in this day and age! Any “justice” system allowing this to proceed is no justice system. Sorry this world and society has become a “just for self” environment. As long as I am good I could care less about anyone else. Better you than me. Sick! Maybe all of these nature disasters is a good thing and it is purging the world from sicko’s


April 28th, 2014
11:17 am

This is a greedy woman. Both parties are at fault. I’m sure the parents would be suffering more than this
selfish $#%^^.

...And Justice For All

April 28th, 2014
11:17 am

@ JH “So frivolous lawsuits are not unique to the U.S., I see.”

JH it’s like beauty – it’s in the eye of the beholder.

One may seem frivolous to you may seem legit to the planttifs.

It all in how you look at it.

I agree the lawsuit seems to be a preemptive strike…hopefully the judge will see through the smoke screen and dismiss the lawsuit.


Only One

April 28th, 2014
11:20 am

DB2014 wrote: “Maybe all of these nature disasters is a good thing and it is purging the world from sicko’s”
I think DB2014’s statement pretty well sums up all of your comments.
I bet you all cheated off of Jeff Francouer in high school.


April 28th, 2014
11:22 am

There are many more bicycles on the road now, and they need to be watched for. That being said (and yes, I am a bicyclist myself….13 miles daily) I have noticed that many of my fellow bicyclists (not all but many) practically flaunt their right to block traffic and be obnoxious. It almost like they purposely block the vehicles way, really! And, riding in the dark w/no reflectors? C’mon, man. Of course this would cause trauma to a driver who hit someone. I wish there was no lawsuit, however, but I likewise wish my fellow bicylists would show the same courteouscy that they demand from drivers of cars!

Coroner's Report

April 28th, 2014
11:28 am

I don’t understand why this teenager was not wearing a helmet and Mylar vest if he had to ride his bike after dark. Surely he could afford those items.
When they asked the officer who recovered his body what he was wearing he said he was bespoked.

I Agree with Skipper

April 28th, 2014
11:32 am

skipper makes a great point (although he writes like a mongoloid with a hangover).
I am sure the cyclist’s parents wish they had been good enough parents to buy their son the protective gear all cyclists should wear. More than anything that is probably what makes the parents cringe whenever they drive by an IHOP.

The Geezer

April 28th, 2014
11:34 am

Counter sue for twice that amount.

Take a guess at which suit the jury will uphold and which one the jury will deny.


April 28th, 2014
11:45 am

Torment this lady everyday until she realizes suicide is really the only answer,


April 28th, 2014
11:46 am

I hate ambulance chasing attorneys but I can see how this can destroy one’s life as the driver. Having not been in her shoes, and hope to never being in her shoes, I’m not passing judgement on her.

Her Shoes Being Smelly

April 28th, 2014
11:51 am

Thanks, Andy.
I really appreciate it.
Your comment is the only that made any scents today.

Bicycle Safety

April 28th, 2014
11:55 am

When I was a kid we always rode our bikes in the road after dark.
Sometimes one of us would get hit by a motorist, but it was never a big deal.
Usually some of the other cyclists would just stop in front of the car so the driver couldn’t leave and then locals from our town would come out of their homes and businesses and drag the driver out of their car and beat them senseless and then shove a kerosene-soaked tire over their head and shoulders and set it ablaze before going about their business.
Nobody ever filed frivolous lawsuits or any of this other nonsense that you hear about in unsophisticated places like Canada. I miss those peaceful simpler times.


April 28th, 2014
12:43 pm

Guess who will probably be stuck with her after she’s run out of the country?


April 28th, 2014
12:56 pm

I don’t know the whole story, but there have been many times when I could have been in the same situation as the driver. I have driven past pedestrians and cyclists at night and didn’t see them until I was passing them, due to them wearing dark clothing. My first thought was “I would be so angry if I hit you!!” It’s one thing if you want to be stupid, but don’t ask me to join you. Add to that that pedestrians rarely walk/run facing traffic anymore.


April 28th, 2014
12:58 pm

@I Agree,
My bad…….got eyes dilated! Couldn’t see as well as type! “Mo better” now!


April 28th, 2014
2:05 pm

Only One, if she had not been speeding which she admits to doing she might have been able to avoid them. I don’t know exactly what time of day it was nor do we know the exact visibility conditions but she shouldn’t have been speeding at night on a curvy road. Also, I would imagine that the bikes had reflectors because when I was TDY with the AF to Canada they were required.


April 28th, 2014
2:38 pm

Yes, Donald, because no one ever speeds and if you do speed and anything bad happens on a day when you were speeding you are responsible for all of it.
Face it, Donald, the only way this accident could have been avoided would have been for this kid to stay out of the right of way or wear appropriate clothing. The fact that he caused his own death and his parents later sought to torment this poor (speeding) girl because of his carelessness is deplorable. It’s just shameful. It really is unconscionable. Well, it is patently unfair, and it is the kind of conduct which society should punish. I think it is reasonable that the parents should compensate this woman for the emotional distress they have caused her. $150,000 should be about right.


April 28th, 2014
2:55 pm

Candace….Florida has good laws. They just have some strange people, like all states.


April 28th, 2014
4:00 pm

I can see this same event happening in Atlanta! It is not uncommon for Downtown Bike Riders to ride in between cars while stopped in Traffic. Some days there are groups of them all over the City Riding recklessly among and around moving cars. Mobile Hood Ornaments is what I call them.


April 28th, 2014
4:10 pm

Just throwing this out there, but its illegal to drive a car at night on public roads with no lights on. So why are people on bikes the exception. This is nothing but Darwinism. All you ignorant people on here calling for blood make me lol.


April 28th, 2014
5:18 pm

Kid’s mother and the other kids should countersue for millions. For their emotional distress.


April 28th, 2014
5:37 pm

There is no “PROFIT” for a woman suffering anguish over having been tricked into running over these bike riders who were riding in the dark in the middle of the street with no reflective gear. I don’t know if the anguish is worth $1 million, but the kids parents should be held accountable for the damage the kids caused. Around here there are bike riders who also ride IN THE STREET almost as if to dare drivers to run them over. It’s sad that these bike riders don’t know they should stay in the park and off the streets with their peddle powered conveyances.


April 28th, 2014
6:17 pm

Hello Sharlene. Hell is great! Wish you were here! See you soon!



April 28th, 2014
8:31 pm

Remember the washing machine that fell off the truck on the expressway awhile back? Dark, just came out of nowhere, all unexpected like? Remember who was found at fault there, here in GA.

I’m a firm believer that some accidents are just that, accidents. No real right, or wrong, and a whole lot of circumstance and finger pointing. Learning from an accident doesn’t always need money, jailtime, or hard fault. Often a severe injury, or death is more than enough for all involved parties to help prevent future accidents, and should be left at just that.


April 28th, 2014
9:53 pm

For a moment, forget the emotional side of this accident (teen killed – parents suffer loss of child), and look simply at what caused the accident. It was the negligence of the cyclist!!! And, any damages (to property or physical injuries) are the responsibility of those that caused the accident.

FOR ARGUMENT/NOT EMOTIONS: Assume no there were NO PERSONAL injuries, that the bikes and the car were the only damages and the conclusions from the accident investigation was “Cyclist fault”. In that case, cost of repair belongs to those at fault!!! Both for car and the bikes!!!

I can certainly understand how some people (the driver in this case) could be mentally destroyed for the rest if her life as a result of this accident. It was NOT HER FAULT that her life, the life of her family/kids, is now destroyed because of the teen cyclist (unfortunate that they ALSO loss the rest of their life, parents/family suffering).

Is it right to sue? Legally, yes! Should they sue? Maybe not…but every right to be angry as hell at the parents for LACK of responsibility that NOW HAS DEVASTATED ANOTHER FAMILY !


April 28th, 2014
10:46 pm

Keep in mind that it appears the driver did nothing wrong and they have to live with the fact that they were involved in an accident that killed someone. And then the driver gets sued. At some point, I’m sure that would just piss her off big time.

James Jordan

April 29th, 2014
6:27 am

There are some truly sick people in the world and this woman’s at the top of the list

Trial Lawyer

April 29th, 2014
7:57 am

In Georgia, that case would not exist. We don’t allow lawsuits for purely emotional harm unless you received a physical injury as well. Reading other sources, it looks like it is a counterclaim to the original suit by the parents of the kids. It’s still in bad taste and would backfire with most juries.


April 29th, 2014
8:38 am

This is a joke right? Is it April Fool’s Day?


April 29th, 2014
11:28 am

Does Canada actually allow such nonsense from someone who hit someone from behind ? Cyclist fault or not ,suing a childs parents is pathetic!! Just is not right .