Anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps Sr. dies at 84

FILE PHOTO -- Fred Phelps, a Topeka, Kan., preacher, makes his point outside regional Boy Scouts headquarters in Providence, R.I. Phelps' inflammatory protests across the country have offended not only gays, but fellow Baptists who agree with him that homosexuality is a sin. SEE ``ANTI-GAY'' (Newhouse), transmitted Thursday, July 19, 2001. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

FILE PHOTO -- Fred Phelps, a Topeka, Kan., preacher, makes his point outside regional Boy Scouts headquarters in Providence, R.I. Phelps' inflammatory protests across the country have offended not only gays, but fellow Baptists who agree with him that homosexuality is a sin. Transmitted Thursday, July 19, 2001. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., the fiery founder of a small Kansas church who drew international condemnation for outrageous and hate-filled protests that blamed almost everything, including the deaths of AIDS victims and U.S. soldiers, on America’s tolerance for gay people, has died. He was 84.

Daughter Margie Phelps told The Associated Press that Fred Phelps died shortly after midnight Thursday. She didn’t provide the cause of death or the condition that recently put him in hospice care.

Throughout his life, Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, a small congregation made up almost entirely of his extended family … continue reading.

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Satanists seeks to turn Westboro founder gay in afterlife

Satanist seeks to turn Westboro founder gay in afterlife

Those who sow hate don’t reap much love.

News recently broke that Fred Phelps Sr., the founder of Westboro Baptist Church, is close to death and living in a hospice facility in Kansas.

There were no reports of tears.

As most of you know, Phelp’s belief system is based on a hatred of homosexuals. Westboro’s website URL is

Phelps, 84, and his followers, express their hate by picketing funerals. The church gained infamy by picketing military funerals and saying the deaths of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are God’s punishment for the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality.

As Phelp’s death approaches, vultures circle.

In 2013, Phelps was allegedly excommunicated from the church he founded for suggesting church members be kinder towards one another.

Some groups have said they want to stage protests at Phelps’ funeral, but it appears there won’t be one. Westboro says the church does not “worship the dead,” so it seems these confused Christians don’t even know why people hold funerals.

Followers of the largely satirical Satanic Temple in NYC are not deterred, however, and plan to hold a ceremony to convert Phelps to a homosexual in the afterlife.

The ceremony, called a “Pink Mass,” involves same-sex couples kissing over a grave. Earlier, the Temple “exercised its right to offensive Free Speech” by performing such a ceremony over the grave of Phelp’s mother, writes Vice magazine, in an effort to make her a lesbian.

I’m skeptical that a group that claims  to “avow skepticism in the face of all things” really believes such a ceremony will work.

A Pink Mass, like the Satanic Temple’s alleged plan to erect a statue of Lucifer outside an Oklahoma courthouse, is just a publicity stunt.

I usually don’t give advice to devil worshippers, but I’ve learned it is acceptable to make fun of politicians but not dead people. Even horrible dead people.

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March 19th, 2014
11:33 am

Gays don’t need to hear Phelps in this life. Gays don’t need anything from Phelps in the next life. Nobody, straight or Gay, deserves to be around that hate filled monger in any life.


March 19th, 2014
11:42 am

If the afterlife at all resembles the present — homosexuality will likewise be thought bizarre by the vast majority.


March 19th, 2014
12:04 pm

Any American that would protest at a military funeral for someone who gave their life protecting their sorry butts deserves a .40 hollow point between the eyeballs.

To hell with him and his followers, the sooner the better.

see no evil

March 19th, 2014
12:07 pm

95.342% find that Nancy is bizarre. Really Nancy, can you be any more of an antique?

The Internet Says So

March 19th, 2014
12:08 pm

So all Gay people worship Satan.

Thanks so much for the information.

Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:11 pm

Nancy – hate to tell you but I have been tricking in the parks on the way home from work. Sorry to tell you this way. See you for dinner babe.


March 19th, 2014
12:14 pm

If they held this “ceremony” over the grave of his mother, wouldn’t that turn her gay in the afterlife instead of him, if indeed it worked? Confusing fo sho…

see no evil is evil

March 19th, 2014
12:14 pm

“95.342% find that Nancy is bizarre.”

Can you provide facts to back up your claim?

Provide LINKS of valid scientific proof of the Gay gene as well.

Thanks so much!

@ Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:17 pm

Thanks for providing factual information that being gay is a life style choice.

PS A real man replaced you at the dinner table!


March 19th, 2014
12:19 pm

It’s usually the most adamant homophobes turn out to be closet homosexuals. Seriously, we had a mega church guy in Colorado who was super anti-gay…right up until a bunch of gay prostitutes started coming out of the woodwork about his gay Craigslist habits.

Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:23 pm

It is amazing how ignorant people still are. It is safe to assume that all the people with the ‘life style choice’ comments have never actually met a real life gay person. If you bothered to get to know anyone besides a white, lower class person you would know the truth.


March 19th, 2014
12:27 pm

I thought Gay people wanted to be seen as normal, everyday human beings. Being Gay and a Satan worshiper that enjoys dancing around dead people is not “Normal” in anuone’s book. Besides, all they are doing is giving Westboro and Phelps the spotlight, not the other way around.

@ Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:31 pm

Since you are Gay, you are suppose to be Happy!!

The Gay life style does not make you filled with glee?

You sound oh so sad, miserable … and Racist!

@ Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:36 pm

Let me guess, you are in your 30’s and make about $12/hr and have touched your sister in a way that made you feel slightly guilty but you did it again anyways. Guarantee you are single unless you found someone at your most recent KKK rally.

Deep Thoughts

March 19th, 2014
12:36 pm

What is a real life gay person look like? We know what a white person looks like, even a black person. Is there an ID card you pull out for that to show proof?

@ @ Nancy's husband

March 19th, 2014
12:39 pm

I know, you are in your 30’s and make about $12/hr and have touched your sister, and your brother, and your father in a way that made them feel like kicking you out of the house. Guarantee you are single unless you found someone at your most recent Gay Satantic rally

Creflo $$$

March 19th, 2014
12:43 pm

Gay people worship Satan and they are Racist



March 19th, 2014
12:55 pm

White people be trippin


March 19th, 2014
1:01 pm

This is a completely serious question – does anyone really find NOTHING wrong or disturbing about two men or two women have sex together? It is not natural. Even in the animal kingdom, I don’t know of any animals who actually have intercourse between same sexes. I realize some animals are asexual and such. So even if I can respect that a man may love another man, I just can’t accept that homosexual intercourse is normal in any way.

Well then....

March 19th, 2014
1:09 pm

Don’t have homosexual intercourse.


March 19th, 2014
1:14 pm

The LGBT community wants Americans to stay out of their bedrooms. Now they want us to overlook them having sex in cemeteries while they worship the devil. The actions of Gay Satanic cultists speak much louder than past hateful words out of the mouth of some dying old preacher.

To Nancy’s husband – you sound so proud to have lied to your wife and your children while chasing after men that are carrying diseases. Cheap sex is not love. People like you are far worse people than Fred Phelps has ever been.

Harvey P.

March 19th, 2014
1:14 pm

Those wishing ill will on Westboro and its founder, officials, members, etc, are just as low and bad as they are. Just sit back, protect yourself from the heathen, and if you really believe in a higher, better being, justice and punishment will be issued in swift and appropriate manner.


March 19th, 2014
1:16 pm

Nancy really likes Tacos.

Logical Dude

March 19th, 2014
1:16 pm

“Phelps, 84, and his followers, express their hate by picketing funerals.”

A bit of misinformation here.
Phelps, and his FAMILY, try to extort money from people by harassing people when they are most vulnerable in the hopes that they become violent, and can sue.

They are not a church. They are a family of lawyers who know exactly the first amendment and how to sue for money if a line is crossed.

They hate for the money.

Well alrighty then ...

March 19th, 2014
1:18 pm

Don’t have homosexual intercourse on top of granny’s grave.

….. talk about a Gay Public Relations nightmare !!!


March 19th, 2014
1:21 pm

Nancy’s husband is racist gay and hates poor people. He really likes Fish Tacos!

Hillary's Food Taster

March 19th, 2014
1:29 pm

I don’t care what anyone does. Just go into the closet and stay there until it’s over and don’t tell me about it. And when you come out of the closet don’t smile. This church is known for bad manners. At least they don’t handle reptiles or issue fatwas. And they don’t wake me up Saturday mornings asking for money, leave pamphlets on my door, or expressing concerns over my eternal destiny. I don’t like them but when it comes to someone to hate they are way down my list.


March 19th, 2014
2:00 pm

I’m tired of hearing about both sodomites and organized religion myself.


March 19th, 2014
2:36 pm

Boy, Satanists vs. Phelps. One of those rare cases where you hope for mutual destruction.


March 19th, 2014
2:55 pm

I actually hope they succeed. I rather enjoy the image of phelps taking Satan’s money shot over and over.

More Q than A

March 19th, 2014
3:10 pm

“to turn Westboro founder gay in afterlife”

If being gay is not a lifestyle choice, then how do they expect to convert him post mortem?

Sounds like they just want an excuse to have raunchy gay sex in a graveyard.

Yep, thats the way to gain acceptance and tolerance!

Facebook Page

March 19th, 2014
3:25 pm

Check out the Facebook page that’s set up just for our pile of crap person of the hour, Fred.


March 19th, 2014
3:35 pm

In order to know whom you don’t want to be. It kind of helps if you have an example to study. Fred provided this for millions of people. You see even ignorant people can teach us something.

Nancy's right

March 19th, 2014
3:45 pm

Nancy’s right. Whether you are gay, straight, love gay or straight, or hate gay or straight, Gay is definitely not normal. If it were normal then there would be no arguments. Now why anyone should be ashamed or discriminated against because of who they sleep with makes no sense. No sense at all.


March 19th, 2014
3:54 pm

From Rumrunner…
“This is a completely serious question – does anyone really find NOTHING wrong or disturbing about two men or two women have sex together? It is not natural. Even in the animal kingdom, I don’t know of any animals who actually have intercourse between same sexes. I realize some animals are asexual and such. So even if I can respect that a man may love another man, I just can’t accept that homosexual intercourse is normal in any way.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is natural and found just about everywhere in the animal kingdom. I think the numbers are around 5% (high numbers 10%, low 1-2%)…just like people.

2nd statement…Boy, just about everybody get super trolled by Nancy’s Husband. That first post was just dripping with /sarc, but then again the folks who generally hate aren’t always the brightest of bulbs.


March 19th, 2014
4:00 pm

The Word says, “no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Nothing any “satanist” does will ever be successful against a believer. I don’t know whether the pastor in question is a believer or just someone involved in politics, (BTW, if you’re a non believer, I couldn’t care less what your opinion is on that question), but if he is, nothing these people are doing along those lines will make one bit of difference. They don’t know the Instruction Manual to any degree, or they wouldn’t waste time in what they’re doing….


March 19th, 2014
4:15 pm

He needs t o just go on down to hell and burn for eons for his hatred of everyone.

More Q

March 19th, 2014
4:33 pm

Enter your comments here


March 19th, 2014
4:34 pm

Trolls are are typically right on target.

Hidden Agenda

March 19th, 2014
4:48 pm

Who says he isn’t already gay? As the saying goes “me thinks he doth protest too much.”

You almost always find that the ones who come down the hardest on moral issues generally are overcompensating for their own internal conflicts that result from their being gay, pedophiles, porn addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts, cross dressers, etc. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised.


March 19th, 2014
4:48 pm

If God doesn’t punish this country for losing it’s way, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomhorra…..Billy Graham.



March 19th, 2014
5:10 pm


March 19th, 2014
5:51 pm


The help you need has nothing to do with a documentary about a funeral. Get a job and pay attention to what’s going on in this nation. Make a documentary film? You gotta’ be kidding me…

Really, Chris

March 19th, 2014
6:00 pm

Focusing your energy on his eminent death speaks volumes on your obsession with this man. Do you have a sexual desire for him? Why don’t you just go to ChickfilA and have a juicy chicken sandwich for dinner and think for a second about your immortal erotica for Fred Phelps.


March 19th, 2014
6:03 pm

Chris is Thirsty for some Fred


March 19th, 2014
6:18 pm

The ACLU won’t be able to help Fred with his next court appearance.



March 19th, 2014
6:45 pm

Just for the record, being gay isn’t about who you have sex with, otherwise, there’d be a lot of “gay” straight guys. It’s about who you love.


March 19th, 2014
7:04 pm

I was attempting to enjoy a screening of ‘Son of God’ at my local theater when behind me I heard a few atheists laughing at the movie. They had come to mock the portrayal of my faith in cinematic form, starring my favorite kind of Jesus; the white like me kind. Carefully reaching for my stone satchel, I rose, turned around, and read aloud Galations 6:7 which says, “ Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

After the initial shock of a grown man in tight fitting spandex yelling scripture at them, they began to laugh. I quietly lowered my head and stated with a somber tone, “You sowed laughing at my God in unbelief. Now reap your reward, sinners!”

Before they even knew what was happening two of them were already slain by the spirit. I quickly dispatched two more when I saw the last one trying to get to the exit and I sent a stone right at her atheist brain. She fell down in a heap as its useless worldly wisdom oozed onto the red carpet in the aisle and her soul went to burn in the fires of Hell.

I turned before leaving the movie, and said to the remaining crowd, “Jesus loves you and he can save you from people like me if you follow His word and accept Him into your heart. Don’t be like these fools who traded their lives and eternal souls for momentarily expressing disagreement with my religious convictions. Good evening, citizens.”

I quickened my pace as I exited the building, hearing sirens. Christian persecution is everywhere these days.


March 19th, 2014
7:06 pm

Don’t just beware of the white homo demons…keep an eye out, white Christian women, for those evil black homo demons that want to steal your man.


March 19th, 2014
7:10 pm

You might wonder why I talk so much about homosexuality. I admit, the majority of people I stone to death for Jesus are queerosexuals, however, this isn’t due to some unhealthy obsession with the private sexual lives of others like the heathens try to accuse us of. It is because homosexuality is one of the greatest threats to our society today, and, I assure you, has nothing to do with any insecurities I may feel about my repressed sexuality.

I want all my fellow Christians to know that I am fighting for you in the name of Jesus. After all, what godly person would be able to stomach their meal with a gay couple sitting across from them daring to eat food at a respectable establishment like they belong there with normal human beings? What parent wants to have their child exposed to a couple of lesbos holding hands while they shop for groceries? How dare these people think they even have the right to be in public with the rest of us.

I am offering my stoning services to any business that wants to enforce its right to deny service to evil gays that are trying to get into their establishment so they can rape the customers. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to worry about bending over to grab an item off the shelf at the local corner store to have my muscular behind assaulted by ravenous, sex-crazed queers.

They want us to think they are just like us, but even though they seem happy in their sin, they secretly want to rape you and your children. This concern stems from the fact that I do not differentiate between things like child rape and consensual sexual behavior between adults, and neither does God.

So, remember, homos, if I see you you better stay away from my tempting glutes, no matter how much you want to sex me up with your perversion. If you come near any Christian businesses or families, I will be there to protect them from evil psychopaths like you. We Christians are tired of you persecuting us with your mere existence, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.