Study: Atlanta pimps make $33,000 a week

pimp revenue

A federally-funded study on the sex trade says Atlanta is the sex trafficking capital of the U.S. and pimps here make more than $30,000 a week.

The study looked at eight large U.S. cities — Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, D.C — and tried to determine the size of the “underground sex economy,” which includes prostitution, sex trafficking of adults and children and child pornography.

To form their conclusions, writers examined crime data and interviewed pimps, prostitutes and law enforcement officials between 2003 and 2007. A total of 142 convicted pimps, prostitutes and child pornographers were interviewed, including 23 in Atlanta. Those who consented to interviews were given a $50 gift card.

The Urban Institute study contains many interesting details of the sex trade, including:

  • The annual amount spend on the sex trade in Atlanta was $290 million. The next closest city was Miami, $235 million.
  • The sex trade in Atlanta increased 10 percent in 5 years covered by the study (from 2003 to 2007). Miami’s sex trade fell during the same period from $320 million to $235 million.
  • In 2003, Atlanta pimps said they made $25,000 a week in gross revenue. In 2007, they said they made almost $33,000 a week. Denver pimps said they made $31,000 a week, Miami pimps $17,000.
  • Most Atlanta pimps said they controlled 4 or 5 women.
  • Most pimps charge by time, not sex act. The Atlanta average ranged from $50 to $1000 per hour, but the average seemed to be about $100. Oral sex was $75.
  • About 67 percent of prostitutes in the study said they worked out of hotels, 53 percent said they worked the streets. Only 22 percent said they worked out of homes. The numbers total greater than 100 percent because the sex workers often worked out of more than one type of location.
  • “Erotic massage parlors” in metro Atlanta are mostly located in Chamblee and Doraville and near strip clubs and truck stops.
  • Massage parlors charge about $60 for a “house fee” and women are tipped an extra $120 to $500 depending on the level of service. Much of the “tip” goes to pay off a “smuggling fee.”
  • Atlanta has a lot of “Latino brothels” where girls from Mexico work after being promised a “better life” by pimps.
  • Most brothels operate out of apartment complexes.
  • Women working in brothels are switched to another brothel every week, usually on Sunday.
  • About 80 percent of Hispanic brothel clients in Atlanta are Hispanic males.
  • Brothels charge $30 for 15 minutes, generally. Younger and more attractive women charge up to $50. Many brothels force women to do $500 a day in business. Half of what is charged usually goes to the pimp.
  • About 65 percent of pimps in the study were black, 10 percent Hispanic, 8 percent white, 8 percent “mixed”, 3 percent Asian. About 6 percent were of “unknown” race.
  • About 33 percent of “sex workers” were black, 17 percent white, 11 percent Hispanic, 8 percent multiracial, and 30 percent did not identify their race. About 78 percent were female.
  • The internet has helped pimps finds clients and recruit “employees.”
  • “Pimps observed that their employees often had histories of sexual assault.”
  • Pimps use “advanced” techniques to convince women to become prostitutes, including feigning romantic interest and violence.
  • The sex trade does not seem to be controlled by organized crime. Rather, pimps seemed to be networked “socially” and would even buy and trade workers from one another.
  • There appears to be no link between weapons trafficking and sex trafficking.
  • Child porn is a growing problem.
  • The “least technologically savvy” child porn collectors are arrested most often.
  • Atlanta’s illegal drug economy ranked second among the eight cities, with an estimated $117 million in estimated trade in 2007. Dallas, which is a lot closer to the source of many drugs, Mexico, had $191 million in drug trade.

The study defined pimps as being an individual who “controls the actions and lives off the proceeds of one or more women who work the streets.”

Most pimps (31.5 percent) said they became pimps because of “family involvement.”

One pimp in the study is quoted as saying: “My mother was a hustler. At an early age, she would pick me up and say, ‘This is my pimp here.’”

For some, it was literally a family business since childhood.

A 45-year-old African-American male explained the impact of conversations with his aunt at a young age: “At age five and six and seven, I seen it because my auntie was a ho. I’ve seen men come and go all the time, didn’t know. One night, I saw and asked. She said, ‘The clothes on your back, the apartment, this is how I pay the rent.’ I had nothing but love for my auntie, that’s what made me fall in love with a working woman. Then my sister and my momma did it. It’s been in the family. My uncle and father were pimps.”

The 339-page study is not light reading, but it is a fascinating look at a criminal, destructive enterprise.

More news if you still have the energy to keep reading:

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richard "dick" head

March 13th, 2014
11:14 am

I think i’m in the wrong business!

ATL Becoming The New Detroit?

March 13th, 2014
11:18 am

The income taxes they pay will help pay for the new stadiums. Good job Atlanta!


March 13th, 2014
11:25 am

Now if they know this, why aren’t these pimps in prison?


March 13th, 2014
11:26 am

The men and women that are giving these pimps their money are foolish! If I were a prostitute I would keep my money! That’s really dumb of them to have sex with strangers and give the money they make to someone else. Something is really wrong with the people who do this. So sad. Ignorance is bliss!

Myke Hawke

March 13th, 2014
11:27 am

I wasted my time and money on an MBA. Plus great benefits in addition to pay, working with Atlanta’s finest.


March 13th, 2014
11:30 am

With those kinds of numbers we’d be smart to legalize and tax prostitution a la Nevada. But then this is Georgia, where many of our fellow citizens still consider it a mortal sin to buy beer in the super market on Sunday.


March 13th, 2014
11:36 am

It’s not a glamorous life style and most pimps get pimped by drug dealers and the underground gambling houses.

The Geezer

March 13th, 2014
11:38 am

Atlanta is ranked first in the sex trade and second in illegal drug trade, but hey, we got a brand new trolley that runs from nowhere to nowhere that nobody rides. We got a ferris wheel too. And the Braves are leaving for Cobb County.

Good job, Atlanta city government. You are everything that I have come to expect from you.


March 13th, 2014
11:44 am

I’m in the wrong business!

Come Buy A Toyota Today!

March 13th, 2014
11:48 am

Due to these studies, sounds like there may be a large number of gentleman coming up to the Chamblee/Doraville area this weekend. Might as well stop by the corner of Buford Hwy and Clairmont and check out some great deals on some Toyotas. If you want to meet your lady in style, check out this 2013 Corolla. Fully loaded leather interior sunroof with a brand new metallic royal blue paint job all for the low price of $12,988! Or if you want to flex your muscle but need some extra room, this 2008 Tundra quad cab should help. Black on black 4WD duel exhaust under 30k miles for $7,293! With prices like these you will have more than enough money left to pay for that extra hour, maybe two. Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it is necessery and so is getting these cars off my lot! So come on down to Hogan’s Toyota today because here, everyone leaves a winner!

[...] study is not light reading, but it is a fascinating look at a criminal, destructive enterprise. Study: Atlanta pimps make $33,000 a week News To Me with George Mathis Contact me at AskTheBookie G+ page Reply With Quote [...]


March 13th, 2014
11:52 am

Gee… another lucrative industry that goes untaxed because it’s “illegal”.


March 13th, 2014
11:52 am


Mick Dee

March 13th, 2014
11:55 am


This smacks of more self-enrichment by the researchers. Using a “proxy” to do their estimates? That’s just like what Kaffie McCullough’s buddies at the Shapiro Group did for the Atlanta child sex workers study. Remember that one? They calculated how many minor prostitutes by looking at pictures on the back page of Creative Loafing! (As if the pictures were really of the prostitutes being offered.) The Shapiro Group basically took state funds to make up fictional numbers.

How much did the federally funded study cost?

They were looking at data between 2003 and 2007. How long did the study take to produce its findings?

Gee what a surprise that recommendations would be for bigger budgets to fight this problem.


March 13th, 2014
11:55 am

Pimpology: a pimp’s profession,
Can’t be affected by the Great Depression


March 13th, 2014
11:59 am

Use a little common sense…it doesn’t take much effort to know those numbers are bogus as he’ll for an average…and almost certainly as a single case as well. It’s pretty evident this study didn’t “audit” the numbers they were given…looks like there might have been a little exaggeration about the “life” some of these folks claim to be living.

Brown Suga

March 13th, 2014
12:01 pm


1. Make the trade legal (less the kids – that’s sick).
2. Tax it – to take the profit out of it.

Then let’s see how it goes from there.

Hell – it’s work a try –obviously what the cops are doing here in the ATL is not working – some of them maybe in on it.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”


March 13th, 2014
12:02 pm

GetReal and Mick Dee, I agree that this is completely bogus. Here’s a related article.


March 13th, 2014
12:08 pm

So it’s not that “hard out there for a pimp.” That’s what she said.


March 13th, 2014
12:16 pm

This is an irresponsible article to print. You might as well say “Forget school, be a PIMP!”, or that it’s alright, because some view it as a family affair.

Also, these “PIMPS” are not paying taxes, and are probably taking every advantage with government funds that they can. Just another reason why we need the FairTax. Everyone, from drug dealers, pimps and illegal aliens will pay their fair share, and the middle class will stop getting rape of their hard earned income.

This is a sickening story.


March 13th, 2014
12:33 pm

These highly-paid sex-workers, pimps, johns, et al. spilled their guts for measely $50 dollar gift certificates? Why waste considerably valuable work-time answering intrusive questions about their “business” on questionaire?

[...] you’re interested in learning more about the sex trade in all of the cities they studied, click here for the AJC article (which also includes a link to the 339 page [...]

Hidden Agenda

March 13th, 2014
12:40 pm

Yes, but the state’s biggest prostitutes work under the Gold Dome and are called “elected officials.”


March 13th, 2014
12:51 pm

I would request that DC be taken out of the list, seeing that politicians are paying high class madams for access to high class “escorts”.


March 13th, 2014
12:56 pm

The reason nothing is being done is MEN do not have an issue with it and some “clients” are leaders in churches, schools, and everything else people regard as wholesome. Men love BJ’s so either get with the program or dont complain someone else provides services you dont.


March 13th, 2014
12:58 pm

Is that true Bernie? You pocket that much per week tax free? Damn…Uh Huh.


March 13th, 2014
1:12 pm

George…George…George.. You and Your Corporate Managers and Bosses are really having Fun with this one..aren’t YOU? LOL!

I can hear the fits of Laughter all over Atlanta. SADLY, IT IS not a VERY HUMOUROUS Story at ALL. When one seriously considers the Physical ABUSE by the Pimps and JOHNS, not to mention the exposure to AIDS and GOD only knows what other STD’s ALL of these Young WOMEN and Women of ALL Ages who are Trapped into this VILE Under ground Network Human Sex Trafficking.

I say to YOU and all those here who think this is FUNNY and something to Laugh at. Go home and take a LONG LQQK at YOUR Wives,Girlfriends,Sisters,Daughters, Nieces, Aunts and GRANDMOTHERS and see if you can envision any one of them being VICTIMIZED by these USELESS “PIECES OF MEAT WITH EYES” so-called PIMPS!

If I were to say I am surprised at your CHOICE of Discussion….I would be LYING. Surely there will be more Ignorance to come…That I know I can count on.



March 13th, 2014
1:17 pm

Yep, chicks strip at strip clubs because they are forced……Most pros are former strippers who VOLUNTARILY signed up for it. Most of these women are just party girls who decide to get paid for it. Don’t be fooled, yes there are some women forced into it, but for most it’s how they survive.


March 13th, 2014
1:20 pm

PS …Those who are saying their income of $33,000 a week surely are LYING to you as Well..for all know PIMPS are notorious LIARS. I can assure YOU ALL a sizable portion of that income claimed is coming from the SALE of ILLEGAL DRUGS. Most Likely “HEROIN” the New DRUG of Choice that is KILLING YOUNG White Surburban KIDS more and more every day ALL across America.

Maybe one of the many children of those who find the subject FUNNY will be faced with a KID not moving in their Home real soon…and guess who you will have to thank for that Little Life time Gift of Pain and MISERY?

The friendly neighborhood PIMP, George and his Bosses find so Funny.


March 13th, 2014
1:22 pm

Bernie31 – I say to YOU and all those here who think this is FUNNY and something to Laugh at. Go home and take a LONG LQQK at YOUR Wives,Girlfriends,Sisters,Daughters, Nieces, Aunts and GRANDMOTHERS and see if you can envision any one of them being VICTIMIZED by these USELESS “PIECES OF MEAT WITH EYES” so-called PIMPS!

Ha, who goes around blogging and bashing white women??? That’s right, bernie31 goes out of his way to make rude comments about other blogger’s wifes & daughters as if he is some sort of stud.


March 13th, 2014
1:23 pm

joe – 12:58 pm – I told your Daughter,Wife, MOM and Grandmother to keep their TRAPS SHUT!
The Bruises you see Next TIME, will be because they ALL TRIPPED and FELL down that Flight of Stairs TOGETHER….


March 13th, 2014
1:25 pm

bulls_3y3 – 1:22 pm – So says The Gay One from Midtown, who Loves Packing Meat in Back Door Alley’s.


Come Buy A Toyota Today!

March 13th, 2014
1:25 pm

Just sold to the first John of the day! ‘06 Avelon low milage just left the lot for $5,295 saving him enough money to get “6 hours with my lady!” Maybe pimpin’ IS easy. Keep ‘em coming guys there’s plenty left here at Hogan’s Toyota at the corner of Bufford Hwy and Clairmont!


March 13th, 2014
1:26 pm

oh look bernuie31 is typing one handed while day dreaming about guys


March 13th, 2014
1:31 pm

bulls_3y3 – 1:26 pm : I Guess you forgot and overlooked your USER NAME…BROWN EYE.. BULLS eye. We got a 10-4 good buddy on that one…LOL! ROFL! Fudge Cicles are your Favorte! Now go and wipe yer Mouth…you are NASTY!


March 13th, 2014
1:36 pm

Any more questions regarding the Republicans intense desire to block Medicaid Expansion and increased minimum wage? Where would all these prostitutes come from if they had a living wage and adequate healthcare. Think these pimps provide that? Go down to Grady and meet a few young women forcibly addicted to cocaine and heroin over in Alabama and then worked on the streets of Atlanta. Remember 80 percent are HIV or Hep C positive and happy to provide you with a dose.


March 13th, 2014
1:45 pm

Prostitution should be legal.

No, that doesn’t mean that 15 year olds should be prostitutes, nor does it mean a lot of the other things people will attack me with.

But if I’m a woman (I’m not), and I don’t have any skills that could make me more money, who are you to tell me I can’t make a voluntary trade with a willing partner, and be able to make more money?

Just like with pot, legalize it, bring it in to the open, and watch related crimes slowly disappear.

Cobb County Freak

March 13th, 2014
2:08 pm

The oldest profession is at it all time high. Yet , it’s illegal .. Just like smoking weed. I still don’t understand why it’s illegal..

I could pay u to kick my butt.. And call it a MMA match but can’t get a happy ending..

Society is screwed up


March 13th, 2014
2:09 pm

Plus, they probably receive Food Stamp benefits and an “Earned Income Tax Credit.”


March 13th, 2014
2:22 pm

Do these readers realize when they say Atlanta, they are talking about Atlanta Metro. Yes, Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County and all the counties that make up Atlanta.


March 13th, 2014
2:25 pm

Whats the difference between prostitution and pornography? They both seem very similar. Money exchanged for sexual services. Yet one is illegal and one isn’t. Lets wake up. Worlds oldest profession isn’t going anywhere. Lets find a reasonable and responsible way to handle this rather trying to wish it away.


March 13th, 2014
2:33 pm

pimps here make more than $30,000 a week………can’t prove it! only slutty heifers selling and broke men paying! criminal lawyers may make “30,000″ robbing victims but the common crook can’t make 30,000 illegally doing anything! I’ve lived all over atlantas, and I’ve never seen a pimp make more than 50 dollars a night! girl are easy in vine city and 10 dollars is top price!

Justin Case

March 13th, 2014
2:56 pm

I”m definitely in the wrong line of work!

Goodsmack 01

March 13th, 2014
3:01 pm

It’s absolutely amazing that five women work to support one man. If that ain’t ignorance, I don’t know what is. I know there are a number of uneducated and flawed thinking women in the world, but who knew there were so many of them that they would knowingly support one man knowing he is also being supported by three or four other women. It seems that they would all band together against him and return to a normal life. It would probably be better to be dead than to live like they are “living.”


March 13th, 2014
3:06 pm

Whew, I’m glad my tax dollars were hijacked and funneled to the Urban Institute for this critically necessary study!


March 13th, 2014
3:16 pm

RealityChek @ 2:09 pm – I don’t think you mean what you have commented here. Hmmm ….let us LQQK at the FACTS.. If what YOU say is so that would mean there are at LEAST (20) Twenty Million Blue,Green,Brown,Hazel Eyed Becky’s All over America with DEM (2) Kids who JUST LIKE YOURS and Your Neighbors Kids who are on Food stamps and about another 150 Million who are married who get the earned income credit….are you saying what I think you are implying with Your FOX NEWS driven comment on the Hatred of everything American?

Goodsmack 01

March 13th, 2014
3:24 pm

CobbCounty Freak, the name says it all! Yes, associated crimes would dwindle away because they wouldn’t be crimes anymore, IDIOT!!!!

Pimps would become agents, therefore solicitation would be simply selling the product. Facilitating could then charge a fee for its service. Motels could also charge additional fees for business transactions that take place on their property and be charged directly to the client.

But that’s simply legislating illegal and immoral activity. Unfortunately, the time will come when the legalization of prostitutionis next thing on the agenda, right after SSM has had its turn.

Class of '98

March 13th, 2014
3:37 pm

They “interviewed pimps” to find out how much money they make.

If you believe a pimp when he tells you how much money he makes, you will believe absolutely, positively anything.

George Johnson

March 13th, 2014
3:47 pm

Nothing but modern day slavery. Emotional bondage and slavery, forced work.
This is one reason I don’t buy the argument from blacks that slavery was just so horrible! They’re the kings and queens of modern day slavery today, so they’re hypocrites, using that same tired old argument to keep the white man in his place, white guilt.