‘Mummified’ woman voted in 2010

Police said in the 6 years since the woman's death, it was never broken into. (MCT photo)

Police said in the 6 years since the woman's death, the home was never broken into. (MCT photo)

If dead people keep voting, our next president may be a zombie.

A few days ago, it was reported the ‘mummified’ body of a Michigan woman who died in 2008 had just been discovered in her home.

Now we learn the woman voted in the 2010 governor’s race.

The Detroit Free Press reports Pia Farrenkopf, 49 at the time of her death in 2006,  registered to vote in 2006 and did not vote until November of 2010.

Voting officials say the dead woman’s vote may have been due to a clerical error.

As messed up as Fulton County elections have been, that excuse makes perfect sense.

The voting dead are more common that the walking dead.

Since 2000, Newsday reports 270 people in New York’s Nassau County voted after dying. For being dead, some are quite politically active — one man voted 14 times after his death.

New York officials say the votes are dispersed so evenly among 20 elections that there’s no evidence of fraud.

I don’t think there’s any fraud either. If you are going to steal an election you would do it with hackers, not gravediggers.

The problem is that voter rolls are not frequently or accurately updated and no one in charge seems to thin there’s enough benefit to improving a sloppy system that works just well enough.

It’s a good thing the government doesn’t design cars. Can you imagine how dangerous a car designed by a government-controlled company would be?

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March 12th, 2014
9:41 am

CLERICAL ERROR??? What a load!



March 12th, 2014
9:47 am

A clerical error, that’s all it was, nothing but a clerical error. “Yeah! That’s the ticket!”

The Geezer

March 12th, 2014
9:50 am

I wonder if she had to show some ID at the polls.


March 12th, 2014
9:54 am

Surely, The lady was a TEA Party Member…All of them are about DEAD anyway. Many are wondering why the LOT of them just cannot go ahead and Transition ON to the PIT. Where it is Nice and Warm and take ALL of their HATRED with them to the Silence of Their Dark and Lonely Graves….Forever!


March 12th, 2014
9:56 am

Yeah, somehow “random clerical errors” end up voting democrat 100% of the time….

But nothing to see here…move along, move along – sputter sputter. We don’t need any controls over our voting system at all!! (what a joke).


March 12th, 2014
9:59 am

“Clerical error” my arse; it’s voter fraud. Call it like it is


March 12th, 2014
10:00 am

You do realize that at the time the recalled GM vehicles in the link you provided were designed and manufactured, GM was a private company, right?


March 12th, 2014
10:08 am

Well, if an entire voting district in Philadelphia can vote for Obozo without one single vote for any other candidate, then surely mummies can vote as well. Voter fraud? Nah, nothing to see here, LOL…


March 12th, 2014
10:10 am

Voting after death isn’t unique. Many Democrat voters share this same ability.


March 12th, 2014
10:13 am

Voter Fraud is easiest when you do absentee or mail in ballots. Even in states where there is Voter ID like GA you do not need an ID to vote absentee. In person Voter Fraud is very rare, so laws like voter id do little to stop it.

Another comment

March 12th, 2014
10:18 am

It took me over two years to convince the past owner of my house had died in Feb. 2010. They kept sending me new voter ID cards every time they zig zagged the district trying to make it more republican in this Red State. My guess is she was a republican. As her AJC obit played up she was a southerner. a daughter of the civil war.

It was hard to get her taken off. I could have easily requested an absentee ballot and voted for her. My children believe she or her ghost still lives in our house. She did die at 90 in it after living half her life.

Don't Tread

March 12th, 2014
10:58 am

I’ll bet the dead woman voted Democrat. (Wish I could get these odds in Vegas.)


March 12th, 2014
11:11 am

A dead woman voted in Detroit, who do they think they are, Chicago?

Hidden Agenda

March 12th, 2014
11:11 am

The key to every good magic trick is diversion. Keep the audience watching one thing while you do another. That is how politics in this country works, and the sucker citizens fall for it every time.

Both republicans and democrats talk about the issue of voter fraud. The democrats have a long history of fraud in elections (Kennedy being the most famous supposed beneficiary). The GOP no doubt has engaged in it too, but now takes the side in favor of national IDs as a solution (as if the phrase “let me see your papers” doesn’t conjure up images they would rather not be associated with). All along, this is just about diversion. Thanks to the Bush/Gore election fiasco, republican secretaries of state nationwide foisted unproven, unauditable voting machines on a gullible public and likely paid-off legislatures. The result? A GOP win for the first time in Georgia for governor, magical election results in Ohio for Bush the second time around and other highly questionable outcomes nationwide. But all along “voting dead people” was brought out as the concern.

Don’t get me wrong, both parties are as corrupt as the day is long, have no respect for the citizens or the Constitution, but the American people are even worse in their gullible belief that either one of them is acting in their best interest.

Its time we all stopped worrying about dead people and started worrying about electronic voting machine fraud and the disgusting amount of power we have allowed our supposedly “limited” government to have over our lives, our pocketbooks, and our freedoms.


March 12th, 2014
11:16 am

Well, at least that explains why she was in the backseat and the car was off with the keys in the ignition. A neighbor, who just happens to be a Democrat, of course, drove her to the polls. Walked her in(like Weekend at Bernies, remember?) helped her vote(as a disabled person) drove her back home, and left her there. Simple !


March 12th, 2014
11:39 am

Wait people. Has anyone checked to determine if these were “mailed in votes”. That’s right. There is great potential for voter fraud from mail-in voting. You don’t have to even provide any evidence that you are who you say you are. Simply sign the ballot claiming that you are. The ballot doesn’t have to be notorized or anything. And generally Republicans use this method of voting.


March 12th, 2014
11:49 am

Can’t be, there is only voter intimidation, not voter fraud.


March 12th, 2014
12:01 pm

Bernie, you go first, we’ll follow you, I promise…


March 12th, 2014
12:14 pm

The current occupant @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is all the proof you need that the dead do in fact vote…the BRAIN dead that is.

kool aid party member

March 12th, 2014
12:16 pm

i voted for Obama twice in 2008, once in 2010, and two more times in 2012. this lively lady lives in Pure Blue Michigan, so i am sure she voted Democrat all the way all and as many times as possible since 2008. Go Blue!

@ Carole

March 12th, 2014
12:26 pm

What, no link to back up your claim?


March 12th, 2014
12:41 pm

This is why there is a need to show ID to vote. Having to show ID has nothing to do with what race you are.


March 12th, 2014
1:15 pm

That car designed by the government-controlled company would be alot LESS dangerous than a National Health Care system designed by the government!!


March 12th, 2014
1:26 pm

Billy @ 12:01 pm – No Thank-You Billy….Age Before Beauty any way. You have Lived your sad and Pathetic Life full of Hatred of other Americans Long enough. Time to Face to the Music and have your come to Jesus moment too! However many of YOU will be stopped By Saint Peter at The Gates and Your Book Of Life. Insided of it will be Listed of ALL of your Hateful and Racist Transgressions. Saint Peter will surely say Why Billy I see you had such a disdain of many of God’s creations and his Children too…Then a Door will open beneath yer Feet and like that its OVER!


March 12th, 2014
1:35 pm

270 fraudulent votes in 14 years, my my, that is quite a big problem. I wish we could cut crime, car accidents, and just about all other public problems down to this level. Be real folks, this shows that there is no significant problem and our public resources are better spent elsewhere.

Learn to Read LDH20

March 12th, 2014
1:49 pm

That is only the KNOWN voter fraud for 1 County in 1 State throughout this entire COUNTRY. Learn to read before spewing stupidity. You also my want to check on your parents to make sure they are okay. Oh never mind, thats right you still live with mommy and daddy!

Hidden Agenda

March 12th, 2014
1:51 pm

BillyMignon – Obamacare was designed by the Insurance Industry and bigPharma. There are bailout provisions in the law to cover all of their losses so they will continue to roll in the dough regardless of how crappy the whole thing turns out to be. Government designed this exactly they way they always do – to benefit their big business friends. We have a fascist economy, certainly NOT capitalism.

Mama says

March 12th, 2014
2:03 pm

You know the only thing wrong with the way voting was done in the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s was that blacks were discouraged by the poll tax.

The answer to the problem wasn’t all this free voting we now have. Go to the ballot box and show your ID. It’s simple. It that is to hard then you don’t vote— it’s that simple

Mama says

March 12th, 2014
2:09 pm

The power of the ballot was destroyed by well meaning liberals who realized there was a political advantage to removing ALL voting requirements rather than simply fixing the impairments put in place in the south that prevented blacks from voting.

This is nothing more than a political issue now.

In a country that considers it a huge turnout when 20% vote maybe we should worry about why 80% has lost interest.

We all know it’s just about politics and power which equals money

Mama says

March 12th, 2014
2:10 pm

Apparently the AJC blog clock didn’t jump forward this past Saturday, it’s an hour behind


March 12th, 2014
3:01 pm

Fill in the blank for commenters:

She was smarter (while dead) than ___% of other Democrat voters in 2010?

Jim C

March 12th, 2014
3:07 pm

ZEKE, wash your keyboard out with soap! There is no voter fraud in the US and the Atty General says so. That’s why we don’t need any silly old voter ID law.

Hidden Agenda

March 12th, 2014
3:08 pm

And another point on voting, who really cares about the vote when the two major parties (and those who pull their strings) have pre-selected the two pathetic choices on the ballot? I mean can anyone really say that we have REAL choice in this country? We don’t get to choose between freedom and tyranny. We get to choose between tyranny light and tyranny slightly lighter. Those who support a restoration of sound money, small government, elimination of the income tax, a sound foreign policy, etc. are marginalized by the media, excluded from the debates by blatant conspiracy, or kept off the ballot through restrictive ballot access laws that are worse than those found in former Soviet republics.

Again, they have you talking about the wrong issues and you are all falling for it perfectly.

Frederick Douglass

March 12th, 2014
3:41 pm

“You know the only thing wrong with the way voting was done in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s was that blacks were discouraged by the poll tax”.

You failed to mention that in most cases they only had Satan and his minions to cast those votes for, especially here in the south.

Hillary's Food Taster

March 12th, 2014
3:50 pm

If mummies can vote, why was Boris Karloff never elected? What happened was simple. After the polls close voters who didn’t show up have votes assigned for them by the advocates of democracy. As George Carlin said: Don’t vote. It only encourages them.


March 12th, 2014
4:01 pm

What bs. And they try and spin it like its even. Show Proof. Guaranteed 80% of voter fraud is done to benefit Democrats. Remember that philly precinct that had 100% votes for Obama. Hahaha what bs. Even dumb democrats who can’t read would accidentally vote for mitt


March 12th, 2014
4:01 pm

Sounds like a Typical Republican Voter…Brain DEAD, but still moving around.

The Real Bernie 29 and a half

March 12th, 2014
4:24 pm

Look a squirrel!!!!!!

Hedley Lamar's Pal

March 12th, 2014
4:26 pm

I guess the comment’s section didn’t spring forward.

Frederick Douglass

March 12th, 2014
4:27 pm

In about 15 years the “Typical Republican Voter” won’t only be Brain DEAD, he’ll be teetering on the brink of extinction as well.

George Mathis

March 12th, 2014
5:07 pm

OK, I will fix the clock now.

Jim C

March 13th, 2014
6:11 am

If this case was unique we could pass it off as a “clerical error.” But it’s not, the dead do vote in many places – far too many to be excused as a clerical error. But somehow these cases never get cited in discussions of voter ID laws. All we ever hear is the refrain, “Voter ID laws are not needed because there is no voter fraud.”


March 13th, 2014
8:03 am

If Bernie is not there, it will seem like Heaven.