Chevron offers free pizza after fracking explosion

It’s been a busy news cycle for lovers of pizza news.

In Pennsylvania, Chevron is offering a free large pizza and a 2-liter drink to residents of Bobtown after a fracking well exploded Feb. 11 and injured one worker and presumably killed another, who is still missing.

The cause of the explosion is unknown.

Chevron sent 100 pizza coupons to residents of the unincorporated community, apologizing for the blast and saying it “will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations. We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment.”

Opinions on fracking, which seems to create permanent environmental hazards but also creates jobs and fuel, are mixed. But I think most would agree a free pizza is not very good “community outreach” by Chevron.

CNN reports on some complaints.

“Worst apology ever: Sorry our fracking well exploded. Here’s a free pizza,” was one tweet.

“Nice community relations: if you are frightened by fire and explosion, relax, have a pizza!” said another.

Another resident of the area planned to get his family out of Bobtown.

“We’re moving as soon as we can. That’s not their only well near our house. It’s just not safe,” he said to CNN.

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February 19th, 2014
11:00 am

I dunno, if the deal included free 30 minute delivery, extra cheese and at least three toppings I might be willing to forgive and forget.

just me

February 19th, 2014
11:33 am

Seems like pizza and soda wouldn’t help me run any faster from the next explosion.

A. Teesman

February 19th, 2014
11:37 am

Well, as long as the coupon doesn’t have a microscopic waiver of right to sue on the back of it.


February 19th, 2014
12:10 pm

Yeah, complain about something the company didn’t have to do….after all, it’s the American (whiners anonymous) way!!!!


February 19th, 2014
12:20 pm

People don’t realize that fracking is going to damage their water supplies if they depend on wells. The fracturing of the rock allows the gas, and the chemicals, to leak into the water table. I have seen video of people who were able to light the water coming out of their kitchen faucets on fire.


February 19th, 2014
12:36 pm

DC…there are absolutely no words to describe how stupid your post is…

Jack ®

February 19th, 2014
12:39 pm

If you like your fracking pizza, you can keep your fracking pizza.


February 19th, 2014
1:11 pm

PR – Not true… fracking has been going on for much longer than most people care to admit with no issues. So now that people know about it – it is all of a sudden causing an array of harmful side effects. Just because some liberal out there published a video doesn’t mean its true! If you were lighting water on fire that was coming out of the faucet you have bigger issues – since that water has gone to a treatment plant. Fracking happens way below the water table- there is always casing in the wells that protects the water tables….Read and make informed comments before opening your mouth!

Road Scholar

February 19th, 2014
1:24 pm

“…since that water has gone to a treatment plant.”

Not if you live in the country! You use a well to get water from the water table. As for fracking taking place BELOW the water table as stated, do you know that gases rise due to their specific gravity when compared to liquid oil??? If the gases rise, then why wouldn’t they meet up with the water table?

Actually the biggest threat is at the pipeline. Whatever happened in the past two pipeline breaks , one coming from Canada?


February 19th, 2014
1:51 pm

Wow…I am disappointed at all the jokes. This is a serious matter. I’m sure if this happened to you or your family you wouldn’t find it funny at all. Chevron is stupid and if you think big corporations care about you…get ready to be screwed.


February 19th, 2014
1:53 pm

@dc…are you kidding??? Please say yes…please. Giving someone a @#$% pizza and a 2-liter soda is a @#$% insult. For the rest of the year…don’t say another word.


February 19th, 2014
2:25 pm

Thick or thin crust pizza?


February 19th, 2014
2:36 pm

@AD…right, because you are after the self proclaimed final authority on what is stupid…you after all should know.

No one in the town was remotely hurt by the explosion. It was a good will gesture by the company, one that I’m sure they will NEVER repeat, given the whining by the Whiners Anonymous bloggers here and elsewhere.

Man, I sure hope most folks ignore these asinine posts and comments. If they listened to folks like you, no one would ever try to do anything that was unnecessary but nice.


February 19th, 2014
2:39 pm

Howzabout a free tank of gas?


February 19th, 2014
2:42 pm

@Denise…so if you are driving through a neighborhood with a tank of gas for your lawn mower, and get in a wreck and it explodes, I guess you are going to give money to all the residents, because you scared them??? yeah, right…..and if not, your comment is seriously hypocritical

Seriously…when did Americans decide that, because someone has an accident, everyone remotely near it deserves a hand out. What a disaster our country has become.

Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
2:49 pm

Well at least Chevron used a local pizza shop. Nothing Chevron could do would make anyone happy, but a Pizza can’t HURT can it?

I just wonder who thought the idea up. I wonder if Bobtown Pizza is anyway affiliated with either the dead worker or the injured one and this is a small way to pay them back along with the major lawsuit that will surely be next.

Of course I’m cynical and I’m betting they picked “Bobtown Pizza” because they were the cheapest. They don’t even have a website. Nor have they been reviewed on yelp yet…………

Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
2:51 pm

Denise: Would you rather a Chevron Rep instead of going door to door handing out pizza coupons went door to door and urinated on the foot of every homeowner?

Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
3:14 pm

I love to frack when I watch Fox News. I am fracking asshat.