Georgia’s newest cities among the ’safest’

We don't have many pictures of Auburn that does not involve football, but this is one of them. (AJC file photo)

We don't have many pictures of Auburn that do not involve football, but this is one of them. (AJC file photo)

Residents of Georgia’s newest cities are among its safest, according to a new study.

Security analysts SafeWise looked at FBI crime data from Georgia towns with more than 5,000 residents to create a list of “Georgia’s 50 Safest Cities.”

Two of the top three cities didn’t exist a few years go, and overall the list seems to be biased towards north Atlanta suburbs.

SafeWise said it favored cities with “unique safety initiatives and security programs implemented within the past few years,” and maybe only wealthier communities can afford such things.

Let’s give the list a gander:

1) Auburn: No, this isn’t an SEC season preview. The tiny town of Auburn is located in Barrow and Gwinnett counties and didn’t report “a single murder, arson, rape, or robbery” in 2012. Less than 80 total crimes were committed and one of them was probably an “out of control quilting bee.” My theory is that Barney Fife is asleep at the county jail and not bothering to write up anything. That would just create more work.

2) Johns Creek, which seems to have had its apostrophe stolen, wasn’t a city 10 years ago. Now the north Fulton city of 80,000 is among the richest in the U.S. I suspect some of the folks up thataways are buying burglar alarms, and that may have helped in the rankings. The city did not report a murder or arson in 2012 and if one happened it was probably Atlanta’s fault, they likely said.

3) Milton, like Johns Creek, incorporated in 2006 and a lot of criminals haven’t had time to fill out change of address forms. Milton, as most of you know by reading this fine newspaper, used to be the name of a Georgia county that was Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V’d atop Fulton County in 1932. Residents up there have been buying guns and locks ever since and it has really paid off in this list.

5) Peachtree City: Have you ever tried to rob a liquor store in a golf cart? No? Well, it seems a lot of career criminals don’t want to either.

10) Kennesaw residents have lots of guns. There used to be a law there that said every homeowner had to own one, but now no one can afford ammunition and everyone blames the president.

11) Canton, up in Cherokee County, is quite the commute during rush hour. There are easier cities to get to and rob.

13) Roswell, which used to be in Cobb County but seceded when Milton County was added to Fulton County, has regretted that decision for a very long time.

14) Acworth, which is like Kennesaw’s country cousin, probably has plenty of guns too.

15) Alpharetta, another city north of Atlanta, benefits from a lot of “citizen involvement,” says SafeWise. I’m assuming that means they couldn’t think of anything else to write.

17) Duluth, home of former Braves catcher Brian McCann, doesn’t like stealing. I am running out of jokes.

27) Cops are keeping things cooler in Pooler, so is it now better than Metter? Residents of the small towns near Savannah are probably arguing over whether the FBI should track death by carbon dioxide poisoning in fast food restaurant bathrooms.

33) Sandy Springs, the north Fulton city that kicked off the new city craze, didn’t fare as well as Milton and Johns Creek. Why? Probably because it has more strip clubs.

36) McDonough: Finally, a south metro town makes an appearance on the list. The Henry County city “encourages economic development while preserving both the marketplace status quo and historical traditions and landmarks” wrote someone in marketing.

38) Decatur: I live near here and I hear police sirens and the famed black helicopter all the time.

39) Doraville: I think my office is near there. I may have to Google it.

49) Blakely: You are forgiven if you have never heard of this small west Georgia town known for its fried chicken. I had never heard of it either until my college girlfriend asked me to drive her to Climax and we ended up there. This was before GPS, clearly.

I have been to almost every city on the list, and I find it strange (the list and the state).

Some cities that seem as safe as Norman Rockwell paintings (Tifton, for example) are nowhere to be seen.

Smaller cities tucked far away from Interstates (Bainbridge?) would seemingly have less inflow of a criminal element but seem to fare worse than cities alongside busy roadways, which we know are used to ship drugs to bigger cities.

You can read the complete “Safest Cities in Georgia” list here. Tell me what you think.

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Road Scholar

February 18th, 2014
4:31 pm

Where’s Brookhaven?

Road Scholar

February 18th, 2014
4:33 pm

Where’s Chamblee?

Kamchak ~ Thug From The Steppes

February 18th, 2014
6:05 pm

Where’s Brookhaven?

Peachtree @ Osborne

Where’s Chamblee?

I-285 @ N Peactree, the home of The Mad Italian

Jack ®

February 18th, 2014
7:48 pm

Adairsville ain’t bad.


February 19th, 2014
6:26 am

Most are heavily-GOP areas. The schools in these areas are among the best in the state also. Suck it libs!


February 19th, 2014
7:35 am

Is Dunwoody too close to ITP to be included? Maybe it was the Sneiderman murder.

Road Scholar

February 19th, 2014
7:47 am

Kamchak: You are soooooo funny. The report said they compared cities with over 5000 residences. Brookhaven has over 40,000! Same for Chamblee. What are their numbers? Same for Dunwoody.


February 19th, 2014
8:13 am

al cities will be safe if it wasn’t for all the gorrillas, apes, monkeys and welfare leeches, moochers, and broodmares who spend more time on their backs/knees making children they can’t afford) than caring for the ones they already have


February 19th, 2014
8:24 am

These are all examples of GOP strongholds that don’t want anyone else telling them how to raise their kids. I don’t care how much schooling they get, they’re still a bunch of unpatriotic anti-United States retards. Get with the program, support the Federal government or go live in France.

at noteevensurprised

February 19th, 2014
8:29 am

@notevensurprised, do some research if you can even read, most living below the poverty line in GA are in majority white republican areas.


February 19th, 2014
8:34 am

Still in shock about Dunwoody being left off the exclusive list. Did the “Straight Outta Dunwoody” rap video have an impact on crime? Maybe it was the black teenager sporting a Confederate flag tee shirt at Perimeter Mall last weekend.


February 19th, 2014
8:54 am

It’s idiots like Yapple that are ruining this country. When the federal gov’t ignores the will of the people, you find yourself on the road to a dictatorship…which is what currently occupies the white house…a dictator. The only thing saving us is the GOP controlled House, which limits what our dictator can do. We’ll support the federal government again when we have a president who values freedom and capitalism. Until then, feel free to move to any socialist country you like Yapple, because we will not become one. Idiot.


February 19th, 2014
9:09 am

Safe? lol…All of these cities you have mentioned have higher use and abuse of Meth and Heroin overdoses of its Youngest citizens. They are quietly dying in larger numbers evey year in many the families of these respective communities. Being Safe is a relative word with relative meanings.

Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
9:49 am

which is what currently occupies the white house…a dictator. The only thing saving us is the GOP controlled House, which limits what our dictator can do.

Once again we get our proof that not only is there no cure for stupid but that no one is researching one. Methinks this asshat ought to move to North Korea and see what a REAL dictator is, and not just spew the drug addict Rush’s stupidity.

Just damn, I don’t why I ever thought the talk radio FOXBOTS had reached the bottom of the stupid well. Seems like every time I think they have, they break out a shovel and dig deeper.

Thank God I just wake up every morning fat because I can lose weight. Poor joe wakes up stupid and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it……..

Road Scholar

February 19th, 2014
10:11 am

Well I guess not even and joe will never be admitted to Mensa….if they even know what that is! And the cons state that they are not racists…so obviously stupid!

SExy Daddy

February 19th, 2014
10:21 am

Crime isn’t high in Sandy Springs because of the strip clubs! It would be higher if there were no strip clubs!

@ Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
10:59 am

Your CONSTANT references to Fox, Rush, etal just PROVES that you are one of the MANY liberal listeners / watchers. If you hate them so much – STOP WATCHING! You are making THEM RICH. Even Obama is OBSESSED with Rush Limbaugh.


February 19th, 2014
11:02 am

LQQK HERE: These are safe cities because I don’t live there.

Oh, and that black teen wearing the rebel flag tea shirt is my son!


Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
2:38 pm

Your CONSTANT references to Fox, Rush, etal just PROVES that you are one of the MANY liberal listeners / watchers.

Actually sport, no it doesn’t. but YOUR statement proves you have a zero lack of knowledge of the principals of logic. Thanks for backing up my statement that there still isn’t a cure or effort for one for stupid. Hell, you even lack the balls to use a name. That makes you gutless AND stupid.

Again, I’m glad I’m just fat. There is a cure for that. You just have to suffer through life as a cowardly idiot.

Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
2:40 pm

LOL I didn’t finish the cowardly idiots staement before I replied. The moron even used FAUX News, proving he/she is a talk radio FOXBOT in their failed argument.

Just damn, the stupid well just got deeper thanks the the asshat behind the @ symbol…….

Fat Fred Foxbot

February 19th, 2014
3:05 pm

I am a liberal and I am obsessed with FAUX News. My real name is Fat Fred Foxbot and I am an asshat.

No surprise that I don’t live any any of the cities mentioned


Fred ™

February 19th, 2014
3:17 pm

And the coward speaks again. But no, I don’t live in those towns although I built most of them coward. I live in Oak Grove. Do you EVER say anything original? You quote me, you quote Fox, you quote Rush, but YOU never have an original thought. What a sad pathetic existence you must have.

Oh and you FOXBOT liar? I’m not a liberal, I’m an independent. Just because someone doesn’t suck Rush’s root like you do and parrot his every drug addled thought like you do doesn’t mean they are a “liberal.”

I would pity you, but you are beneath contempt.

John Doe

February 19th, 2014
3:39 pm

After reading these comments I am so glad I moved my family away from Oak Grove. Seems there is a nut job living there named Fred. He is so obsessed with hating conservatives that he has forgotten his last name. Bless his heart.


February 19th, 2014
7:20 pm

Bernie31 @ 11:02 am – I am honored you want to be me but you cannot unless…..but imposter R U!


February 19th, 2014
9:14 pm

Bernie31 @ 7:20 pm – U R an imposter!


February 20th, 2014
9:41 am

@ George Mathis – If you are going to consider Milton, North Metro, then #5 Peachtree City is South Metro. Both are 32 miles from Atlanta. Plus, both are within the 14 core counties that comprise Metropolitan Atlanta. Unintentional bias on your part, I’m sure.

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