1,000 bodies found on Miss. medical school campus

For many Georgians, going to college in Mississippi would have felt like a horrifying prospect before they found 1,000 bodies on campus.

Now it has to creep out pretty much everyone.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center had planned to remove a grove of trees to build a new parking garage east of the dental school. While surveying the property, at least 1,000 bodies were found in a forgotten cemetery, reports The Clarion-Ledger.

Officials believe the bodies are former patients of the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum, which closed almost 100 years ago.

The school has an army of dead under it.

“There are probably thousands more bodies that we’ve never seen,” said Dr. Luke Lampton, chairman of the state Board of Health who has researched and written about the history of the asylum.

The dean of the medical school says the bodies have not been identified, and reburying the remains will cost $3,000 each, or $3 million for those recently found.

“We can’t afford that,” said Dr. James Keeton.

So, for now, the school will leave the bodies and build elsewhere, but the campus seems to have been placed amidst a massive graveyard.

Lampton said his father taught at the medical center for four decades and told him every time the institution broke ground they found more caskets.

Property west of the dental school is thought to contain the graves of former slaves, TB victims and possibly even Civil War dead.

In 1990, The Clarion-Ledger reported about 20 tombstones had been discarded in a gully behind the medical center.

A few years later, workers found 44 unmarked graves while putting in a steam line for a new laundry, reports USA Today.

In 2012, during campus road work, 66 pine coffins with human remains were found.

Sounds like a great place to film a horror movie.

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    February 13th, 2014
    11:10 am

    As long as they don’t try to put in a swimming pool, I think they’ll be good. I heard that happened one time to this family and sh*t didn’t go down so well for them.


    February 13th, 2014
    11:40 am


    February 13th, 2014
    11:42 am

    The medical school is in Jackson. The main campus is in Oxford. Three hours away. So there goes the whole between the tombstones idea.

    George Mathis

    February 13th, 2014
    11:43 am

    Thanks for pointing that out Justin. I will modify my prose.

    Mississippi Native

    February 13th, 2014
    11:46 am

    “For many Georgians, going to college in Mississippi would have felt like a horrifying prospect before they found 1,000 bodies on campus.”

    Writing like this is one of the many reasons this Mississippi native rarely turns to the AJC for news.


    February 13th, 2014
    11:53 am

    Tipical Obamacare prolbems!


    February 13th, 2014
    11:56 am

    bernie must’ve changed his screen name….:)


    February 13th, 2014
    12:00 pm

    I agreed Mississippi Native. But once I saw it was a George Mathis blog, the sensationalism used in the title made sense.

    Non-Tea Party Member

    February 13th, 2014
    12:00 pm

    Hopefully you are a TEA PARTY MEMBERS want-to-be! Learn to spell.

    This has nothing to do with the POTUS.

    White Ghost

    February 13th, 2014
    12:08 pm

    Another Poltergeist movie coming right up.


    February 13th, 2014
    12:14 pm

    The first sentence was an unnecessary slap in the face of those from MS. I don’t what purpose that served. And I have no association with MS.

    George Mathis

    February 13th, 2014
    12:20 pm

    It’s a humor blog. Those with thin skin should expect some bruises.


    February 13th, 2014
    12:34 pm

    @MS Native – yeah that snide comment was unnecessary, but typical of the liberal “progressives” that write “news” for the AJC.

    @TPM – liberal…stop sabotaging blogs with intentional ignorant/miss-spelled words. It’s so painfully obvious what you people are trying to do…and so easy to see through. Like we would ever post under a name of “DEMORCAT VOTR” and post something like “Typicul Rebuplican rasist”.

    White Ghost

    February 13th, 2014
    12:35 pm

    100+ years ago? This is really no surprise, especially if there was a battle near there and slavery also existed. While building a Wal-Mart, haven’t there been bodies found from Revolutionary War era and the Western Migration? People were buried without worrying about future progress building over them.

    Fred ™

    February 13th, 2014
    12:36 pm

    As a fellow Mississippi native, I find George’s account of the story funny. Am I missing something? Is this not a blog that is SUPPOSED to be funny? I always thought it was, as a matter of fact when he first started it I complained because it WASN’T humorous. Now I come to read it every day. It’s the only thing I even come to this crappy AJC site for, well except for the storm info this week.

    Just damn. Well at least from the whiny comments and Tea party meber, i am once again reminded that there is still no research in a cure for stupid.


    February 13th, 2014
    12:47 pm

    Too bad Michael Jackson is no longer with us!


    February 13th, 2014
    12:53 pm

    I suspect if George had ever been to a UM football game in Oxford; he would have seen more than 1,000 live bodies that would have him running to the admissions office to sign up.

    Hidden Agenda

    February 13th, 2014
    12:56 pm

    “You only moved the headstones !”

    Hidden Agenda

    February 13th, 2014
    1:03 pm

    So Hawaii bans plastic bags, but continues to allow dangerous and deadly GMO crop plantings (well, at least Kauai is trying to ban them), and they continue to allow chemtrail spraying over their beautiful islands. Aluminum and barium levels throughout the chain measure way off the charts in rainwater and natural water sources as a result. I think the state legislature really needs to look at their priorities and plastic bags should be way down the list of environmental concerns.

    Hidden Agenda

    February 13th, 2014
    1:14 pm

    Not really sure what this cop expected when she arrested another cop. She should already know from her training that cops act, behave, and are above the law. They are not to be subjected to the same requirements that us mundanes are subjected to. Beating, assaulting, raping, tasing, and even killing innocent folks is perfectly acceptable and will be supported 100% by the satanic/police Brotherhood. You need only follow the stories that appear at least weekly from around the US to see that the police state is in charge and operating by its own rules. Frankly she is lucky to be alive given the behavior of today’s police officers.

    C. Tampa Ironworse

    February 13th, 2014
    1:24 pm

    Wow…humor blog? Nothing funnier than forgotten/unmarked slave graves!!! Kudos, George! Funny, funny stuff…


    February 13th, 2014
    1:33 pm

    I still get the AJC on weekends mainly for the ads and coupons but I’m tired of funding garage like this on AJC.com. I knew personally people at the AJC who took buyouts and it’s sad to see that this and the occasional AP aggregated article is all that remains. Someone needs to step in and fill the void for news here. Pathetic excuse for journalism.


    February 13th, 2014
    1:35 pm

    No doubt the remains were African slaves experimented on by the White medical students in Mississippi !

    Tea Partier

    February 13th, 2014
    1:40 pm

    I bet a few of those 1,000 souls voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012


    February 13th, 2014
    1:44 pm

    ***The dean of the medical school says the bodies have not been identified, and reburying the remains will cost $3,000 each, or $3 million for those recently found.

    “We can’t afford that,” said Dr. James Keeton.***

    Righttttttttttttttttt! Ole Miss can’t afford a $3 expense. Please.


    February 13th, 2014
    1:45 pm


    February 13th, 2014
    1:51 pm

    There are many more SINS that are YET to be revealed. Many more that lie in wait see the Light of Day from the EVIL that has existed within the hearts and minds of the descendents who reside in that Southern bastion of Hatred. Pure EVIL!


    katzi williams

    February 13th, 2014
    1:56 pm

    The Clarion-Ledger reported the same information without sensationalism.
    “Discovery of graves affects UMMC parking plan.” Is that not the real story?

    I read the article as racial-baiting. We have come a long way in Georgia and the South and there is nothing to benefit from this style of “journalism”. Cheap shot AJC!


    February 13th, 2014
    2:09 pm

    George, since this piece is not even remotely identifiable as humor please don’t be so surprised that folks got their dander up over the jab about Mississippi.

    Plus you must understand that people from the magnolia state endure so many gratuitous slaps that we get kinda tired of it.


    February 13th, 2014
    2:15 pm

    “For many Georgians, going to college in Mississippi would have felt like a horrifying prospect before they found 1,000 bodies on campus.”

    Totally unnecessary comment, but I’m sure George thought he was being cute. Unfortunately, it just makes him look regressive and prejudicial, as the thousands of Mississippi college and university grads living in the ATL metro will attest. Shame on him for such a cheap shot.

    Fred ™

    February 13th, 2014
    2:33 pm

    Dear baby,

    The problem is not this site, it’s your intelligence. The AJC doesnt’ give a crap about this site or the folks who read it. They want you to pay for their content at Myajc.com. Those who don’t are left with this site or to get their news elsewhere. I get my news elsewhere.

    I mean who wants to pay for a site where asshats like Bookman and Schultz arbitrarily ban folks who don’t agree with them or who won’t be bullied by them? Certainly not me.

    You sound like the folks who go to an OPINION blog and complain that it’s partisan, or those who watch FAUX News and pretend it’s fair and balanced lol.


    February 13th, 2014
    3:02 pm

    Mathis. Your bigotry is showing.



    February 13th, 2014
    3:47 pm

    I’m a Georgia native and I found the cheap shot comment about Mississippi colleges totally gratuitous. It also wasn’t funny, which was supposed to be the point, according to the author.

    Second, the obvious question: Why is it going to cost anywhere near $3000 to re-bury each of the dead? Are they buying new coffins? Are they going to do individual funerals for each? Come on …


    February 13th, 2014
    4:10 pm

    After reading this story cremation is definitely looking like the way to go.

    Twenty years from now I don’t want them unearthing my remains when breaking ground for the next new Braves stadium.

    Hidden Agenda

    February 13th, 2014
    4:11 pm

    Snow – it will be a government contract for a $50 per person job, thus the $3000 price tag. You know how government works. Likely there will be 1 coffin but a charge for 1000 as well.


    February 13th, 2014
    4:16 pm

    The poke at Mississippi is expected (the entire nation takes jabs at the south on the daily), but making unfunny jokes about massive graves totally misses any humor mark. I think when you have to tell people that it’s “supposed to be” humorous perhaps it ceases to be.


    February 13th, 2014
    4:26 pm

    I agree with you George. Anyone who has watched footage of Ole Miss fraternity boys and sorority girls hurling insults, beer cans, and dog feces at James Meredith when he integrated that second rate institution would not be surprised if the Klan and others lynched, starved, tortured, or over-dosed anyone they disagreed with, particularly patients in a mental institution. We all know that mental institutions have been used by the right wing in this country and worldwide to quiet dissent and bury information. Maybe these defenders of Ole Miss. would like to explain to the friends of Medgar Evers why he was murdered on his own property. Maybe these defenders of Ole Miss should review a few other murders, e.g., Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney. Maybe they should admit that they know about castrations, fire bombings, shootings, and lynchings that have gone on there for years. Pathetic that anyone would try to defend this gross history. Add that evil history with an unwillingness to even provide proper burial and I think we know why Mississippi continues to rank dead last in almost ever category of measurement. It’s only true attainment is to make Georgians feel slightly better about our own failures.

    I dropped my fried twinkie

    February 13th, 2014
    5:16 pm

    The story could have very well been about UGa if it were Drunk Fake Blonde White Girls that were just passed out all over campus. That sounds like a typical Weekend at the Drunk Fake Blonde White Girls College and Plantation of Georgia.


    February 13th, 2014
    5:38 pm

    Non-tea party members are typical comunist/Marxist that depend on others for their lives like a tick and parasite, sucking the blood out of the host until it dies then finds another host to kill.


    February 13th, 2014
    5:54 pm

    Bodies or Bones? There is a huge difference. Of course, “Bodies” are more sensationalistic.

    Sandy Springs Reb

    February 13th, 2014
    6:13 pm

    I am an Ole Miss alum. It makes sense to me why George is so interested in such a macbre story about finding dead bodies under the University Medical School. He grew up in Berrien County, Get it? Berrien County. Home of the real Nashville.

    Frederick Douglass

    February 13th, 2014
    6:33 pm

    How’s this story breaking news, especially to Georgians? The exact same situation was uncovered at the Medical College of Georgia a while back. Seems the college purchased a slave named Grandison Harris to rob recently interred African American graves so the students could use them for dissection. For his troubles Grandison was taught to read so he could scan the obits, and he was paid .75 cents per body. Years later someone stumbled upon the bones……like I said, old news.

    Cephus Jackson

    February 13th, 2014
    7:26 pm

    “Seems the college purchased a slave named Grandison Harris to rob recently interred African American graves so the students could use them for dissection. For his troubles Grandison was taught to read so he could scan the obits, and he was paid .75 cents per body. ”

    Another proud achievement for Black History Month.

    Huge Mississippi Bullbone

    February 13th, 2014
    7:47 pm

    Enter your comments here….. Mississippi is in reality a microcosm of ALL of the so-called “red states” in this land of the free and home of the nearly extinct braves. Maybe when the inevitable fire falls from the sky and the residents of that cesspool of a state are incinerated, the spirits of those 1,000+++ bodies will be somewhere in a better place smiling and expressing thanks. It is better to be dead than to be alive in Mississippi.

    Some of you need to control your ignorant white people

    February 13th, 2014
    7:57 pm

    ..hmm..they have enough to pump into the SEC…and upgrade their stadium…bot not enought to move the bodies!!..this has the making of a horror movie…still ignorant white trash…

    I dropped my fried twinkie

    February 13th, 2014
    8:30 pm

    Some of you need to control your ignorant white people……………get EDUCATED. You are talking about a Different College you idiot.

    I Don't Do White Guilt

    February 13th, 2014
    10:06 pm

    … you spew hatred like this and then you wonder why whites don’t want to live around you …


    February 13th, 2014
    10:35 pm

    1000 new Democratic voters !

    Jefferson Davis

    February 14th, 2014
    1:05 am

    I see the poltergeist thing about to happen


    February 14th, 2014
    1:26 am

    Ewwwwh, I wouldn’t even want to live anywhere on campus near the former “Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum!” Just the name alone, brings to mind too many horror flicks! :-/