Topless Olympic skier heats up YouTube, Sochi

Why the snow is melting in Sochi? (Image from YouTube)

I think we've figured out why they are having trouble with melting snow in Sochi. (Image from YouTube)

Many Olympians compete hard even though they know they have little chance of winning a gold medal for their country.

Others pose topless to win another kind of gold.

ABC News reports a skier from Lebanon, Jackie Chamoun, one of two athletes the desert nation sent to Sochi, is one of the most talked about skiers at the Olympics because of topless photos and video recently leaked on the Internet.

Chamoun, 22, who finished 54th in the slalom at the Vancouver winter games, posed for the a 2014 calendar with other Olympic athletes. The images are pretty tame, by U.S. standards, but in Lebanon they prompted an investigation by the Arab nation’s Olympic committee.

The leaked images and video are much saucier, and Chamoun issued an apology for them on Facebook.

“I want to apologize to all of you, I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture,” Chamoun wrote. “I fully understand if you want to criticize this.”

She asked that human nature be changed to help her out.

“All I can ask to each of you who saw this, is to stop spreading it. It will really help me focusing [sic] on what is really important now: my trainings and race,” she said.

I have no problem with sexy calendars, as a lad I purchased my fair share, but isn’t the Olympics supposed to be about amateur sports, not modelling?

If an athlete has no chance of winning, should they be allowed to use the “Spirit of the Olympics” to further calendar sales?

Should the Olympics should have rules that automatically disqualify such athletes?

There’s no indication that Chamoun was paid to pose, but surely the Austrian prince/pop singer who represents Mexico at every winter games is making cash off the calendar he creates, right?

Chamoun indicates many in her conservative country may be unhappy with her liberal attitude and the photoshoot which took place at an upscale resort in the mountains of Lebanon.

“If we were somewhere else in Lebanon, in a public place, maybe they would have shooted [sic] us,” she said. “It’s really open there [in the mountains], like in Europe. In other places we could have been in really big trouble.”

A photo shoot shooting? She needs to bring her skills to America and teach me to ski.

More Olympics news to warm you:

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February 12th, 2014
1:24 pm

She is definitely not an African Non-American. wooooooo


February 12th, 2014
2:02 pm

Predictably, she has all the homosexuals in the liberal mainstream media both upset … and envious!


February 12th, 2014
2:15 pm

If the Olympics are about amateur sports, then why is Shaun White competing? Or (was at one time competing) Lindsey Vonn? Or any of the others like them?

Devil's Advocate

February 12th, 2014
2:24 pm

54th in the Olympics, #1 in our hearts!

George Mathis

February 12th, 2014
2:33 pm

Kat – Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn won gold medals in 2010. So they probably should have been there.

Come Again

February 12th, 2014
2:44 pm

Did she take off her burka for the photo shoot or simply have strategically placed cutouts?

Hidden Agenda

February 12th, 2014
2:48 pm

If that doesn’t make for hard nipples, nothing will. Nice to see the athletic form getting more “exposure.”

Hidden Agenda

February 12th, 2014
2:52 pm

Glad to hear that the Maryland legislature is doing something to curtail the activities of the NSA since our worthless Congresscum don’t have the guts (or principles) to. Now we just need to get the Utah legislature to cut off the 1.5 millions gallons of water that the police state is consuming every day to cool the KGB/NSA facility in desert there. Yeah, the desert southwest is suffering its worst drought in 100 years with farmers being unable to grow food for us and our worthless government is consuming 1.5 million gallons of water a day just to keep their servers cool while they vacuum up every electronic communication on the face of the earth to be used against us all one day. Come on Utah, do what’s right and stop these thugs.

Fred ™

February 12th, 2014
3:10 pm

LOL George, you may want to change the “Cop who shot 103 times to CopS. I clicked on it to see how he was able to reload 4 times to shoot 103 times………

Talk about a crock of poop though, AND some seriously bad shooting.


February 12th, 2014
3:13 pm

George, I think Kat is suggesting that if you make money off endorsements for getting the gold, then why would it be against the Olympic spirit to make some money off your notoriety for competing. She’s probably better than the average skier if she’s there to compete.

Fred ™

February 12th, 2014
3:14 pm

Oh and as for Miss lebenon/ THESE three lady athletes are topless AND bottomless…….. and at least one of them, Alex Morgan DOES have Gold. Enjoy.


February 12th, 2014
3:27 pm

And ex New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was found GUILTY of corruption and bribery. Since the AJC want let us post comments in that thread, I guess we will have to do it here. And of course it was only because he is black, not because he was actually guilty, or maybe its Bush fault?

Fred ™

February 12th, 2014
3:45 pm

I’m sorry Mr. Sillypants that your sheet is all in a bunch, but do they EVER “allow” anyone to post in straight AP copied articles?

Are they ALLOWED by copyright law to allow comments on straight AP copied articles from off the wire?

Just damn, you talk radio FOXBOTS sure do spend your sad little lives nursing fear, hate, anger, and a boogieman under every bed……..


Just, Just, Just………. BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!

Atlanta Mom

February 12th, 2014
3:58 pm

“Should the Olympics should have rules that automatically disqualify such athletes?”
Ohhh, jeez, do we really want to turn the Olympic committee into the NCAA?


February 12th, 2014
4:31 pm

“Terrorism claim used to hide FBI paperwork error”

To moi that one is much more relevant than the topless skier (although as always thanks George for keeping us abreast of such stories).

I fear we’ll reach the point where the default justification for anything the government wishes to do to us will be “terrorism” or “public safety” or some such. And according to Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts any government commandment that has a “tax” component to it is Constitutional.

Fred ™

February 12th, 2014
4:52 pm

I stand corrected Boxtradamus. The ajc DOES allow comments on some AP articles, such as this one:

After reading the article I learned from the only comment there from JaneJShaw that I in fact COULD make $80 an hour of the computer like her roommates mother in law……….

My apologies. Maybe I should talk to JaneJShaw’s roommates mother in law……… I mean it sounds so REAL doesn’t it?

Hidden Agenda

February 12th, 2014
5:13 pm

Bumper, George has a bad habit of promoting the titillation (pardon the pun) stories over the important, thought provoking or enraging ones. And as a supplement to my earlier post about the horrible NSA, the Utah legislature has courageously introduced The Utah Fourth Amendment Protection Act which would essentially cut off the water supply to those criminal bast*ards in the NSA at their facility in Utah. Way to go state governments. The founding fathers were absolutely correct in TRYING to keep all important power in the hands of the states. Too bad tyrannical Mr. Lincoln decided that he would have none of that and helped seal the fate of the American citizens by solidifying the supreme power in the hands of the central government. Glad to see a couple of states willing to start taking it back.


February 12th, 2014
5:51 pm

Enter your comments here


February 12th, 2014
6:35 pm

How can I reprot U 2 postin pron on the internet? My kids may have seed that.


February 12th, 2014
7:20 pm

Yeah EdUktr, liberals are against women going topless and conservatives are all for it. It must be “Opposite Day” in your world in order to post that without lol to yourself.

You think if she was American the right wing nut jobs would be all for her posing topless? Try again idiot.


February 12th, 2014
7:21 pm

EdUktr, and oh yeah. In your world you think you and your rwnjs would support a MUSLIM. You’re soooo easy to prove a liar.

The Geezer

February 12th, 2014
10:03 pm

Darn it. I thought she was skating topless at the Olympics

I would have given her a 10 just for doing it.


February 13th, 2014
2:18 am

“but isn’t the Olympics supposed to be about amateur sports?” Uh, no. Not anymore. Seems the American failure snowboarder is quite well paid. All hockey players, etc.


February 13th, 2014
9:04 am

Childish. Childish. Childish. She’s not even attractive, yet y’all fall for all the staged publicity stunts.

Jack ®

February 13th, 2014
9:17 am

If you like your topless olympic skier, you can keep your topless olympic skier.