At least three dead in ‘Knockout’ fad

The 15-year-old who knocked out a Pittsburgh teacher was charged with simple assault. (Image from video)

The 15-year-old who knocked out a Pittsburgh teacher was charged with simple assault. (Image from video)

It’s an ancient, troubling question: Do children emulate the behavior they see portrayed in video games or do video games simply emulate life?

Plenty of kids have joined the military after playing games developed by the military.

And how many have injured themselves while leaping for mushrooms or getting wedged in a giant green pipe while trying to rescue a kidnapped lover?

Now, word comes word that kids are running around and punching innocent pedestrians for no reason, a behavior many who have played Grand Theft Auto 5 have witnessed as they punch the buttons of their controller.

CBS News reports three people have been killed in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey in the  ”terrifying new game” that may be “sweeping the nation.”

In New Jersey, three teens have been arrested in New Jersey for punching and killing a homeless man. A man interviewed there says teens call the fad ‘Knockout’ and dare each other to perform a “one hitter quitter,” which means knocking out a random pedestrian with one punch.

Fox News has a summary of other recent attacks.

A Pittsburgh-area teacher survived a surprise punch and said he doesn’t remember the incident. The 15-year-old who knocked him unconscious is charged with simple assault. He has not been identified because he is a juvenile.

Two Syracuse teens that punched and killed a man were sentenced to 18 months confinement in a “family court ” case.

Laughing teens interviewed by CBS, whose faces are blurred because they are minors, said ‘Knockout’ is not about “anger,” it’s about fun.

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November 18th, 2013
12:55 pm

First thing this is nothing new this was going on way before anyone ever thought about a play station or video game. There use to be another game kids played that they would sneak up behind you and chock you out. I am from Pittsburg I am not surprised that this came out of there. I was looking at how many boys were there I think I counted 6 of them . Not one kid said no this is the real problem.Let me say this your next.


November 18th, 2013
1:06 pm

I think it would be fun if they server 5 to 10 years for assault.


November 18th, 2013
1:10 pm

You have to aware of your surroundings especially if you see young black males in an urban setting. Am I racist no? But I am practical, you have a higher chance of being attacked or robbed by black youth than a middle aged white man or an Asian woman. You have to look at the world statistically. I once approached an ATM and noticed 4 black males behind me. I immediately aborted my transaction and left. Would I have acted the same way if there were 4 Jewish males with Yarmukels…probably not.

18 Months

November 18th, 2013
1:40 pm

18 months in prison for murdering a man?

Sven Turgidsen

November 18th, 2013
2:06 pm

It is no coincidence that my wife, my brother, my brother-in-law, and I all have acquired our concealed carry permits within the last six months. The patience of law-abiding folk only wears so thin.


November 18th, 2013
2:09 pm

I weep for the mindless idiocy of those who are so lacking in the brain department that they actually think inserting Obama into each and every statement makes them appear as anything other than a f’n dumb***..


November 18th, 2013
2:12 pm


Now this is The America we KNOW and Love! Why fear any Terrorists from the Middle EAST? We have enough Hatred here to do the Job for them!

WHAT Ever happened to the We are all Americans NOW ….CRAP? I knew it was a LIE because of the current FEAR at the Time!

So much for being as ONE….surely when the rest of the WORLD LQQKS at All of US, Surely They shake Their Heads saying…This Crowd is NOT the Beacon of LIGHT, AS THEY ALWAYS proudly CLAIM and SWEAR!

Just take a LOOK at their HATRED of one Another….do they NOT remind YOU of another Group of HATERS? Guess which ones?


November 18th, 2013
2:30 pm

The UNLUCKY GENE POOL strikes again, right Bernie?

Furious Styles

November 18th, 2013
2:51 pm

“sweeping the nation.” So far 3 cities out of how many cities in this country?….Again, the buzz words are “sweeping the nation”.


November 18th, 2013
2:53 pm

eric,i don’t believe u are black. Name gives it away No ‘ in your name or quanterisahng. lol


November 18th, 2013
2:55 pm

cmon eric/ not behind a keyboard are ya?

Trisha Doherty

November 18th, 2013
3:28 pm

Concealed carry works..these feral urban parasites will cease their attacks on decent people only when someone fights back, killing the worthless scum. Their lives have utterly no value, so fire away if you are assaulted or about to be assaulted by a gang of urban I get great satisfaction watching a fat welfare brood mare waddle up to a camera in the hood saying her baby may have been arrest 20 times in 6 years but he was a good boy