Report: Stolen school buses used at Ga-Fla game

The biggest losers at the 2013 Georgia-Florida game includes the Gators and a south Georgia school system. (AJC file photo)

The biggest losers at the 2013 Georgia-Florida game included the Gators and a south Georgia school system. (AJC file photo)

How big is football in south Georgia?

It’s so big that they use public school buses to ferry folks to the really big college games.

The Valdosta Daily Times reports school buses stolen from Lowndes County in south Georgia have been recovered at the site of the Georgia-Florida football game.

Georgia won that game, of course, because the Gators and their fans are mostly sissies.

The buses were stolen in October and the game was played Saturday.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office was contacted Saturday by someone who said the buses could be found at the stadium.

The school system retrieved the buses Tuesday.

The article does not say if keys were found with the vans or if the vehicles were broken into, but this smells as fishy as a week old dead gator.

More stolen news:

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November 6th, 2013
12:45 pm

I have you all believing I am some good hearted christian man.


November 6th, 2013
12:54 pm

Okay, Hypo, what’s your proof?


November 6th, 2013
12:55 pm

Thats the same school system where kid was found in gym mats killed and someone covered it up..its time someone found out who killed the kid. Lowndes Co High has questions to answer?

What Buses?

November 6th, 2013
1:06 pm

No one knows a thing……

Wink, wink…nod, nod…..

Scam watcher

November 6th, 2013
1:18 pm

A thief is a piece of scum no matter if hr steals a piece of gum or a school bus.


November 6th, 2013
1:25 pm

I’m surprised foul mouthed Georgie Mathis didn’t blame the bus theft on whitey.


November 6th, 2013
1:28 pm

I am not Florida fan, but Id much prefer their ’sissies’ (as you called them) , vs thugs that steal vehicles that are paid for by tax payers to help children. Way to set a good example George.

Mountain Dawg

November 6th, 2013
1:38 pm

Dawg fans carpooling, being “green”. Think about all the carbon they didn’t put into the air by “borrowing” the buses. GOOOOO DAWGS!

Taxi Smith

November 6th, 2013
1:59 pm

A piece of scum or a piece of gum? Easy choice.


November 6th, 2013
2:13 pm

Why does this guy have an article…his articles are worhtless.

Sam the Sham

November 6th, 2013
2:20 pm

“Georgia won that game, of course, because the Gators and their fans are mostly sissies.” That’s hilarious.

George Mathis

November 6th, 2013
2:24 pm

Hey guys, don’t pick on me. I’m terrence moore’s lil cuz. There is no biased view in my writing :) :)


November 6th, 2013
3:07 pm

They have schools in south Georgia?


November 6th, 2013
3:08 pm

Pookie strikes again…..


November 6th, 2013
3:14 pm

I’ll bet somebody peed the bus.

Voice of Insanity

November 6th, 2013
3:22 pm

George, it looks you need to attract a more articulate crowd. Try using words of three to five syllables and winnow out the mouth breathers.


November 6th, 2013
4:00 pm

Buses were used by work release program to bring the Bulldogs to the game from their cells.


November 6th, 2013
4:02 pm

Like anyone is learning down there anyway.


November 6th, 2013
4:41 pm

What bothers me is that it took 3 days to find someone in Fla that could read what it said on the side of the bus so they would know whom to call Must have had to call someone in from St. Simon’s to come down there to clarify this issue for them.


November 6th, 2013
7:16 pm

UFboy, when you become a UFman, maybe you’ll acquire a sense of humor


November 6th, 2013
7:18 pm

However to be driven from Lowndes County to the Florida Georgia Game and not Ticketed? It was NOT POOKIE who was driving!

This driver was met with smiles and waves of come on in!


November 6th, 2013
7:21 pm

Stolen in Oct in GA. and just now turning up in FL? It’s a shame they were not painted yellow so they could be spotted easily! AND it’s a shame they did not have Lowndes Co. on the side to identify them easily ! Were they not short of buses for school? First I have seen it in the news. Did they not put out BOLO’s on them, so people would be looking for them? This story sounds rather “fishy” to me and I am not a fisherman! GM, did you make this story up?


November 6th, 2013
7:46 pm

UFboy @ 2:13 pm – With a Name like George Mathis what newspaper would say NO to hiring him. Look at that Face….looks familiar to me. Just like the other 200 million Georges.


November 6th, 2013
9:45 pm

George Mathis @ 2:24 pm – I missed that one before….LOL! Now that was Funny! ROFL!
You seem to be a pretty cool white DUDE…But I will NEVER Trust YOU!

Especially at NIGHT!

Trisha Doherty

November 7th, 2013
6:31 am

Were the buses found filled with newspaper like that dead kid? Maybe Jay Bookman is really a psycho bus thief serial killer

Mountain Dawg

November 7th, 2013
9:15 am

Florida officials didn’t recognize them.. If they were short buses, they would have figured it out much quicker and longed for a ride, themselves.

Mountain Dawg

November 7th, 2013
9:18 am

Even though I’m a DAWG fan, can’t let this one go by: I’ll bet they were short buses the Georgia fans rode to the game! LOL! Now that’s funny; I don’t care who you are!