Survey: Only 11 percent of drivers have sex behind wheel

harris_survey_scout_gps_sex_drivingA paltry 11 percent of U.S. drivers have had sex behind the wheel, according to a new online survey of potentially repressed humans.

As one might expect, more than three times as many men (17 percent) said they had sex while driving than women (5 percent) in the Harris Interactive survey of 1,800 drivers.

A quick survey of bleary office colleagues and my own brain resulted in various explanations of how this math might add up:

  • Men drive more often, so of course they have more sex while driving.
  • It is more difficult for women to drive and have sex than men.
  • Men lie three times more often than women.
  • Only men think solo acts can be construed as sex.
  • There’s only a small group of paid professionals that would consider having sex while driving and they are usually walking on Ponce before getting in a vehicle driven by someone else.
  • The driving numbers are low because most naked people take public transportation.

Good answers. I am going to choose “all of the above.”

I did find some believable stats.

Women, the survey suggests, would be 2.5 times more likely to forgo sex in exchange for traffic-free conditions.

And more people (15 percent) would have sex while driving if they thought they could get away with it.  Nine percent would drive naked.

Hey, if you don’t like the way these people drive, stay off the sidewalks.

More news for the fully clothed:

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r u serious

October 31st, 2013
1:31 pm

George – I get your point. I guess the AJC has been reduced to a humor blog. It seems that way when I check it throughot the day. I doubt you would see this kind of writing in a real newspaper like the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. I remember when reading the AJC was informative…now, it’s full of stuff like this. No wonder paid subscriptions are down so much.


October 31st, 2013
1:43 pm

This is the best news the libs (idiots) at ajc could come up with.

Factual Frank

October 31st, 2013
1:50 pm

@Bernie31 – As much goober as you like, I’d figure you would expect the % to be higher. Although you may me sooo disconnected that you can’t even get the goober you crave. Yeah that’s probably it.

Bill Clinton

October 31st, 2013
2:29 pm

I answered never because I just sat there driving and she had sex.

Foxbot Alpha

October 31st, 2013
3:04 pm

“Foxbot – If I wrote about everything I found disturbing I’d work even harder than I do now, and it may be physically impossible for one human to crank out two blogs in a day. Food for thought my friend.”–George Mathis

George, we could accept, but for the fact that you lack diversity in everything you write.

You really should open your mind up to diversity. You’ll be amazed how it will enrich your life.

Being Homo-Sexual and Racially paranoid doesn’t make you diverse, George.

Food for thought my friend:-)

Hidden agenda

October 31st, 2013
3:08 pm

Bernie – you stand on your principles and let others embarrass themselves. Ron Paul has typically been the only vote against legislation (one of the few against the Patriot Act). He has always been on the right side of freedom and liberty. He could also have tried making his case to the public like Reagan did. But Obama actually wanted to carry on Bush’s agenda. You were duped as was everyone who voted for “change.”


October 31st, 2013
3:12 pm

Mr. Mathis, please pay no attention to these anal, humorless fools. We need a humor blog like this one to balance out all the other horrors.

If more of us had sex in a car ( not moving, of course! ), underneath or on top of the car, wherever, I think more of us would appreciate humor blogs like yours. There. I said it. I like sex, wherever! Take that, you anal Baptist Catholics! ( more humor! )

George Mathis

October 31st, 2013
3:26 pm

Thanks Thor! Put in a good word with Odin for me. I am shutting down commenting on this blog folks. There’s another one about zombies if you want to continue flaming me there. Have a happy and safe Halloween.