USPS places fitness stamps on hold

Having fun is unsafe, according to federal officials. (United States Postal Service)

Having fun is unsafe, according to federal officials. (United States Postal Service)

Update: A USPS spokesperson says no decision has been made to destroy the stamps. Such a decision would occur later this year.

It’s tough being a kid. It’s even tougher learning to be tough with namby pamby adults running things.

The United States Postal Service, which is only $4 billion in the red this year, will destroy a series of stamps that depict youngsters doing ‘unsafe’ things, according to multiple reports.

The “Just Move” collection of stamps were intended to promote the government’s “Let’s Move” campaign advocating physical fitness, a cause championed by first lady Michelle Obama.

But three of the 15 colorful stamps allegedly show behavior the White House deems unacceptable — skateboarding without knee pads, doing a ‘cannonball’ into a pool, and performing a handstand without a helmet.

You know what’s really unsafe? Hitting a baseball without eyeballs or swimming without a nose like the poor children on these stamps., a website that usually can cure insomnia, reports the “unsafe depictions came to light after USPS Marketing chief Nagisa Manabe asked Michelle Obama to take part in a first day ceremony for the stamps.”

PostalNews says the “entire press run” will be destroyed, but other sites, such as The Daily Caller, suggest the stamps are perhaps not yet printed. I’ve not seen an estimate of what it cost to produce the stamps.

I’m not tough, but when I was a kid I swung on rope swings into lakes and ponds without a helmet or life preserver and survived. I probably would have been able to handle looking at these stamps.

Today’s kids, who spend more time jacking rides in Grand Theft Auto 5 than stamp collecting, could probably handle it too.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, a high school is punishing an honor student who drove a drunk friend home.

The student, who police say was not drinking, ran afoul of the school’s “zero tolerance” policy by picking up the friend after she left work. For helping a friend, the girl was demoted from being captain of the volleyball team and told she would be suspended for five games.

Her parents have filed a lawsuit against the school system.

Yeah, it’s tough being a kid.

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October 14th, 2013
3:01 pm

This is a new low for this country.


October 14th, 2013
3:02 pm

this is quite possibly the stupidest thing i have ever heard. we need to vote everyone out of washington. they are all morons.

Don't Tread

October 14th, 2013
3:04 pm

Hey, there’s a kid on a swing without a helmet too!! And climbing a rope without gloves and a helmet! Balancing on a rock with one foot! Wow, there’s a lot of really dangerous stuff going on here. Not to mention driving a friend home who’s had too much to drink. What was she thinking?!

If only all of 0bama’s vestiges were removed this easily. I should help out and design some stamps.


October 14th, 2013
3:05 pm

Well, you have to admit: it IS safer to sit in front of a TV all day, and it doesn’t require a helmet. Maybe that’s what Michele Obama should push next. Jesus, this is so absurd that I’m defending Michele Obama…


October 14th, 2013
3:06 pm

OMG, next thing we will do in this Country is outlaw all of these things because they are unsafe while guns and gun control is non-existent. Go figure! Guess who is in charge of this decision?


October 14th, 2013
3:14 pm

Good God. Seriously? They aren’t instructional videos, they are postage stamps. We are so doomed – can nobody else see it?


October 14th, 2013
3:15 pm

What a F’ing waste!


October 14th, 2013
3:15 pm

DebDoes – wow ‘guns and gun control are non-existent?’


October 14th, 2013
3:16 pm

This what this once proud nation has been reduced to? Time for a revolution.


October 14th, 2013
3:25 pm

uhmmm…these are cartoon characters…Hello???

Mr Smiley

October 14th, 2013
3:30 pm

Are stamps still relevant? And when was the last time a kid looked a stamp and said “Ohhh so this is what playing is!”


October 14th, 2013
3:32 pm

WTH! We survived years without all of this mess. What a waste of money? These are only stamps! Come on people!!


October 14th, 2013
3:41 pm

People get the government they deserve.

You all voted for it; you all f-ing deal with it.


October 14th, 2013
3:44 pm

While we are at it, why we don’t wrap children in bubble wrap, cover them in reflective tape and put protective pads in any exposed part of the anatomy? The stupidity is really running rampant in this country…

concerned citizen

October 14th, 2013
3:52 pm

what the hell is wrong with this country?


October 14th, 2013
3:53 pm

Jump, swing, bat & stretch what terrible things to teach a child. We have lost our moral compass.


October 14th, 2013
4:02 pm

Sorry – but believe there is more to the ride home the friend gave than the story above. Even the most stupid principal would not do such a thing unless there was a zero-tolerance policy dictated by the Board of Education. I’m not pointing fingers at the young gal who was the driver. Only to say I’d like to hear “the rest of the story.”


October 14th, 2013
4:19 pm

You know what’s really unsafe? Hitting a baseball without eyeballs or swimming without a nose like the poor children on these stamps.

DayUM! That is the funniest thing I’ve read in FOREVER.

Thanks, George!

Yeah, it’s tough being a kid.

with so many nannies whom the kids never laid eyes on.

Leigh Ann

October 14th, 2013
4:23 pm

You get what you vote for….and so do the rest of us who didn’t vote for this disgrace.


October 14th, 2013
4:25 pm

I’ve never seen anyone wear a helmet to do a handstand


October 14th, 2013
4:28 pm

Why is the white kid dribbling and the black kid making a jump shot? What, white kids can’t jump? I’m so offended. Thank heavens that a bastion of common sense and equality like Michelle Obama was able to stave off this near-disaster in time!


October 14th, 2013
4:31 pm

Good thing there’s not an obamacare stamp to destroy…that will be dangerous too without wearing gloves and a helmet

billy spears

October 14th, 2013
4:58 pm

look at all the flat earthers crawling out of their hate dens. us LIBS bathe in the hate like bathing beauties. it only makes shelly o’s biceps stronger!! welp, my EBT card just got charged up so i’m off to by crab legs and scratch offs!!!


October 14th, 2013
5:09 pm

If you blame Washington for this, you are kind of an idiot. If you are writing stories based on something from Daily Caller you are equally idiotic.


October 14th, 2013
5:31 pm

I think this is silly.


October 14th, 2013
5:39 pm

Why would you not blame Washington for this? Macon didn’t do it.


October 14th, 2013
5:42 pm

USPS is 4 billion in the red and they are destroying the run of the “Lets Move” stamps. Yea “Let’s Move out


October 14th, 2013
6:42 pm

What’s so pathetic about this story is someone thinks it should be published.

jeff smith

October 14th, 2013
6:47 pm

Thank goodness we have the wise and wonderful Michelle to keep us all safe. WAKE UP AMERICA! I hope they don’t destroy all the stamps that depict us getting rid if these freeloaders.


October 14th, 2013
6:47 pm

(100) One-Hundred years from Now those same Stamps, will become very expensive and very valuable Collectors items. That will be far more Valuable than any of the combined assets of all who have commented before and AFTER ME!

Silly Rabbit……Tricks are KIDS!


October 14th, 2013
6:49 pm

“If you blame Washington for this, you are kind of an idiot.” – uh, this was done because of Moochelles campaign on physical fitness and the last i looked she still occupied the White House. Approved by those in Washington and then scrapped because of those in Washington – kind of makes you a special kind of idiot!


October 14th, 2013
6:51 pm

My parents allowed me to do handstands without a helmet so apparently I was an abused child. Think I’ll sue.

On a separate note, as a longtime stamp collector I’d love to get hold of one of these sheets before they shred ‘em, we’re talking major $$$ ka-ching.


October 14th, 2013
6:57 pm

Big Government believes that they are smarter than us. We are on the express train to Socialism. The Lunacy is just starting!


October 14th, 2013
7:45 pm

This is so freakin stupid…unbelievable.

linda broyles

October 14th, 2013
7:46 pm


October 14th, 2013
7:47 pm


Burroughston Broch

October 14th, 2013
7:58 pm

Another step toward the nanny state.


October 14th, 2013
8:05 pm

Really this is a headline story.


October 14th, 2013
8:22 pm

Is this a freaking joke?


October 14th, 2013
9:01 pm

Did anyone else notice that the children have no eyes? Where do these aliens reside? Are their parents legal aliens? How are these children able to perform such unacceptable acts without eyes? We need one of them fancy DC committees to investigate.


October 14th, 2013
9:33 pm

Arrived too late. Act already done. – Quote Nostradamus

Mayor Kassim Reed

October 14th, 2013
9:39 pm

Obama. is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ! Worship him!!!


October 14th, 2013
9:56 pm

Wow, these are the cutest stamps I have seen in a long time.


October 14th, 2013
10:23 pm

How asinine!!! Why doesn’t she weigh in on other federal programs that are losing money and encourage them to lose more? What a waste?!!! The stamps were meant to encourage kids to get up and get out of the house. But no!!!! She wants them to hit the playground looking like the Michelin man. Really!!! Her efforts will discourage kids more than help them, IF they even bother to LOOK at a stamp while forcing USPS to take a completely unnecessary HIT. When has the White House EVER weighed in on something as supercilious as a stamp? The priorities of the White House are way, way off base. But then, I don’t guess we should be surprised; they have been since the first inauguration for the election of 2008. God help us.


October 15th, 2013
3:24 am

this is absolutely stupid! this country is rapidly destroying itself! While Washington focuses on the “safety” of our postage stamps, we have children in OUR country starving, children in OUR country being severly UNDER educated, and then there’s the slight problem of hundreds of thousands on OUR people NOT getting paid right now because our government is comprised of idiots! Wake up!!! As for the individual who made the comment about gun control, you should do some research. Gun control is in place and we do NOT need anymore of it. We could use more gun safety programs but not more gun control measures.

“In an emergency people will always beg for the same two things; God to protect them and someone with a gun to save them. Coicidently, these are the same two things that people push to have taken away from the American citizens.”


October 15th, 2013
5:32 am

More of the dumbing down of America. I blame FOX news for this mentality.


October 15th, 2013
5:45 am

Yes people, we are witnessing teh Muslimization of America from Sheikh abolhassan Barack Obama and his lady Princess angry black woman with chip on shoulder. Socialized medicine, no talking about other people, no photos of obama going to church. TAlking with muslims and not americans.And the looney left calls us birthers b/c he’s new and black. Well, would the left defend hitler? probably- he’s new and he has a moustache. We can’t say anything about moustached people. Stop drinking the coffee people! If we do not remove this clown and the libs we are gong to be another 8th century muslim country. And we will be dictated to by the chinese! Call up the continental army!

The Austrian Brotherhood

October 15th, 2013
6:06 am

Well, with Progressive freaks like Headley Lamar and CJ31 out there, what do you expect but the ruination of These United States.


October 15th, 2013
6:19 am

This is crazy!! I did all of these things when I was a child, my kids did them and now my grandkids are doing them. These are great things for kids to do. It is no wonder that the US is becoming a nation of fat lazy slobs!


October 15th, 2013
6:29 am

Bet that folks did not BUY MICHELLE STAMPS! Hear her garden is rotting as well — due to the shutdown. They are really frauds aren’t they?