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G20: Putin, Obama in diplomatic showdown

World leaders at the G20 summit in Russia are on edge due to the threat of U.S. military action against Syria. (AP Photo)

Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrates epic diplomacy skills to a poker-faced crowd of world leaders. (AP)

Because history is rife with wars sparked by the slightest perceived insult, diplomacy is a high and dangerous art.

Now, as the U.S. seeks the support of other nations in a military strike against Syria, every subtle movement of world leaders is analyzed, critiqued and probed.

Prior to President Obama joining 19 other world leaders at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia,  the seating chart was changed to keep the U.S. president as far from Russian leader Vladimir Putin as possible.

Russia, a longtime ally of Syria, is vehemently opposed to any strike on the Mideast nation.

President Obama seeks cooperation with Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff. (Reuters)

President Obama will stop at nothing to get the support of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff. (Reuters)

Obama, meanwhile, has publicly stated Syria’s government is using poison gas on its own people.

“This attack is an assault on human dignity,” said Obama outside the White House, a stoic …

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Viral ad pranks ‘job applicants’

If you don't get the job, it's not the end of the world. Or is it? (Image taken from LG ad on YouTube)

If you don't get the job, it's not the end of the world. Or is it? (Image taken from LG ad on YouTube)

Viral ads get attention. They are usually funny and make consumers remember what is being sold.

South Korean electronics giant LG makes some of the best.

In an ad released on YouTube Wednesday, the company manages to pimp its new 84-inch “Ultra HD TV” while making alleged “job applicants” think the world is ending.

[See the ad below this article]

Here’s the setup: Workers install a giant TV on the wall of what appears to be a typical office but make it appear as though it is a window to the outside world. Technicians stream a video of what should be outside … in this case a skyscraper view of a major metropolitan city in Chile.

Job applicants, who may be actors but let’s pretend they are not, sit at a desk and speak to a manager type who is facing away from the TV/window.

As the interview continues, a GIANT METEOR appears in the corner of the TV and the fireball of …

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New details on Marine deaths in attack on Prince Harry

Prince Harry in faux action at Camp Bastion in November 2012. (AP photo)

Prince Harry in faux action at Camp Bastion in November 2012. (AP photo)

Details of a Taliban suicide mission designed in part to kill Britain’s Prince Harry that resulted in the death of two U.S. Marines and the worst loss of military aircraft since the Vietnam War appear in the September issue of GQ magazine.

The attack at a British airbase, Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, happened almost one year ago while the prince, known as Capt. Harry Wales in the military, was stationed at the base for a three-month tour flying an attack helicopter.

News of the attack isn’t new, but the Daily Mail plays up the assassination angle with a Tolstoy-length headline: “Revealed: How Prince Harry was whisked to safe-house as US Marines battled Taliban suicide-squad who infiltrated base in assassination attempt.

Third in line to the British throne at the time, Prince Harry surely made an appealing target to the enemy. “We have informed our commanders … to eliminate him,” the …

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Poll: Atlanta the 3rd happiest city

A happy Atlanta resident enjoys the sights downtown. (JONATHAN PHILLIPS / SPECIAL)

A happy Atlanta resident enjoys the sights downtown. (JONATHAN PHILLIPS / SPECIAL)

There’s no explanation for some things: The speed of the expanding universe, dark energy, dark matter and why people in Texas are so happy.

I’ve been to Dallas and the only good thing I can say about it is that it’s not Houston.

Unfortunately for the believability of a recent survey, those two Texas monstrosities are considered the “Happiest” two cities in the U.S.

As a nation, we are clearly doomed.

Atlanta is tied for 3rd with the cesspool known as Philadelphia. Even though we tied Philly, and ‘A’ comes before ‘P’ in this little thing called the “alphabet,” the press release writer chose to list us 4th, which makes about as much sense as a rubber crutch.

The problem with surveys is almost everyone lies, especially about how happy they are about stuff. Just a few minutes ago, for example, I said I would be happy to write a “Happiest Cities” blog entry.

The Harris Poll “Happiness Index” only …

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‘Faces of Meth’ now an app featuring you

I hope mom doesn't see this. (Work ID photo horribly gone awry)

I hope mom doesn't see this. (Work ID photo horribly gone awry)

Drug addiction is not pretty.

Methamphetamine, in particular, can whoop your face with an ugly stick faster than a 2-minute shake and bake, as the horrifying photos from the “Faces of Meth” campaign proved.

Smoking meth produces toxic gasses that really do a number on skin and teeth. And meth addicts tend to stop doing important things like eating and bathing.

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like after a few months of hard living, the good folks at, who put together the aforementioned graphic, got you covered.

They’ve developed a “Your Face on Meth” app that allows you to upload a pic and quickly see how ugly drugs can make you. The app doesn’t show failed relationships, abandoned children, lost careers or foreclosed homes, however.

I’ve posted a picture of myself at right. As you can see, even beautiful people can be destroyed by meth.

If you are already on meth, please be advised this app …

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For sale: Used, positive pregnancy tests


Coming up with a real child will prove more difficult. (photo from Craigslist)

Buying something used is often a good value. Cars, guitars, video games, survivalist gear from the recently deceased … your list may vary.

But a used pregnancy test?

Believe it or not, they are not only for sale, but people are snapping them up for $40.

The Daily Dot ask the question you have already formulated in your head: Why?

One seller in Buffalo said when she became pregnant she was asked for a positive pregnancy test. The requests starting piling up so she began selling them on Craigslist.

“I don’t care what you use it for. It’s not my business,” says the seller.

It’s a good thing gun and alcohol manufacturers don’t have the same policy.

A woman seeking a positive tests in Dallas spelled it out. She said she needed a positive test to “have the last laugh” against her husband, who had gotten his receptionist pregnant. She was “willing to give some girl $40.”

Another seller said you could use …

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NAACP meets with KKK, gains member

The NAACP and Ku Klux Klan have a long history of meetings. They are usually public and sometimes the confrontations are violent, reminiscent of one I witnessed at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.

Now, for perhaps the first time, leaders representing the “historic enemies” have met privately, reports the Casper Star-Tribune in Wyoming.

The result? A KKK organizer who thinks Georgia should secede (again) and become a nation of blacks paid to join the NAACP.

Why would the NAACP, which promotes racial harmony want to meet with the Klan, which promotes fear, hatred and bigotry?

Jimmy Simmons, president of the NAACP chapter in Casper, Wyoming, had heard reports of black men in his area being beaten. These men were with white women when the attacks occurred and Klan literature had began showing up around town at about the same time.

Initially, Simmons thought the NAACP should hold a rally to attract police attention to the beatings, but then he tried something …

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