‘Inciting chaos’ arrest after man barks at police dog

Man's best friend, until you bark at him while drunk. (AJC file photo of Putnam County K-9 'Aska')

Man's best friend, until you bark at him while drunk. (AJC file photo of Putnam County K-9 'Aska')

It has never been scientifically proven, but take it from my wife, people aren’t as funny as they think they are.

This is especially true of drunk people, and, super especially, drunk people messing with cops.

This once again became obvious at a DUI roadblock in western Pennsylvania where a man was arrested for DUI and “inciting chaos” after barking at a police dog named “Chaos.”

It’s never a good idea to hassle cops, even furry ones.

Inciting chaos is a real criminal charge and is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

See? That’s not funny at all.

Here’s some more Monday news that isn’t funny:

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September 30th, 2013
8:04 am

So its against the law to talk to a police officer when you are drunk? The guy was just speaking “dog” so that officer would understand. Stupid law! The dog should be trained better than to get riled up when “a person” barks.


September 30th, 2013
8:12 am

A University of Florida football player did this several months ago and got his charges dropped.


September 30th, 2013
8:38 am

What happened to “Freedom of Bark”? Did the Dog ( Sheriff) ask the first bark and the individual just respond? who names their dog Choas? Drug dealers, Dog fighters,the police?


September 30th, 2013
8:51 am

Cops in this country seem to have a general hard-on for arresting and brutalizing people. Yeah, that beast right there sure looks intimidated.

Welcome to the police state.


September 30th, 2013
9:33 am

Glad to see that DOGS are no longer used against just one segment of The Population. They also BITE unsuspecting White Females as they walk through Airports! OUCH!


September 30th, 2013
9:33 am

Prediction: Prosecutor will drop the charges. DUI will be enough.

Without the DUI charge, the guy could file a civil lawsuit against the police officer for unlawful arrest.


September 30th, 2013
10:22 am

“•New NSA employee spied on ex-girlfriend on first day at job”

Aren’t these the guys that we’re told to trust to keep us “safe”. What a farce.


September 30th, 2013
11:20 am

The police state continues to grow.