Immigration reformed as Americans flock to Mexico

The economic climate of Mexico is ideal for capitalism, according to quality television.  (AP Photo/AMC, Lewis Jacobs)

The economic climate of Mexico is ideal for capitalism, according to quality television. (AP Photo/AMC, Lewis Jacobs)

For the first time, more Americans are moving to Mexico than Mexicans are moving to the U.S., reports The New York Times.

The reason? Capitalists in the “Land of the Free” can’t resist Mexico’s cheap labor. It’s now just as cheap to manufacture goods for the U.S. market in Mexico than China.

Since The Great Recession, about as many Mexicans leave the U.S. as move here, the article says, but Americans are making a run for the border. Americans now comprise 75 percent of Mexico’s one million foreign residents, up from 50 percent a few years ago.

About 12 million Mexicans are thought to be living in the U.S.

American and Canadian retirees are moving to more touristy areas on the coast, but central Mexico is attracting auto manufacturers and software development companies.

With rampant crime and a lax regulatory environment, it’s a bit like the economic Wild West.

“Not everyone follows the rules here, so if you really want to make something happen you can make it happen,” said a businessman from California. “No one is going to fault you for not following all the rules.”

Jobs tend to flow to regions with low wages. Mexico’s daily minimum wage (about $5) is less than the hourly minimum wage in the U.S. ($7.25). In China, the minimum wage varies from city to city, but factory workers often toil long hours for less than $200 a month.

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September 24th, 2013
8:35 am

Modern day slavery….


September 24th, 2013
8:36 am

“Not everyone follows the rules here, so if you really want to make something happen you can make it happen,” said a businessman from California. “No one is going to fault you for not following all the rules.”
#### Code for “we can freely treat people like crap and no one cares.” Chinese workers even eventually started to unionize. Enjoy it while it lasts… although, I’d personally would never enjoy treating people like animals.


September 24th, 2013
8:38 am

So the GOP solution to too many Mexicans trying to enter the US is to make the US economy so decrepit that even the Mexicans already here want to move back to their home country, taking many US citizens with them.

destin dawg

September 24th, 2013
9:04 am

Edward… this is Obama’s economy !!! can’t be anti business… pro labor union… raise taxes… and create jobs… Econ 101 …

Don't Tread

September 24th, 2013
9:17 am

If a product isn’t made here and I have no choice but to buy an imported product, I’d rather it be from Mexico than China.

Don't Tax Me Bro

September 24th, 2013
9:26 am

The person in charge of this country is a worthless ego-maniac. Legitimate Americans are leaving b/c they are tired of giving half of their paycheck away to people who don’t want to work and to a spend happy government.


September 24th, 2013
9:27 am

Edward, white Americans will do whatever they can to get as many Mexicans to go back to their native country only to make sure the US will never have a democratic President. We as a nation underestimate the value of having the Mexican population here in the US. Furthermore, although this article may have hold some truths, the majority of Mexicans will continue their life here in the US.


September 24th, 2013
9:30 am

Edward, the Democrats run this country now, and have for many years.

But more importantly, the article only discusses documented immigrants, not illegals, and the number of illegals coming up into the US is far higher, and currently rising by all reports.

But I wouldn’t expect the NYT to talk about that because it would defeat their narrative. They know they can depend on superficial thinkers like you who still think the GOP is in charge to be completely snookered and believe the pile of junk they are pushing.

Van Jones

September 24th, 2013
9:32 am

LadyTee, what exactly is the value of having the Mexican population here?


September 24th, 2013
9:34 am

Capitalists will go anywhere labor is cheap. The cheaper the better. If capitalists could get away with paying labor nothing, they would. They care for nothing other than money.

Don't Tax Me Bro

September 24th, 2013
9:42 am

People will soon come to the realization that the Dem’s want to suppress any type of self reliance. If they did not keep people under their thumbs with all the entitlement programs, they would be out of business. They want you to believe you cannot do things for your self, which keeps the slugs suckling from their proverbial teat.

[...] More Americans are moving to Mexico than Mexicans are moving to the U.S. [...]


September 24th, 2013
9:54 am

Hey my wife and I are seriously looking to take the wealth we have created and saved to another country where we can have some freedom with our financial decision making and not feel like we have bullseyes on our wallet. Given a choice between a rising 3rd world country and the last flailing “superpower”, I am leaning toward the former.


September 24th, 2013
9:58 am

Breaking: The office of the President of the United States does not make laws.



September 24th, 2013
9:58 am

I think you all are missing the big picture items here. 1) American manufacturing has degraded to a point where producing anything here is almost impossible, if you want to stay in business. 2) Many Americans of means (those evil capitalists) are indeed exploring other places to settle down. You may hate them, but you need them. If all of those evil 1%ers leave, you are just left with 99% of the population with their hands out, and nobody around to put anything in it. Take all the QBs out of the NFL and tell me how riveting that sport is to watch.


September 24th, 2013
10:04 am

I don’t need anyone who doesn’t care if I live or die in the pursuit of making them a dime. No, thank you.

Adios Amigos?

September 24th, 2013
10:11 am

All you folks out there that think the other 99% would starve if the 1% was to up and vanish? Where do you think the 1% started out? All your heros were part of the 99% once.

Fletch, if you took all of the QBs out of the NFL, then the QBs in the Canadian football league would replace them and the NFL wouldn’t miss a beat. Everyone is replacable, even you. Vaya con dios, muchacho!

Jack ®

September 24th, 2013
10:13 am

Capital goes where it is welcome and stays where it is treated well.

Adios Amigos?

September 24th, 2013
10:21 am

By the way, if we’re using the NFL as a metaphor for the US economy, the QBs would still be part of the 99%. The NFL owners are the 1% and the QBs are all members of the NFL Players Union, you know the ones that regularly strike to get a share of the profits and better workplace conditions and health benefits. Who knew that our working class heros were damned commies after all?!

Econ Recon

September 24th, 2013
10:25 am

My my my… The lefty looney Obamatons are showing their true colors on this article! The hatred of capitalists is oozing out of every pore of their body. My question to folks such as Edward, fkl;ds and others is “What would your grand plan be for our economy without those evil captalists?” How would you run this society if you had the power to wipe out all capitalists with the wave a magic wand? I await your enlightened and well reasoned response.

Can't We All Just Get Along

September 24th, 2013
10:42 am

Why would anyone want to wipe out ALL entitlement programs? Why not just reform the ones we have already so that they’re disagreeable for both sides? It’s called compromise and it’s how governement works. You all sound like anarchists when you talk about drastic measures.

When people have nothing, they’ll do anything.

The hidden agenda

September 24th, 2013
10:54 am

How many are retirees looking to get away from the imminent hyperinflation that the Federal Reserve is going to cause and how many are actually moving for business growth? And of those, how many really moved there just to exploit slave labor (as is implied) and how many moved there to avoid the ravages of Obamacare, the oppressive EPA, and the other mountain of regulations that are more about destroying businesses than keeping anyone safe?

And just how many businesses would rather stay in the US and utilize a better-educated workforce but have no other choice if they wish to compete – thanks again to the oppressive tax and regulatory burdens both state and federal government impose on them?

Thanks for pushing the Progressive/liberal line by the way. We certainly don’t enough of that in the AJC on a daily basis. LOL

The Geezer

September 24th, 2013
1:32 pm

OK, lets get our facts straight.

The newspaper states “For the first time, more Americans are moving to Mexico than Mexicans are moving to the U.S.”

Then we read that Americans make up 75% of the 1,000,000 foreigners that live in Mexico (which would be 750,000 people.

However there are 12,000,000 Mexicans living illegally in the USA. So the writer that wrote that more Americans are moving to Mexico than Mexicans are moving to the USA needs to go back to school and take a basic mathematics class (and perhaps an additional journalism class on fact checking prior to publishing).

Now for the math lesson. 12,000,000 is a lot more than 750,000.


September 24th, 2013
2:52 pm

Leave it to the “guy from California” to come up with an excuse for cheating and breaking laws


September 24th, 2013
3:43 pm

WHOA!!! – So all those Executive Orders the President has been issuing are worthless and we don’t have to follow them? Good to know.