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Busted: Cops’ bra sizes accidentally released

"Blacky," the bulletproof Cartersville police dog said the news out of Detroit is "ruff." (AJC file photo from 2000)

"Blacky," the bulletproof Cartersville police dog said the news out of Detroit is "ruff." (AJC file photo from 2000)

What do you get when you sue a city $20 billion in debt?

Probably nothing, but that’s not stopping female police officers in Detroit from filing two grievances against the police department for releasing their bra sizes.

Detroit TV station WJKB reports the lawsuits and one EEOC complaint were filed by female officers and the police union after a spreadsheet containing the height, weight and bra size of officers was emailed to male officers.

The female officers had provided cup size information while being fitted for bullet-proof vests. At some point, a commander thought spamming the spreadsheet would be a good way to tell everyone their vests were ready.

About 50 officers got the email, including 30 men.

Somehow, the mistake in judgment made it through several layers of management without someone saying “Instead of attaching this spreadsheet, why not just sent …

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$1 homes used as people bait in Indiana city

Residents of Gary, Indiana saw the writing "Off the Wall" and left in droves. (AP)

Residents of Gary, Indiana saw the writing "Off the Wall" and moonwalked out of town in droves. (AP)

The next time someone on the street asks you for a dollar for a refreshing adult beverage, humbly suggest they use the provided funds to purchase a home in another state instead.

For less than what it costs to buy a cup of coffee, there’s 10,000 or so abandoned homes that may soon be available in Gary, Indiana, a city that despite losing more than half of its population retains a certain zombie apocalyptic charm.

The mayor of the Michael Jackson’s home town, Karen Freeman-Wilson says the $1 home program works. She should know, she bought her first home for $1 more than 20 years ago and just look at her now.

Freeman-Wilson wants to sell 50 homes a year, but successful home buyers have to jump through a few annoying hoops.

One onerous requirement is that all $1 home purchasers have a verifiable income of at least $35,250. It seems to me that a person making that kind of coin will …

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Rodeo clowns to endure sensitivity training

The sad state of modern rodeo clowning. (AP)

The sad state of modern rodeo clowning. (AP)

It has been a ‘Tuffy’ week for rodeo clowns.

The fateful decline of the sacred art of rodeo clownage began Aug. 10, when a man later identified by family as Tuffy Gessling dared to don the mask of a U.S. president and taunt a large, horned ruminant.

Like many bad things, this happened in Missouri, a state barely qualified to compete at the highest level of college football.

As Tuffy wore the mask, the rodeo announcer asked the assembled crowd of people who think animals don’t feel pain like humans if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”

The crowd screamed its approval, maybe because they were there to be entertained and figured the man in the Obama mask was likely not the actual president of the U.S. but a man who had agreed to entertain them with lively and potentially dangerous and politically incorrect antics.

Unfortunately for clowns, this attempt at humor was deemed an affront on taste, decency and perhaps even …

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Lawsuit: ‘Geek Squad’ shared woman’s nude pics

A University of Alabama student with nude photos on her computer decided to drop it off with a team of self-described “geeks” for repair.

What could go wrong?

Only the obvious.

Nicole March, who says she took the nude photos for an art course, is suing Best Buy after her nude pics appeared on the Internet.

According to the lawsuit, March took the computer to a Tuscaloosa Best Buy in August of 2011 and paid $131 for the Geek Squad to salvage data from her hard drive.

Nine months later, March, who worked part-time at the massive electronics chain, was told by a male Geek Squad member that he had nude photos of her and someone else had made them available as a download on Pirate Bay and other Internet sites.

March initially took her complaints to a manager, who later asked that she do him “the favor of not asking who the culprit was.” She filed a police report a week later but no criminal charges were brought.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court, alleges no one at Best Buy …

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The rise and fall of Beanie Babies

"The Richest Man in Babylon" was not available at the local library. (AJC photo from 1997)

"The Richest Man in Babylon" was not available at the local library. (AJC photo from 1997)

Twenty years after the introduction of Beanie Babies, you have to think that if they’d been stuffed with actual beans, at least you could eat them and they’d be worth something.

Alas, they were stuffed with inedible plastic pellets and are now mostly worthless.

That wasn’t always the case. Just a couple of years after being introduced in 1993, the tiny amalgamation of bean bag and cuteness sold like hotcakes and were considered highly collectible.

A few years later, however, demand went south faster than a deputy accused of murder and collectible value plummeted.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, like most other media outlets, reported on the craze. Our archives contain dozens of photos of happy (and later unhappy) Beanie Babies buyers.

“They’re cuter than trolls and softer than Pet Rocks. And right now, they’re hotter than Matchbox cars,” was the unfortunate lead of a 1996 …

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Science: ‘Miracle’ tears on tree just bug poo

A pea aphid contacted Tuesday declined comment. (National Taiwan University)

A pea aphid contacted Tuesday declined comment. (National Taiwan University)

Science, like facts, can ruin a good story.

Consider the famed “weeping” tree outside St. John’s Cathedral in Fresno, California. Last Wednesday, someone noticed small drips of what appeared to be water were emanating from the crepe myrtle’s branches.

Some consider the fluid the “tears of God” and a small group of believers began huddling under the tree each day.

“I said my prayer and asked the Lord to give me a miracle cause I’m really, really sick,” said Rosemarie Navarro to the local NBC station, WPTV.

Parishioner Maria Ybarra says, “When you say ‘glory be to God in Jesus name’ the tree starts throwing out more water.”

Then, a pesky know-it-all came around and started spewing facts.

Arborist Jon Reelhorn, the aforementioned smartypants, says the water is actually aphid excrement.

“The aphids will suck the sap, the sap goes through the aphid and … it gets so heavy in the summertime that it will drip …

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Casino gives $1 million to wrong man

What's in a name? $1 million. (Image from

What's in a name? $1 million. (Image from

Parents who name their children “Messiah” or something no human can hope to spell successfully on the first try need to be reminded that common names have advantages.

Take the case of boring ole “Kevin Lewis,” who, just because he has the same name as hundreds of other men, is today $1 million richer.

The Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati had planned to give away $1 million Saturday to the lucky winner of a drawing. In front of TV cameras and a crowd of expectant guests, an announcer boomed: “Our next millionaire is Kevin Lewis!” writes Cincinnati’s Channel 9.

That’s when one of at least two Kevin Lewises who’d entered the giveaway went nuts, excitedly hugged his fiancee and posed for TV cameras as Cincinnati’s newest millionaire.

The actual winner, another Kevin Lewis, 50, was at home.

The casino realized its mistake after the cameras had rolled, but decided to let both men keep their million.

“This was our blunder,” said …

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Study: Smartest women not having children

dancingIn a development that may doom humanity, it seems smart women don’t want to have babies as much as the feminine dullards breeding among us.

The study, conducted by a man for some reason, determined a woman’s urge to have children decreases by 25 percent for every extra 15 IQ points.

What is an “extra IQ point?” I presume every point over 100, the standard mean IQ score.

Satoshi Kanazawa, a controversial (more on this adjective later) psychologist at the London School of Economics, said 20 percent of 45-year-old women in England are childless, but among women with college degrees that figure rises to 43 percent.

The notion is not entirely new. A Pew study conducted in 2010 stated women with advanced degrees are least likely to have children.

Kanazawa, in his book The Intelligence Paradox, doesn’t seem happy that smarter women are saying no to motherhood. The first chapter of the book, “Why Intelligent People are the Ultimate Losers in Life,” states “voluntary childlessness” is …

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Surgeon will work free for help finding wife

How surgeons used to find wives in Atlanta. (AJC photo)

How surgeons used to be able to find wives in Atlanta. (AJC photo)

Finding that special someone can’t be that hard. Heck, I met one lady that had averaged one wealthy husband per decade for 60 years.

Still, some have trouble in the romance department. Many turn to dating websites or trolling their Facebook friends’ friends lists. There’s nothing wrong with that, but some people take it too far — multiple dating website accounts, joining more than one gym, visiting various houses of worship to check out the ladies, asking every co-worker if they have a sister, etc.

I’d like to formally apologize for acting like that before I got married to Lil’ Miss Awesome.

But one surgeon who allegedly attended Emory University (as well as Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard and NYU) is accused of sending a mass email in his search for the ideal wife. Those that help him can even get free surgical procedures!

Social media and marketing expert Marc Ensign outs the lonely doctor in a blog post titled …

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Beer giant gets crafty with packaging similar to Flying Dog

The resemblance is uncanny, or is that unbottley? (Image from

The resemblance is uncanny, or is that unbottley? (Image from

There’s two things you shouldn’t mess with — a man’s woman and his beer. *

Beer conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns at least one alcoholic beverage stripped of taste, has yet to learn that lesson.

A beer and whiskey review site alleges A-B InBev is using packaging quite similar to that of Flying Dog Brewery, a legitimate craft beer maker in Maryland, for its line of beers under Blue Dawg Brewing label. has a nice photo (at right) showing the similarities between a Flying Dog product and Blue Dawg’s “Rascal’s Wild Red.”

Flying Dog uses the distinctive art of British cartoonist Ralph Steadman, best known for his illustration of Hunter S. Thompson works.

When Beer & Whiskey Bros. contacted A-B InBev and was told any perceived similarity in packaging is “a very great stretch of the imagination.”

And …

“If a consumer is surprised to learn that the beer they’re …

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