News To Me: Dogs in pantyhose and other mysteries

There's something wrong with people. (Photo from

Signs of the Apocalypse are increasing in frequency and intensity. You have been warned. (Photo from

After a weekend dominated by sports (Final Four, Braves sweep), I feel the need to share with intelligent readers of this blog the sort of news that reveals not only the depth of human suffering, but humanity’s unyielding sense of dignity and nobility.

But it’s easier to just show these pictures of dogs wearing pantyhose.

Clearly, the good people of Hong Kong must be stopped ere the appellation “man’s best friend” is lost forever.

Why do such a thing to a pet? I’m not sure, but the English word “sexy” in the URL is clear cause for concern.

Hopefully PETA is on this.

Meanwhile, in other news:

  • A North Carolina doctor has located a 6-inch extraterrestrial baby in Chile. Instead of presenting the facts in a scientific journal he will be making his case in a movie. Since a circus freak show tent was not available, this seems perfectly reasonable.
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their 5th anniversary in Cuba, and two Republican lawmakers wants to know if they broke federal law. The communist regime is allegedly using the “superstar couple’s” visit as propaganda, reports CNN. U.S. does not prevent Americans from visiting the island, but it does make it a crime for most to spend money there. The million or so Canadians that visit the beaches there each year are wondering what the fuss is about.
  • Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died. You probably heard that elsewhere, but I doubt you have heard this story about the “Iron Lady.” Once, while meeting with the communist leader of Yugoslavia, Tito, he is alleged to have said “Women should not meddle in politics.” He was referring to an ex-wife, but Thatcher wasn’t going to let him get away with that. She replied: As for me, I don’t meddle in politics — I am politics.” Whatever your political leaning, you have to admire her temerity.
  • Five tons of Nutella, a delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread, have been stolen in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. This sort of thing never happens in Good Hersfeld. I’m not a cop, but I’d keep a close watch on any upcoming hot croissant shipments.
  • Chilean authorities are exhuming the body of Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda to see if he was poisoned. Neruda, a staunch supporter of ousted president Salvador Allende, died 12 days after Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s 1973 coup. More than 3,000 people “were disappeared and killed during Pinochet’s 17-year military rule. As Neruda might say, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”
  • A British grandmother is set to die by firing squad in Bali for alleged drug trafficking. Lindsay Sandiford, 56, says she was forced to transport 10 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase by a gang who had threatened her children. Prosecutors had asked that she be given a 15-year sentence, but a panel of judges sentenced her to death for damaging Bali’s image as a tourist destination. I’m sure tourists will be flocking to Bali now.
  • While eating at Community BBQ this weekend, I got a WSJ alert telling me of a “New Health Worry in Red Meat.” The article says “carnitine,” a compound abundant in red meat, raises the risk of heart disease. Bacteria in the digestive system of meat eaters turns the carnitine into something called TMAO, which leads to thickening of the arteries. “Cholesterol is still needed to clog the arteries,” researchers say, but carnitine may explain “why two people can have the same LDL level but one develops cardiovascular disease and the other doesn’t.” Vegans will be pleased to know they “lose the ability to digest carnitine.” BBQ lovers will be pleased to know the brisket at Community BBQ is fantastic.
  • A homeless man who won $50,000 in the lottery is shopping for a new tent. He’s also going to give $100 to each of his homeless pals. Dennis Mahurin, who has lived in a tent for more than 20 years, asked a reporter what he would do with the money. The reporter said he “wouldn’t know where to begin.” Mahurin responded, “Yeah, that’s because you’ve got a job and a place to stay. I’m living in a tent, happy as can be in my nature.” Let’s hope he gets a tent security system.

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