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‘God particle’ revealed day after new pope announced

Smashing stuff isn't just for children. (CERN)

Smashing stuff isn't just for kids and drunks. (CERN)

Scientists said Thursday, the day after a new pope was announced, they are confident they have found the alleged “God particle.”



Physicists akin to those Big Bang Theory nerds (only they really know how math works) at The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) said “it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is.”

Which may make you wonder what is this Higgs boson stuff?

After much research, I have concluded it is not spelled bosom and has nothing to do with a woman’s chest.

A boson is a type of subatomic particle that briefly reveals itself after scientists smash together protons traveling at the speed of light (see photo insert). Peter Higgs, a British scientist, posited bosons existed in the 1960s.

Europe, which is not exactly rolling in dough, has spent more than $13 billion trying to find this subatomic …

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Have a giant Coke and a smile

One soda lover (pictured) celebrated the judge's decision by ordering the biggest Coke he could find. (AJC FILE PHOTO)

One soda lover (pictured) celebrated the judge's decision by ordering the biggest Coke he could find. (AJC FILE PHOTO)

Freedom and giant sodas are not free, but they sure do taste good.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had sought to limit the size of sugary soft drinks to a paltry 16 ounces, will appeal a judge’s decision that nixed the ban before it took effect today.

Let us hope the judge believes nothing says America like washing down a plate of BBQ with a bucket-sized sweet tea.

State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling, whose last name is also the sensation you get from overdosing on Mountain Dew, said Bloomberg’s proposal is “arbitrary” because it applies to only some sugary beverages and some places that sell them.

“The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of this rule,” Tingling wrote in a victory for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and the makers of lesser beverages.

The judge also said the Bloomberg-appointed Board of Health went beyond …

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Time change continues to plague modern society

Bad news for the sleep deprived: It’s time to “spring forward.”
We have Ben Franklin, seen here posing as a lightning rod atop the Franklin County (Penn.) Courthouse, to thank for Daylight Saving Time (and lightning rods).
Most of us will simply set the clock ahead one hour before going to sleep Saturday. Those who want to be chronologically correct 24/7 need to move the hour hand on their wristwatch ahead one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday.
If it seems we’re springing ahead sooner than usual, you’re stuck in the past. Congress, in 2005, amended the Uniform Time Act of 1966 to move Daylight Saving Time to the second Sunday of March beginning in 2007. Previously, most of America sprung forward the first week of April.
We’ll “fall back” to Standard Time the first Sunday of November.
Here’s some interesting tidbits about time:
* Ben Franklin, at age 78, came up with the idea of Daylight Saving Time in 1784, perhaps to save the money he was burning for lamp oil in his Paris home.
* Federal …

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Kate Upton clone reveals self on Twitter

Until science figures out how to clone Kate Upton, mail-order brides will remain popular, it is presumed.

Fortunately for men with eyeballs, a one-time self-proclaimed “mail-order bride in training” looks like the Sports Illustrated model, recreated the magazine’s titillating cover shot and sent it to Upton on Twitter.

Gawker and Mashable dub the woman a doppelgänger, and Gawker even uses those weird dots over the “a” to make them appear smarter than Mashable.

Upton, upon viewing her likeness on Twitter, simply said “amazing.”

The woman, whose name is Ania according to her Twitter profile, got so much attention from Upton fans and other potential stalkers she began protecting her tweets.

She also changed her bio to say she’s “not really a mail order bride,” which pretty much ruins my lead, but hey, it’s almost quitting time.

Mentality Magazine, which must have a man running its Twitter account, says the photo hopefully will start a new meme called “Uptoning.”

I’m down with …

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Military jet flyover startles Atlantans

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's maybe a speck of dust on the lens of the iPhone? (Kelley Conway)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's maybe a speck of dust on the lens of the iPhone? (Kelley Conway)

Intown Atlanta residents and office workers got quite a shock Tuesday as a military jet buzzed the city.

Twitter immediately lit up with people wondering why their office windows were shaking.

Several people reported seeing a military jet fly by, and one AJC Twitter follower, Kelley Conway, even managed to get a picture of the fast-moving jet, thought to be a Marine F-18.

“Too stunned to get a closer shot, but here’s [a picture] after it turned east,” wrote Kelley on Twitter.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed a flyover occurred at 11 a.m. to honor a deceased military veteran.

According to an obituary in the AJC, the funeral for Marine Col. William LeRoy Bates Jr., was held Tuesday at 11 a.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church on North Avenue.

Bates, 91, of Atlanta, died Feb. 22 from complications of an aneurysm.

During World War II, Bates served on the USS Lexington and …

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CDC: Georgia No. 4 in syphilis cases

Syphilis rates in Georgia by county. (CDC)

Syphilis rates in Georgia by county. (CDC)

Georgia’s No. 4, and unfortunately we’re not talking about pre-season college football rankings.

The Centers for Disease Control, based in Atlanta, says in a new report that Georgia ranks fourth among U.S. states and territories in syphilis infections.

Georgia also ranks seventh in gonorrhea and eighth for chlamydia, two of the more difficult to spell sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the CDC, Georgia reported 678 cases of syphilis in 2011, the most recent data available. That doesn’t sound like many people, but the rate of infection (7 per 100,000 people) in Georgia is almost twice the national average (4.5 cases per 100,000).

Who has the disease in Georgia?

The CDC study provided the following data (number of cases per 100,000):

  • Men: 13.1
  • Women: 1.2
  • Whites: 1.9
  • Blacks: 17.7
  • Hispanics: 2.0
  • Asian/Pacific Islanders: 0.9
  • American Indians: 12.2

In The Athens Banner-Herald, Lynn Beckmann, the District 10 Infectious Diseases …

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Nerd fury as Obama mixes Star Wars, Star Trek lore

He shot first. (AP Photo/20th Century-Fox Film Corporation)

He shot first. (AP Photo/20th Century-Fox Film Corporation)

President Obama, in an apparent attempt at sci-fi-bipartisanship, today said he did not perform a “Jedi Mind Meld with Republican leaders to end the automatic federal budget cuts known as sequestration.

As soon as the most powerful being (on this planet) jumbled Star Wars and Star Trek lore, the Twitterverse erupted in Nerd Fury.

“Am deeply disappointed that Pres Obama just referred to a Jedi Mindmeld. #fail #yourenotrekker, said @joshtpm.

“Jedi mind TRICK, not meld. Impeach this clown,” said @daveweigel.

Politico and Salon were among the news organizations drawing attention to the intergalactic gaffe.

As anyone still living in their mom’s basement can tell you, Obama was likely trying to say “Jedi Mind Trick,” a mental ploy famously used by Obi-Wan Kenobi to slip past Empire guards in Star Wars.

A “Vulcan Mind Meld” is how Spock, science officer aboard the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek television series (and …

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