Have a giant Coke and a smile

One soda lover (pictured) celebrated the judge's decision by ordering the biggest Coke he could find. (AJC FILE PHOTO)

One soda lover (pictured) celebrated the judge's decision by ordering the biggest Coke he could find. (AJC FILE PHOTO)

Freedom and giant sodas are not free, but they sure do taste good.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had sought to limit the size of sugary soft drinks to a paltry 16 ounces, will appeal a judge’s decision that nixed the ban before it took effect today.

Let us hope the judge believes nothing says America like washing down a plate of BBQ with a bucket-sized sweet tea.

State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling, whose last name is also the sensation you get from overdosing on Mountain Dew, said Bloomberg’s proposal is “arbitrary” because it applies to only some sugary beverages and some places that sell them.

“The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of this rule,” Tingling wrote in a victory for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and the makers of lesser beverages.

The judge also said the Bloomberg-appointed Board of Health went beyond its authority in approving the size limit and the matter should have been handled by elected city officials.

The ban had more loopholes than the corporate tax code.

According to an article by Bloomberg (the news service owned by the billionaire mayor), the ban did not prevent unlimited refills. And, despite being informally dubbed the “Big Gulp” ban, the proposal would not have affected convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, progenitor of the aforementioned Big Gulp, or grocery stores.

Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to be healthier for financial reasons. The state spends an estimated $12 billion a year treating the obese.

But it’s not just soft drinks that make people fat.

Why not ban sugar packets that people dump into coffee? Or ban cars so people walk more.

Why not ban cheeseburgers?

Doesn’t sound very American, does it?

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March 12th, 2013
8:04 am

He doesn’t want to ban giant sodas so he can take away one of your rights. He wants to ban them because it’s nicer than calling you a disgusting fat@$$ and waiting for you to pop.


March 12th, 2013
8:20 am

Good. This would have been nuts. How about the state stop spending money to treat the obese and just let their fat butts wither away.

X Mayor B

March 12th, 2013
8:38 am

And their Pizza are Ok? Hmmmmmmmum


March 12th, 2013
8:51 am

Finally a federal judge with some common sense!!!

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Dennis A

March 12th, 2013
9:45 am

Heil Hitler. Well, “this” Hitler loast.


March 12th, 2013
11:01 am

I am going to the Waffle House and order a triple plate, scattered smothered, and covered to celebrate. I will enjoy every last little fattening bit too.


March 12th, 2013
11:04 am

If soda legislation is passed and legitimate, then what is to stop the police busting any individual driving around a Wal-Mart in a power chair that’s too fat to walk that buys a pizza? SHOULDN’T THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED ANYWAY for disturbing the peace, defiling human dignity, and being ugly fat gross looking slobs?

The Sugar Project

March 12th, 2013
11:07 am

Look up the PPT (power point presentation) titled The Sugar Project. You’ll learn more about why
managing sugar and soda consumption is so important. For one thing the toll on our economy from obesity related illness. So check it out. Real sense is to avoid soda at all cost.


March 12th, 2013
11:07 am

The Government has gone nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 12th, 2013
11:25 am

I am actually OK with some kind of food restrictions to manage obesity in the population. But it’s got to be equitable. You cannot target just one source of sugar in a few sales locations. If there’s going to be a ban, it should be “across the board.” If you limit only sugary soft drinks, then people will just migrate to other types of sugar-filled beverages, such as milkshakes, latte’s, juice-drinks, etc. You don’t accomplish much – or results don’t change if it is not fully encompassing, fair and equitable.


March 12th, 2013
11:29 am

Did they REALLY think a ban on large sized drinks was going to stop people from drinking sweet drinks? That was THE dumbest idea I EVER heard. Heck, I’d just buy TWO medium drinks, which would add up to even MORE of the drink. Get busy passing laws that are IMPORTANT, like keeping out illegals, etc.


March 12th, 2013
11:30 am

Yes, Soda may be no good for you, but let folks decide for themselves. ie Cigarettes and anything else.


March 12th, 2013
11:32 am

“Reasonable” people give up their rights by allowing government to control OTHER people, expecting government to be fair. That’s how reasonable people end up in gas chambers. A reasonable person, like Les, who trusts government, expects government to be “fair,” learns NOTHING from history. Les becomes just one more body, one more clone, one more slave to be managed from cradle to grave until government finds it is fair to no longer need Les and dispose of him. Ignorant people wanting government to be fair are robbing us all of our freedoms.


March 12th, 2013
11:45 am

Was this some tea party type judge ? Doesn’t he know America got to be the greatest nation ever because politicians told us what to eat & drink ? Would would our founders think of this pathetic judge that would rather have people decide for themselves what portion drink they want ?


March 12th, 2013
12:08 pm

I’ll be dammed if any Gov’t is going to tell me what how much I can eat or drink, i’m 5′8 169lbs and 60 years old. I’ll eat or drink whatever the hell I want. PERIOD…


March 12th, 2013
12:17 pm

It’s up to individuals to disipline themselves,hey Sugar Project and the rest of you socialists, Super size drinks are nothing new, the problems lies with people being sedentry, kids sitting around playing video games on the couch.Lack of exercise.It’s like the Gun issue,guns just don’t up and kill people, it’s the moron behind the gun.

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Hughie Hogg

March 13th, 2013
10:45 am

Most of us probably should drink more H2O and less other stuff but that’s strictly an individual decision.

I find it interesting that the NYC voters keep reelecting Bloomberg. Either they like Mayor Nanny telling them how to live or they’re not paying attention.