Homemade Syrian tank uses video game controller

A damaged poster of Syrian President Bashar Assad. (AP)

A damaged poster of Syrian President Bashar Assad. (AP)

“War never changes,” the saying goes, but the implements of destruction certainly do.

Rebels in Syria working to topple dictator President Bashar Assad have slapped together a homemade tank that uses a video game controller to aim its machine gun. Hit up Agence France-Presse for a picture.

A crew of two controls the SUV-sized vehicle. One steers with a wheel like you’d find in a car. The other aims the forward-mounted gun with the PlayStation-styled controller.

Five cameras attached to flatscreen TV show the video gamers … I mean rebels … what is going on outside.

The homegrown “Sham II” hasn’t been used in battle yet, but I wonder if Sham I was controlled with a Wiimote?

I’m not sure I’d want to go into battle in a $10,000 homemade tank, but you have to credit the rebels for thinking outside the metal, wheeled box.

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