Apple’s new maps lose way

Steve Jobs would not be laughing.

Steve Jobs would not be laughing.

Many Apple fans feel lost without their iPhones.

But those lining up to buy the new iPhone 5 Friday may actually get lost if they use the mapping software in Apple’s new iOS 6, released earlier this week for the new iPhone, iPads and the older iPhone 4s.

The Wall Street Journal reports “Apple makes wrong turn as users blast map switch.

Apple, which had used Google’s mapping software since the launch of the hugely successful iPhone in 2007, decided to chart their own course with the latest mobile operating system.

It seems to have a few bugs.

Technology blog TechRadar says “the sound you hear is Google giggling, a lot.

A Tumblr blog quickly emerged — The Amazing iOS 6 Maps — that points out a few of the apparent problems.

One map shows Berlin (usually located in Germany), situated at the South Pole. Another shows Monterey, California a few hundred miles inland, which must shock the area’s famed sea lions.

Some user-submitted maps show graphical anomalies such as water that looks like grass, flattened 3D buildings, and jagged topography.

Directions seem to be glitchy as well, with some screenshots showing multiple routes that do not end at the user’s choosen destination.

The good news? Apple has enough money to fix any technological problem, and surely will. And, Google plans to offer a maps app for iOS 6 soon.

Until then, iPhone 5 users shouldn’t go looking for the Washington Monument in D.C. near the Potomac River. It’s actually located in the center of the National Mall.

Have you tried iOS 6 maps? How do Atlanta locales fare in the new software?

Photos: Atlantans line up for iPhone 5.

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September 21st, 2012
8:25 am

Google doesn’t giggle when someone raises the price of obtaining knowledge. The giggling you hear is coming from the old boys at Microsoft PR. Watch for a long lasting negative campaign targeting enterprise decision makers.


September 21st, 2012
8:53 am

There appears to be a 10 foot outcropping blocking my driveway.

rahul patil

September 21st, 2012
9:00 am

Apple is getting taste of their own medicine!! Yaay


September 21st, 2012
9:03 am

I can see the Windows phone pitch for enterprise business. Apple’s vendetta has bungled their voice, video and maps, don’t commit to Apple phones unless you want them to bungle your email and ecommerce as well.


September 21st, 2012
9:40 am

Like sheep, ilemmings are easily tamed. Sorry, I already have a galaxy s3.


September 21st, 2012
11:17 am

I saw images on CNet last night. Looked like someone tried to divide by zero.

Harriet PW

September 21st, 2012
12:17 pm

I thought it was just me…I tested it yesterday after I got the download for my iPhone 4S. I simply tried to get home from work and it got me to my neighborhood but not to my house. That would not have been good if someone was coming to my house for the first time, they would have actually ended up in another subdivision, never getting to mine. Still love my iPhone and I’m sure the fix is on the way…just makes me wonder what they do in testing though, LOL!


September 21st, 2012
12:22 pm

Patrick! Hahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahaha!

NaN’s all the way baby!

Oh *wipes eyes*, thanks for the laugh.

*still giggling*