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Decatur ‘bacon dangler’ to hit the streets

Erica Ray, before she needed bacon to run.

Erica Ray, pictured before needing the motivational power of bacon, has competed in the fabled Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race. She has never won.

Few things motivate an out-of-shape athlete like dangling pork products.

Those who doubt such an assertion need only check a recent craigslist employment ad.

Job requirements? Keeping a properly prepared pork product near a runner’s face to encourage forward movement; running a few miles without going horizontal; fending off bacon-loving varmints (aka wild dogs) and potentially dodging bullets.

Pay? $10 per mile plus tips.

Curiously enough, the advertisement is not a hoax.

Decatur resident Erica Ray, 29, a Norfolk Southern field testing coordinator, has already hired what may be the world’s first bacon dangler.

Ray, who has tried her hand as a professional comedian, wrote the whimsical but effective ad because “getting to the gym has been a challenge lately so I figured bacon would be a good motivator.”

Dangled beef …

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