Magazine rudely ranks Atlanta as 7th rudest U.S. city

Being a Southerner and True Gentleman, I could teach a course on manners. I even recall the lost arts of salad forks, soup spoons and which side of the sidewalk to be on when escorting a lady. If I ever take my wife to fancier environs than the Trackside Tavern, I’m ready.

Atlanta visitors often cite the city's slow and outdated taxi service as a cause of outrage.

Atlanta visitors often cite the city's slow and outdated taxi service as a cause of outrage.

Imagine my chagrin when learning Atlanta has been crowned the 7th crabbiest city in America by readers of a magazine I’d never heard of until today.

According to my research (aka Google search), the same publication, New York City-based Travel and Leisure, ranked Atlanta as the 11th rudest city the last time they compiled their list, so residents of our city have regressed a bit.

Fortunately, I have a ready excuse that absolves native Georgians of much guilt: yankees.

Perhaps it is summed up best by reader Craig T. Jones, who read this blog entry and emailed me about it instead of working.

Atlanta’s 7th “only so because we have so many people who have migrated here from the 6 crabbier places,” wrote Jones.

Yes, our once and future friendly city has been overrun by northerners who’ve grown tired of shoveling sidewalks and decent public schools. Why just the other day I saw someone wearing a New England Patriots cap yelling at a giant TV in a sports bar while pumping his fist. “Ravens suck!” he proclaimed loudly at some poor chap who later told me he was from Baltimore. Not sure what set that dude off.

The magazine’s readers rudely label Atlantans as unattractive and say the The City Too Busy To Hate also seems too busy to party. Maybe they need to visit the Clermont on Thursday night and we need to craft a list of America’s Rudest Magazine Readers?

Here’s an abbreviated list of America’s Rudest Cities: [Complete List]

1: New York City — I’ve always liked the Big Apple except for its weather and baseball teams. Especially the ‘96 baseball team.

2. Miami – I surmise this city too is overrun with northerners, but I know the locals are quite friendly. Once, in a small cantina, I ordered a Coke and the nice waitress I couldn’t understand brought me a piece of cake. Such kindness is rare.

3. Washington D.C. — Full of politicians that’ll argue about anything except what matters, lowering my taxes and raising someone else’s.

4. Los Angeles — The former #1 has dropped a few pegs. Perhaps it’s because the porn industry is leaving town?

5. Boston — Another northern town. Last time I was there it was 8 degrees and even the duck boat driver was cranky.

6. Dallas – Their cheerleaders, long considered No. 1 among prepubescent lads, are actually No. 2, just behind New England.

7. Atlanta – Perhaps the loss of the Atlanta Thrashers has angered more residents than initially feared?

8. Phoenix — Never been there but it looks hot.

9. Baltimore – A miserable experience, according to fellow Georgian Gram Parsons.

10. Orlando – The price of beer at Epcot would put a frown on anyone’s head.

11. Philadelphia — This has to be wrong. You can get your bell rung there just for asking the way to Market Street.

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c hood

February 25th, 2012
1:35 am

Do people still want to put us southerners down? They think they saved us (with BIG industry)…these yankees. They move here in droves . They raise other little rude yankees that our kids have the misfortune of knowing. Learn to say thank you. Learn to eat grits,collards,fried livers, and unsweetend corn bread.I am sick and tired of yankees treating the south like a vacation. If it were a vacation, I would be lucky….that would mean, you were going home.

c hood

February 25th, 2012
2:00 am

YES . I agree, I was born and raised here and close about. When I was little …even Little Five Points was southern , Grant Park and Cabbage Town too. These were areas decent yankees would not tread. I still have realitives in East Atlanta that hold on to the golf course and that it might come back one day. Yankees have ruined this city (first) ,then because of them , others have flocked here in droves. These are people that can not even PRONOUNCE the words “excuse me” need to go too. I am disgusted . Learn the southern way or go back! I open doors for eveybody! Period. I am a pretty southern female and mostly the door is slammed in my face(even when I am with my children) Rude and disrespectful is most of what I see with foreigners and YANKEES..Get out of my town

c hood

February 25th, 2012
11:28 am

Just kidding! These are complaints I have been hearing from locals for years.Please not all southern people have manners either! See how biased that sounds? I love having a great mix of culture and judge everyone on a person to person basis. GET OVER this southern vs Nothern vs, whatever thing.


April 18th, 2012
2:32 am

Right on. Rudest place I’ve ever been. I just moved back and having regrets. It’s much worse than when I lived here during the olympics


May 4th, 2012
2:17 pm

Atlanta is by far, the rudest city I have ever been in on the planet and the rudest when making business calls. They are losers.


May 6th, 2012
2:02 pm

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