FTC: iPhone app can’t cure acne

Smartphone apps are fun and some are even useful, but, according to the Federal Trade Commission, they can’t cure acne.

Advanced cases of acne can only be cured by eating brains, researchers say.

Advanced cases of acne can only be cured by eating brains, say mobile app developers.

Amazingly, 15,000 paying customers thought otherwise and coughed up real cash to download the programs “AcneApp” and “Acne Pwner” from iTunes and the Android Marketplace.

The settlements, announced Thursday, are the first cases the FTC has brought targeting health claims in mobile applications.

The programs’ developers have agreed to “stop making baseless claims” — specifically that red and  blue lights emitted by a smartphone screen can cure acne — to settle FTC charges.

Fines of about $16,000 were also levied, which means the government let these hacks make a profit off their digital snake oil.

Those stupid enough to fall for the scam are invited to submit comments to the FTC. (AcneApp | Acne Pwner)

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September 9th, 2011
1:19 pm

What a bunch of bullzit!


September 9th, 2011
1:19 pm

oh… and “first”

Lonnie Gentry

September 9th, 2011
1:44 pm

Dig that still photo from “Zombie.”


September 9th, 2011
1:59 pm

P.T. Barnum is alive and well even today. What a bunch of morons.


September 9th, 2011
2:25 pm

If you were dumb enough to buy that app you shouldn’t get your money back….Is it really that hard for people to go to their doctor about their acne? If you don’t have insurance though, is it really that hard to walk into walmart to find acne cream?

[...] Fool and his Money are soon… reunited. Apparently folks who were foolish enough to purchase an App to treat/prevent acne are getting their …. [...]

Good Grief

September 9th, 2011
3:12 pm

How could anyone smart enough to operate an iPhone be so freakin stupid to believe an app can cure acne . . . probably the same ones who voted for Obama.


September 9th, 2011
3:24 pm

it worked for me!


September 9th, 2011
3:47 pm

@ Good Grief…they were the stupid ones like your mama to believe that you would could be POTUS one day!


September 9th, 2011
4:48 pm

The app obviously did not work for the guy in the photo. He needs to demand a refund.


September 9th, 2011
5:12 pm

The poster for “Zombie” was on display in the NYC Subways when I was a kid. After all this time, it still hasn’t lost any of it’s shock value. I saw the pic and immediately felt like I was 5 again!


September 9th, 2011
6:03 pm

Anyone who would fall for such a racket is quite gullible. Also, a person would have to be a total crook to try and pass something off like this acne cure which is so totally bogus.

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September 9th, 2011
6:13 pm

Still better than paying money for a fart app.

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September 15th, 2011
12:17 pm

Actually, these people might not be as dumb as it seems at first glance. I’m 19 and still have annoying acne, and have tried every treatment in the book. One of the treatments that worked best for me was red and blue light treatments. You wear light-blocking goggles and, at each session, get either blue or red light shined on your face. The red light decreases facial inflammation, and the blue light kills bacteria in your pores. It’s a legitimate, dermatologist-approved treatment. Acne often improves after a day in the sun for the same reason.

However, the light in the treatments was so powerfully bright that, even through closed eyes and two black plastic stickers and a set of black goggles, it was like looking right at the sun. So the idea is good, it’s just the execution that leaves a little to be desired.


October 7th, 2011
3:17 am

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Victim of fake iPad purchase

February 7th, 2012
12:09 pm

Hey….I got scammed by a fake iPad….At least it wasn’t a fake app…..Only because the iPad was fake….I would have bought that app.