Woman kills cat to create costume for Lady Gaga show

Police say a 20-year-old woman who allegedly wanted to spruce up for a Lady Gaga concert created her costume by killing the family cat.

Lady Gaga fans can be crazier than her stage costumes.

Lady Gaga fans can be crazier than her stage costumes.

According to Channel 4 news in Oklahoma City, Angelina K. Barnes will be charged with animal cruelty for disemboweling the poor creature, mutilating its eyes and putting its liver in a makeup box.

Needless to say, she’s currently housed in a mental ward.

A relative reported the crime after arriving home and finding the light switches covered in duct tape and Barnes dressed in a rain coat with red streaks of cat blood on her face. A court affidavit states Barnes created the costume to wear to a Lady Gaga outfit.

I don’t know much about Lady Gaga, but this site has pictures of the singer smeared in what appears to be fake blood.

Local felines may want to climb a tall tree, she’ll be performing in Atlanta April 18.

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April 15th, 2011
11:25 am

all of you who say that its lady gaga’s fault that this mentally ill person did such a horrible act is just plain dumb. THE GIRL WAS MENTALLY ILL. this was going to happen eventually. How about instead of putting the blame on someone who is literally hundreds and hundreds of miles away, we spread information and encourage people who think that they may be sick to get help before something like this happens again.


April 15th, 2011
11:37 am

jewcowboy, dont mess with a bull or you will get the horns!


April 15th, 2011
1:04 pm

If you are trying to emulate lady gaga you don’t need any dead cats. What you need is a penis and a way to cover your adams apple.


April 15th, 2011
1:55 pm

The b-atch should be disembowled.


April 15th, 2011
2:09 pm

Not a Ga-ga fan but don’t hate her music. (Sexually explicit? I don’t recall actually hearing any lyrics lol) But what this woman did is no fault of the musician. I remember when some kids killed themselves after Metallica released “Enter Sandman.” There were other situations where it seems like songs or musicians pushed someone over the edge – the point is they were on the edge to begin with and if this hadn’t pushed them over, something else would have. We can’t rubber pad the world for idiots or the mentally insane. This is life in a free country, enter at your own risk.


April 15th, 2011
2:10 pm

we live in a sick world.no hope for ppl, like that. give them the same treatment, maybe the world, would be a better place.

Whata Joke

April 15th, 2011
2:25 pm





April 15th, 2011
4:11 pm

It’s all Lady Gaga’s fault that insane people everywhere are killing their pets to imitate her. Last year Lady Gaga killed a cow and wore his flesh as a meat dress at an award show. Now this lady kills a cat and wears his blood as makeup and people call her crazy. But they called Lady Gaga a style icon with her meat dress.


April 15th, 2011
4:50 pm

june bullied

April 15th, 2011
6:37 pm

this is your typical whackjob. that poor innocent kittie. i hope her family disowns her. she needs to be charged, heavily fined with all monies going towards animal welfare, thrown in jail with a ‘big bertha’ for a cellmate and forgotten about. maybe someone will disembowel her like big bertha.
lowlife cowardly cretin!


April 15th, 2011
8:20 pm

Wow you all are sooo misinformed. The meat dress was meant to be a message and was made by designer Franc Fernandez. On why Lady Gaga chose a meat dress, she told Ellen DeGeneres that it was a symbolic choice: “Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth. However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening … If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat.”
It is people like you who judge and bully others and spread lies. Her music is about not judging others and being proud of who you are. I am 30 years old, the mother of 2, and LOVE her music. I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me. And obviously the girl who did that to her cat was mentally ill and needs help.
I’m a little and proud of it!!!


April 15th, 2011
8:23 pm

I’m a little monster and proud of it…

Alaina Watts

April 16th, 2011
11:46 am

I think this woman was a nut to begin with. I mean, people know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Also, people of sound mind know when something is real and something is fake. I don’t think blaming Lady Gaga for someone’s idiotic\psychotic behavior is the answer here. Already this woman was being treated for depression. Stop blaming the artist here for being different. Start blaming the person that did the act in the first place. And please stop throwing a superstar’s name in a story to make it sell. This was a crazy b**ch in the first place.

PR Professional

April 16th, 2011
12:22 pm

Anbody who thinks this is cool (i.e. Haley) belongs in a mental ward with this person. And I suggest Gaga make a statement against animal cruelty and donate to the ASPCA.


April 17th, 2011
3:24 am

It’s just a cat – hell 90% of us go to the store and buy bloody pieces of dead animal to eat. It’s not like they are exactly endangered either…. who really cares?


April 17th, 2011
5:33 pm

woooooooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 19th, 2011
1:33 pm

Woman is mentally ill…doesn’t mean if she were in her right mind she woudl do such a thing.

Bit*h McMean

April 20th, 2011
12:25 pm

Lets disembowel her!


April 24th, 2011
4:20 pm

Absolutely deplorable. This whack job should’ve mutilated herself, as should that “Caca” character. No one should be glorified for being a talentless hack. May the poor cat rest in peace, and hopefully, an accident befall this moron.