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Amazon gives Prime customers free streaming video

Tech blog Engadget is reporting some good news: Amazon is giving Prime membership customers access to free streaming video.

Now I can get even less work done!

Prime membership, for $79 a year, gives customers “free” 2-day shipping AND access to 5,000 videos. That’s cheaper than Netflix, but the streaming video giant has more streaming titles, about 20,000.

Here’s the announcement Amazon posted.


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Report: iPad 2 not delayed, may hit stores in April

Apple lovers who still have cash, rejoice! The iPad 2 will NOT be delayed, according to a Tweet from wire service Reuters.

The Tweet, unleased today at 11:30 a.m. in Atlanta, says: “FLASH: Report that Apple’s next version of iPad will be delayed until June is not true -source.” (Reuters later posted a full story.)

Some sources had alleged design changes would force the release back to June, at least.

The iPad 2 is supposed to be released in April, a year after the dawning of the original. The new model will allegedly be thinner, lighter, faster and babysit your children.

The iPad is cool, but lately some folks have been wondering if there’s more hype than substance behind the product that sold 15 million units in nine months.

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Hello world: An introduction

Welcome to News to Me, a blog written by an online news editor who, during the course of his busy day, peruses dispatches from all over the world and tries to make sense of them, when possible, or light of them when that appears to be the saner course.

For years, I’ve edited or written articles involving crime, death, and other weighty topics.

It can be a bit depressing, to be honest.

To counter that, I’ve also spun lively tales of the more frivolous and risible events taking place on this fine planet – such as a Bulgarian city council member being fired for playing too much FarmVille on Facebook, or an Atlanta soap opera writer reminiscing about the final episode of ‘As The World Turns.’

I was surprised to learn how many people like that kind of story. Armed with statistics, I implored my supervisors to give me my dream job. Lo and behold, it worked!

I’ll still be editing online news, but I’ll also be scouring the planet for the absurd. If you have any suggestions, be sure …

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